1. I don’t think she’ll be able to resist, especially because she seems to really always believe they’ll get back together. So I think it’ll be Tristan Jr but hell immediately get a nickname like TT or Tiger like a commenter below said. She’ll think that will “split the difference” when it’s still pretty sad lol

  2. It would be extra embarrassing because typically it's the firstborn son that takes his father's name. Which this baby is not...

  3. I know she’d never (and it prob wouldn’t even be healthy for the siblings) but I so wish she’d give the son her last name and name him Real so she has True Thompson and Real Kardashian

  4. I bet they want to release Kylie’s baby name first 😒 here we go again with Khloe being second to all the sisters

  5. “Vstaboi Thotson K” Vstaheli is trustworthy in Armenian cuz it’s cooler, with “boi” added cuz it’s a boy duh, K at the end stands for Khloe so he knows whose baby that is

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