1. Is this another, truly bizarre attempt to be “relatable?” Like does she think that us plebes who cannot afford makeup artists would need to “save” the makeup?

  2. Imagine having a whole glam squad and literally having nothing to do in the mornings, yet still refusing to get your makeup freshly done because you’re that lazy? lol the nerve

  3. Agin, another wacky attempt to sound relatable but missing the mark because it’s being done in true 2000s fashion. People don’t keep their makeup on at night to “salvage it”, Kim, out of all things she could’ve said, that’s the one she goes for?

  4. I feel like I can tell that she does this by looking at her. I occasionally do if I have a crazy night but never on purpose

  5. does she not know how to do her own glam that she has to rely on her makeup sitting on her face for two days? this has to be absolute 🧢

  6. I wouldn’t go as far to say it looks bad, I think her skin looks fine for her age. I think it’s her harsh spray tans and tight bun that makes her skin look so harsh and “tight looking sometimes, like in that photo of her in than tight bun and balenciaga sunglasses.

  7. Oh that grossed me out. I couldn’t understand doing it accidentally on occasion but purposefully that’s not worth it. That’s terrible for your skin also so unhygienic

  8. What’s weird is I remember kim saying the one thing Kris taught them was to never go to bed with their make up on. The way this girl changes her tune every year is crazy

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