1. The sad thing is , there are probably so many females of celeb status that DO. They have no self respect I swear. Like I wouldn’t even want him as a regular shmegular citizen and those rich ladies could have anybody they want & would want him 😭 no ma’am

  2. I've always wondered if there was something more. Especially since she said during kylies show that there relationship wasn't "necessarily sexual" which is a weird way to describe a platonic relationship.

  3. Now Rojean is on her story posting with a Travis Scott song in the background and pic of her friends phone saying “when you block him so he texts your girls”. Girl never takes a break💀

  4. I love that Kylie is trying to stare seductively into what looks like a Weetbix taped to his face with masking tape

  5. It feels forced like all this content is trying to normalize their relationship, distract from Astroworld and build up to an engagement announcement. Expect something within the next month or two.

  6. I know right. Like we’re not hating but man how can a couple have zero chemistry. Doesn’t help that Travis is unfortunate to look at

  7. theirs is so awkward that in a way it seems legit lol. like this is too uncomfortable to be orchestrated. kim and pete seemed like they were clearly acting, this looks like poor kylie is delusionally in love with this dude who doesn’t seem to know who she is for some reason lmao

  8. I think it’s because their bodies are barely touching?? With the face and angle she trying to give, both their bodies should the push/ rubbed together but they are not..

  9. idk why/how they went from barely hanging out to full fledged couple since father’s day, but she seems happy so good for her

  10. Is her arm photoshopped? I can’t really tell but it looks quite curvy for an arm. But idk it’s late and I’m half asleep lol

  11. They really trying to make Kylie work OT with the SM content since Kim is receiving backlash on the Dexa scan, Yeezy wear, pete breakup

  12. Is he tall? I’ve always thought of Travis as short but he looks taller than Kylie and she’s pretty tall. Are we sure he didn’t pay for a body double and that’s why he’s wearing those swimming goggles.

  13. She’s not that tall, 5’6”- 5’7” is taller than average but still in the average range (tall for a girl starts at 5’8”+), and he’s like 5’10” or 5’11” so about average for a man

  14. She’s so tryhard. Like photos like this give their relationship dynamic away. If she never posted him and just had kids w him (and marries him?), it’d be way more intriguing maybe.

  15. Her instagram somehow manages to be very "girl who never left her small town after high school" even with a billion dollars and a PJ

  16. I notice it too. It’s flatter or something. Also, he top lip isn’t protruding as much as it has. Less muppet mouth than usual.

  17. Remember when Travis let a bunch of children die and Kylie filmed the whole thing and put it on her story? These people are disgusting.

  18. At least she has money but does it compare to freedom? People do crazy shit for fame and fortune including faking relationships. Kardashian Kenner’s are addicted to fame.

  19. They saw our comments about no chemistry and decided to give it their all with this one! Good job guys! We are convinced now!

  20. I don’t know what’s more awkward for him… the strap of his tanning goggles laying on top of his ear or the fact that Kylie is going in for a kiss.

  21. I’m surprised her hair isn’t very… glossy? I dont know. Looks like my half pony tail in middle school and I did that for myself for free!

  22. I’m surprised she hasn’t taken pictures of herself on the toilet. It’s like she can’t not have a private moment without documenting it

  23. Idk why I feel like this relationship is so disingenuous. I get that Kylie wanted to have another baby with the same guy and that’s fine but I feel like after they broke up, this second go-around is so fake and for public perception.

  24. Has he always been this short and skinny?? I don’t mean that in a mean way at all, I seriously just didn’t even realize who she was with at first!

  25. At this point it’s like she’s doing it on purpose like “look at me I’m with Travis, don’t we look so in love ooo” it’s like she’s 16 again.. and he’s clearly not interested even in the slightest. all her posts with him look forced & so cringe.

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