1. Crazy how in pic 5 people were like, “Kylie is pregnant!” And I’m over here like 👁👄👁 I don’t see it. Then it turns out she was.

  2. What is the threshold for them to no longer be "playing"/pretending. There have been a dizzying amount of posts saying "they never post together so these must be fake pics/acting". Like 100 pics, 200, sky writing in dual jets?

  3. He doesn’t like showing his face. So it’s been speculated that he is either insecure of his face and it gives him anxiety to show it or it’s part of his aesthetic/persona. Either way, he doesn’t.

  4. I just don’t understand. Why would she ever want to name her child after such a horrific tragedy? Even if she was planning on the name Astro from the beginning, surely she would rethink it after what happened right?

  5. They still do this now and just don’t include the baby. The 3 of them are seen together all the time in “family” pictures and public outings. I just think it’s weird that she’s not just keeping him private but they rarely even acknowledge the babies existence. Like she could easily include him in the family pics and not show his face. That’s why I refuse to believe she’s just keeping him private because why show her other kid to 350 million+ people? If that’s was really the case I think she should stop posting Stormi and keep both children private, not just pick and chose who she wants to show.

  6. Yeah now that you say it that way, it really makes me think that they named him Astro and don't show him on purpose so we kind of forget about him until it's old enough that people would not associate the tragic event with him, so if that's true we won't see or hear anything about the baby or his name for a reaally long time.

  7. Some one commented before that the child might be ugly or having some serious facial problem. She doesn't want him to be in public so that people would stop judging about his looks or whatever.maybe after some time it can be rectified. She may be waiting for that or would come up in the show and reveal it backing it with huge sentiments.

  8. Pic 9 is so weird.. they are pretty much the same size when it comes to their waists but Kylie’s ass is just huge compared to his. I really wish she grown into her body before she had so much surgery.

  9. It’s weird, I know Kylie goes for the Insta-baddie vixen aesthetic, but I feel like next to Travis she just looks like a teenager. It’s kinda sad tbh

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