1. I can’t imagine Khloe being in the same room as Drake after that video but if it ever happens, I hope there are cameras.

  2. To me it seems like Kylie doesn’t go to places where she doesn’t have complete control and she won’t be the only/main center of attention. My impression is that her social skills is close to zero. Plus, she has two small children and I really think she likes to be with them. Kim is on another vibe now, it’s all about splurging on herself, and so are the other Kardashian sisters.

  3. They probably got invited but I don’t get the vibe that Kim and Kylie would vibe well with most of these celebs.I feel like they would be too awkward/scared to let loose .

  4. There’s no way they weren’t. & regardless they could probably just ask and get an invite, lol. Dave portnoy, Stassie, Noah beck, the damelios, Landon were all invited and They’re all way less famous & relevant than the kardashians

  5. Question…. Can they bring +1 to this event. If so Trav could have brought Kylie regardless if she was invited or not.

  6. Trav is not letting Kylie go to that party alone. Sorry but she is too far up his ass to even think about going solo. Plus she’s probably at home with her babies, she may have some fomo but I think she’s right where she wants to be.

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