1. So was that for team that went to people magazine yesterday with the scoop that they couldn’t wait to reunite? Why would she keep it out there if it was just going to come out the next day that they’re broken up. maybe he broke up with her? I actually find a surprising. I didn’t think they were in game but I thought for sure it would last longer.

  2. Same here! I literally just read an article this morning that Kim and Pete were "strong as ever" and long distance while he films this movie in Alaska.

  3. A PEOPLE article came out yesterday saying that they were super happy and how she couldn't wait for him to come home. LOL wtf

  4. Kid Cudi and Kanye had problems for a while and the Pete relationship was just a catalyst for the end of their friendship

  5. Lol wheres that girl who was having like a breakdown when people said they broke up when, she flew back from Australia after literally like a day. An she kept replying to every single comment going IT WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE A SHORT TRIP. IT WAS ALWAYS PLANNED TO BE A SHORT TRIP GUYS.

  6. I honestly think like they only had sexual chemistry anyway. Also Kim seems to have got so so much worse lately with the superficial self-image obsession. Most people become more accepting of themselves with age or just less shallow at least. But she's honestly worse and more obsessed with her looks and perfection than she's ever been.

  7. People can only take so much being dictated to on what to wear, how to act before they get over it. The way Kim treated Pete was exactly how Kanye treated her. Not letting him wear 2 hats because she might want to use the content later was the most ridiculous comment. Why would it matter if he had two hats on, literally noone would care, we would just be like "oh that's so Pete."

  8. Wait, huh? Wasn’t there just a People article today about them being so happy. I’m not seeing other articles about the breakup yet. I’m confused. 🤔

  9. Yes hahaha. It’s possible that she stashed the news for when she had a scandal to cover up? People got too close to the truth about her bones & implants and she had to distract. Typical lmao

  10. I watched a clip from some late night talk show that they were both guests on. They had really great chemistry when they were interacting, and they make way more sense as a couple than him and Kim lol.

  11. TMZ is reporting it now too. I know that it sounds silly but if they run with story I’m more apt to believe it because of the relationship they have. Kinda like E! Always a groomsman never a groom for Pete I guess!

  12. Uh this surely happened when he started filming in Aus. Kim got desperate and came to visit him to confirm that the relationship is DEAD?

  13. Surprised that people are surprised. This just seemed like a casual, fun type of arrangement/relationship. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  14. I think that Kim definitely saw Pete as a rebound at first, got caught up in her feelings quickly, and not long after, the strong intense feelings fizzled out.

  15. And on top of that, their public appearance have been slowly decreasing over the past month or so. I knew this was coming when it had been like 2 weeks with no posts about them being sighted together. That hadn’t happen in the past several months. I even made a comment in this sub about it and was told it’s “just because he’s in Australia,” but this woman has a private jet and all the money and resources in the world.

  16. The real question...what is this a distraction from? I am not convinced this isn't planted. Doesn't he finish filming really soon?

  17. so this must be why kim flew to australia quietly without being papped she must’ve been trying to work things out with pete

  18. Had a feeling it was coming because 2 or 3 weeks ago she posted on her story "Girls can see the difference between 200 shades of nude lipstick but they can't see red flags."

  19. Laughing my ass off. Like everyone really thought this was a thing like everyone really thought that they were going to get married and she was going to have his baby are you kidding me, seriously 😂 oh I guess she couldn’t handle that BDE lmaooooooooooo

  20. Konspiracy - I wonder if this is to take attention away from the scan before the main news outlets start talking about it. They haven't really broken up and will announce they're back together in a few weeks. I see you Tracey!

  21. I don’t want to be that person but is this Kris’ new strategy? Have a break-up that has people going “are they or are they not?” then boom they are still together.

  22. Weren’t all these stories about how Kim can’t wait to see Pete when he gets back, and how their relationship is very strong? Now this..

  23. I took a one hour nap and came back to this!!? I can’t wait for more tea, and hopefully some standup from Pete. I’ve been waiting!

  24. Pete getting her kids tattoo’d on him was cringey then and cracks me up now. Boys decision making skills are non existent

  25. I truly don’t believe they were ever a real couple. A lil charade to stay on trend and one-up kravis.

  26. Just let Khloe have her fucking moment, Kim. Her son was just born. Kim is so I insufferable, and it’s getting worse with age.

  27. She took him to the fucking met. I think they liked each other but this was a PR relationship. Plus, I don’t think anyone besides Larry David’s daughter/maybe Ariana took him seriously as a boyfriend…in spite of his love bombing tattoos

  28. As soon as I saw that interview where he said he wanted to have kids I figured this wasn't going to go on much longer. I imagine Kim is done with babies at her age.

  29. Honestly am surprised its happening now. It seemed like they were both familiar with and found some trauma comfort in the whole “mentally ill person obsesses over person who likes being obsessed over” dynamic. But that’s also not a sustainable dynamic and they were going to break up eventually so I guess why not now also applies

  30. yes! i mean weren’t some of the more “reputable” tabloids posting that devin and kendall definitely split, when they very clearly hadn’t?

  31. “he doesn’t want to see anyone else… she’s isn’t seeing anyone else…she is super into him” … so they’re taking a break? also isn’t his movie done filming in like a week? so shouldn’t they wait legit a week till they’re home together again to make a decision like that? i’m so confused

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