1. If he just had the two on the rear window, it would be funny and edgy at the same time. The additional stickers on his tailgate just make him seem mentally unstable and pitiful.

  2. Somebody got ahold of his wife’s label maker for shit she sells on Etsy while she was out with friends drinking mimosas to get away from this douche nozzle

  3. He does. Probably just a normal dude who respected law enforcement until cellphones shown the world what many of us had lived through but Noone wanted to believe. Sounds like it was the Uvalde massacre that put him over the edge. Anyone who takes the murdering of innocent children THAT personally must be a decent dude. Sadly, I pray the police don't assassinate them.

  4. I doubt it. The "no lives matter" types are always miserable and miserable to be around. If you called him out on it I'm sure he'd say it was a joke or making fun of BLM. But the truth is he really does believe in nihilistic, cynical shit like that.

  5. while i agree, but his disdain for everything (including law enforcement) he might be a wild vet who is ready to fight anyone.

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