1. My friend the internet is not a good place for this issue--I have seen what the "manosphere" has to offer, and it tends to be full of resentment and "on the spectrum" takes of women as objects. The fact is that many women out there feel exactly the same way you do. Society has isolated people, sold them on the idea that happiness is in being a good corporate cog in the machine, and anything that distracts from that (family, children) is a bad thing--it is making everyone miserable.

  2. I want to sincerely thank you for the time, effort and thought you've put into this response. Although I'm not used and don't feel comfortable sharing my burden and thoughts (especially to a specific person, in comparison to the unnamed Internet masses), I will try to explore professional help in the hope that it will help me as you described.

  3. I am a woman, most women just want to be with someone who they get along well with. Be yourself, treat women like people, we are!. Don't get so wound up, you are still young and have plenty of time. Make friends that are good for you and want the best for you. Learn from more successful friends. I really believe there is someone for everyone. Suicide is not an answer, you need to take care of yourself, love yourself. You will find someone.

  4. This is where the older ways were better. Some old busybody would fix you up with a nice girl from their church, and your chances of hitting it off would be pretty good.

  5. Responding to something like this is tough as the common advice people give may seem frustrating when you are at this stage. But I too used to have a tough time with relationships.

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