1. It does see weird to promote cosmetic treatments like this when you just launched a skincare line like a week ago. Is she done promoting that now?

  2. I took my mom to get a mammogram in May. I looked through her insurance to see if any facilities offered them in Beverly Hills free of cost. Sure enough I found a place on Bedford Drive. As we were walking I saw Dr Ghavami at a sandwich/juice shop. I swear I did a double take ... this man is tall. I never knew how to tall he is. I'd say he's like 6'3 or 6'4.

  3. Kim stays F***ing up lately... Girl you just launched a darn overpriced SKIN CARE LINE!! The small coin for this shoutout is making your line look illegitimate. You really are burying yourself at this point 🙄

  4. FYI: Topical lidocaine can be toxic and cause DEATH (in extreme cases). There are instances of toxicity happening with only face application.

  5. I think she gets like asmr tingles from stuff like this whenever I’m getting my hair done or anything and the specialist talks about what they are gonna do I get the best asmr

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