1. Kim looks good in both. She did however in the real picture confirm for me I’d look like a teletubbie if I purchased this suit. I have a little tummy and it would just be right front and center. 🤣 popped can of biscuits.

  2. I think this is a only standing around in bathing suit. No matter how fit you are as soon as your back isnt straight and you relax your muscles it will look bad.

  3. I had a bathing suit like in the first picture from a different brand and it is genuinely such an unflattering cut idk...I have only seen it look good on bbl babies

  4. I'm quite overweight and my god your comment made me chuckle. I just thought of my big ol' tum hanging out of the swimsuit and it's brought joy to my day lol.

  5. I think this is exactly why you should get one like this 😂real bodies have bellies-even me at a tiny weight! Its not just not a realistic standard to have a flat stomach at all especially if you’re eating normally etc 🤷🏻‍♀️💜

  6. I had this style in middle school- around 1990. I was cute hot pink with silver. It looked ok because I was super small & skinny

  7. That’s because they went full blast on the photo saturation to make her look pale in it and then high contrast to disguise the whitewashing of the photo. Those shadows now look like bruises

  8. Pilates bruises, probably. I get bruises in the weirdest places when I use those proper pilates machines cause I'm short and uncoordinated

  9. y’all they aren’t exposing her to say she looks bad but that she doesn’t really look like the photos. her waist isn’t as snatched and her hips/thighs are bigger and aren’t smooth af like the photoshop pic and her breasts aren’t perky af. this can cause ED so I’m glad it’s posted. even tho Kim’s bod is great

  10. Exactly. I think she looks great without the photoshop. It’s just crazy to see the lengths she goes to look like “her”

  11. I came here to say this. “sHe LoOks GOoD iN bOth” okay no one said she didn’t?

  12. She looks good imo in the unedited versions-its a shame she feels the need to edit her body to look more “bratz doll” like (again imo)

  13. They made her thighs so much smaller! And gave her a thigh gap, in addition to the waist cinching. She looks great in the before, I wish they didn’t feel the need to photoshop.

  14. I didn’t wanna be a debbie downer when everyone was praising & freaking out about this shoot yesterday but come on. They warp her waist so much and she makes it curve so unnaturally/makes it so much smaller in every photo. She is already so thin. This is ridiculous.

  15. The waist is so problematic. Women look at her waist and wonder why theirs doesn’t curve like that, but even with many surgeries neither does her.

  16. She looks absolutely incredible in both… which makes it all the more frustrating to see how the final images were edited. Bruises are understandable, but her already narrow waist being made even narrower — c’mon. The very “blueprint” of our time doesn’t even look like that. It’s so sad.

  17. She looks great but I disagree. Her wait in the first photo, her boobs are higher too. Thighs are smaller. Second photo her waist is craaaaazy small. I think she looks great if she would’ve left the photos alone.

  18. Look at the first set of photos again. Her bust is clearly higher & her waist is clearly smaller (never mind adding the tan & getting rid of the bruises) in the photo on the left. It's not her "real" body.

  19. She looks great in both. I do feel like the bruising and strange line wrapping her hips could be surgery-related, which would be the reminder we all need after her body suddenly and drastically changed. I’m not anti plastic surgery, I say live your best life.

  20. Look at her waist in the first photo— even her boobs are higher and her thighs smaller. Second photo has a crazy warp on her waist. It is so obvious.

  21. I’m sorry but good angles don’t explain away the very significant differences between these two photos. They are nearly the same angle from the right then left. If a few inches causes that much distortion you must be a magical photographer

  22. Her upper thighs in the first one look like they have body makeup on them from whatever bottoms she had on before this set. They follow the exact lines of bikini bottoms.

  23. Look at her waist in the first photo— even her boobs are higher and her thighs smaller. Second photo has a crazy warp on her waist. It is so obvious. It’s wild bc her body looks SO good without the crazy warping

  24. It’s related to how, in “The Office,” Dwight can’t remember what Jim’s full name would be (James) so he calls him “Jimothy.”

  25. First I thought it'd not that much different, but the longer you look the more you see. The waist, she is made taller and even smaller.

  26. her body still looks amazing even without the editing. a lot of women would love to look like that. it's a shame that she can't see it herself

  27. Thanks for sharing this I’ve really been struggling with my body image and how I perceive myself and this made me feel a little better…

  28. I know she obviously color retouched this and slimmed down her waist and thighs, but the craziness part to me is how they photoshop the creases of their hips like actual Barbie dolls. It’s so bizarre looking

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