1. its a lot of subtle tweaks over time, its never really changing anything but preserving what you have. its never not looking like YOU. its never getting 5 mls in your lips at once, never overfilling, realizing that filler can puff and that different fillers have different purposes. its listening to your doctor.

  2. i see! thanks for explaining and i do think most of these people didn’t change their face ( hell paris hilton never got a button nose). i wonder why doctors don’t stop people from botching i mean they have the final say

  3. Paris Hilton should really be getting the prize for literally stopping the aging process. She looks insanely good to me esp considering how hard she partied, tanned and god knows what else, 20 years ago.

  4. no exactly! she’s a blonde whites woman who did drugs and tanned and smoked but looks so young. I wish we could know their surgeons

  5. She looks different without all the filters. With all due respect to OP, most of the photos of other celebs have filters on them hiding skin texture so it’s hard to tell who is “looking younger”.

  6. Why is everyone acting like at 40 you should be decrepit, wrinkled and checking into a nursing home? So bizarre to me.

  7. it’s absolutely not! but it is the age where people start overhauling anti aging procedures. none of these people look old or decrepit

  8. I don't think Kim looks bothed, but she did overdo it slightly. However I think for Kim, her heavy makup isn't doing her favours. Not that she looks bad, but I think she looks way prettier and younger without makeup or with ligher makeup.

  9. I agree that Kim's face isn't botched, but if she keeps trying to arrest aging completely, she will be soon. I think her complexion makeup actually ages her the most in these 2 photos. It is totally matte, and, dare I say, mask-like. The other women have a glow/natural finish that's associated with youthful skin.

  10. Yeah her eyes are starting to look a bit pulled back and wonky. And let’s not forget how her face refused to move normally on the Met gala red carpet.

  11. Right I recently saw a photo of Gwen and had no clue it was her. She honestly looks like a completely different person to me

  12. I think it’s the sheer amount of plastic surgery modifications she’s done, no doubt most/all of these celebrities have a ton of work but I’d think not as much done within such a short span. i don’t think kim is even facially botched certainly not compared to some of her own sisters, but she’s had a ton of work done. it’s impossible not to look super tight and border on botched

  13. i don’t think kim looks botched at all just kinda tight/ puffy although the fillers will probably go down. i just wanted to know what procedures kinda make celebs avoid jowls and maintain elasticity without also looking botched. you’re right she has a lot of work done compared to others

  14. Kim went down the wrong road with her surgery and got a little bit botched. In the past few years she has corrected all of that but it took a toll. The other women never got botched so they’ve had a lot less work done over all.

  15. Paris, Kim and Gwen look amazing but these are photoshopped. Gwen and Paris don’t look as « ageless » in candids and I honestly kinda thing Kim looks her age, which isn’t a bad thing

  16. Am I crazy I don't actually see the difference between most of these women the older ones look older but I don't feel like Kim looks 'botched' at all. I think the only sister that really does is Khloe and I even think if you didn't know her before you wouldn't think that

  17. I agree to me Khloe’s is the most like jarring work I really don’t think Kim or Kylie look anywhere near as bad as everyone makes them out to look

  18. i think the variety interview is where I felt she almost looked botched but i think her cheek fillers have settled. those people look older but less tight/puffy? idk

  19. Kim was already extremely good looking. A lot of celebs less blessed in that department over-correct. A good PS surgeon goes for subtle tweaks overtime too. If you out too much lip filler volume at once without allowing tissue to adjust overtime, you risk the filler overstraying the lip lines

  20. Some of the comments in this thread have me rolling my eyes so hard. You mean to tell me that women GET OLDER and don’t look the same as they did 20 years ago??

  21. exactly! so i’m wondering what they do that works better? lorry hill says facelifts are supposed to be done before fillers but idk

  22. Oo Sandra bullock maybe shouldn’t be here. We don’t know what she looks like irl. I adore her though. ADORE her

  23. Gwen Stefani in particular looks way more botched than Kim. This Pic is either old or she got lucky or it's edited. Jennifer garner absolutely looks her age in unedited pics, this one must be old. She doesn't look like she's had a lot of work done to me, she usually looks like she's aging gracefully. Paris Hilton is probably ritually sacrificing virgins or something, idk how she looks like this.

  24. I’m sorry but this is a reach she looks great for her age and her body may have been botched but her face isn’t

  25. i think she looks amazing! i just can tell she has a lot of work done while people 10+ years older than her look less worked on so i wanted to know what type of work makes the difference

  26. Gwen looks weird to me as well though… but you can’t really help aging. Sometimes it comes down to just being lucky that you don’t need Botox and lots of filler. I’ll also say that the other celebrities you picked have a hella different beauty standard and are part of a different culture so they wouldn’t want certain things that Kim does.

  27. she’s extremely beautiful i just think she has a lot of cheek filler which i’m sure will dissolve. i was just wondering what techniques in surgery/ injections allow someone to look not “tight” but also prevent jowls/ sagging

  28. Lol…you have Gwen and Sandra bullock on the list but they both CLEARLY have gotten work done. Even my husband who is not into plastic surgery or anything commented when Sandra’s new trailer came out that she had botched her face with too much work. I think it’s hard to decide/judge from ppl’s Wikipedia pictures or whatever. If you lined these ppl up in person or used the same unedited photo types, then it might be more accurate.

  29. i picked sandra bc i rly liked her face in the recent trailer for her movie! and you’re right i haven’t seen anyone in perosn so i can’t tell. honeslty i just wanted to know which plastic surgery procedures give the best anti aging result for myself lol i’m guessing facelifts

  30. Kim’s face is not botched, even without make up she looks amazing. If she hadn’t had her body done, you wouldn’t notice anything on her face

  31. Gwen had a ton done to her face. Just look up other pictures of her. The work is really over the top. And Paris looks like her mom more and more as she gets older.

  32. I think Kim’s work is better than Gwen’s. I think close up, her makeup is so heavy and she looks so frozen. Jennifer Garner’s work is so tasteful - I love that u can still see fine lines!

  33. oooh honeslty i thought gwen was the fountain of youth when she was kim’s age but i thini i just loved that she wore red lipstick so much. you’re right she may have overdone filler too. I love jennifer’s work too!!

  34. You can’t really draw these conclusions when most all celeb photos are filtered nowadays. But honestly Kim looks better than most 40 year olds I have seen. And why shouldn’t she? She has access to the best of the best.

  35. jennifer and sandra look their ages lol it’s not a bad thing but i don’t think they look much younger

  36. What spoils her whole aesthetic for me is her botched nose….it’s so over refined that it takes away her beauty. She should have stopped two surgeries ago

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