1. Hello! Thanks for contributing to the sub. Your post has been removed due to breaking Rule 6: Misinformation.

  2. How would I know? I’m just posting the headline. It’s not out of the ordinary for Ye to call out Kim like this. He loves dragging the mother of his kids online doesn’t he?

  3. Mods i'm not saying firetruck should be banned but if i was doing this y'all would take my post down , y'all were taking my postdown some months ago and i didn't break any rules , it's pretty obvious this person is baiting and putting out misinformation

  4. OP, this is lyrics to the song Hot Shit he’s on w/ Cardi B. It’s in reference to people saying he should be w/ his kids instead of hardly being w/ them. I get your a Kanye Stan, but this ain’t it. You should fact check next time before posting things that aren’t true.

  5. the line was about him lmao , ok magazine is a tabloid who purposely take things out of context or straight up lie

  6. Y’all need to listen to the song instead of going off headlines. He not even close to mentioning Kim. He talking about all the headlines about himself where ppl just saying shit without knowing what’s going on saying they getting on his nerves🤦🏾

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