1. Lets be honest aew is a tax write off for shad khan. They don't even try making a profit. The warner tv deal is i think 45 million. It costs about half a million per week to produce the show. That leaves 23 million for everything else. We already know the video game was over 23 million and they're never getting that money back. They keep signing people they'll never use. This company is trying to lose money. Its comical seeing their fans try to claim they're profitable

  2. That's true. Outside of something catastrophic like an in-ring death or severe injury lawsuit it will keep going as long as TK wants to, because losing X million a year to keep him happy and occupied is well worth it to his dad, and that amount of money is absolutely trivial to him. It's as simple as that.

  3. From what I understand, they will struggle unless they get a real increase in their next TV deal. But does anyone have an idea of what they net after a $7.5 million gate?

  4. A few months ago I got buried on SC for even suggesting AEW wasn’t profitable. They even came out and said they didn’t expect to be for 5 years before the company even got off the ground.

  5. Agreed, but this doesn't even cover what is probably the worst financial hit of the entire organization, which is staffing. Very first thing you learn in any business course is that your employees are the biggest cost, and all you have to do is go back through Jim and Brian's recent videos on who is currently employed by AEW. Hundreds of wrestlers, many not featured ever except on YouTube, a bunch of referees, managers, announcers, trainers and lord only knows how many behind-the-scenes people. Better still, most of the wrestlers were booked for multi-year deals. Granted, I am sure they make a good amount of money in other ways, like advertising and merchandise, but I would be amazed if it offset such a massive roster.

  6. Wait where are you taking the game being over 23 million from? We know it's 8 digits, but for a video game that really sounds more like 10-11 than anything else.

  7. Notice how he never talks about how much profit they make, only how much they gross. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t make anything I really wouldn’t.

  8. I used to work at a production company that would do the exact same thing. They'd have a round of applause for the guy that closed the 2 m deal, but I was doing the budget for the project and best case scenario they'd only profit 50k. But no one talks about that.

  9. Uncle Dave being triggered when people criticize his favs is always amusing. If he was decades younger and a gal, he would be a Groupie and probably would sleep with the boys.

  10. How he can call himself a journalist is beyond me. For example, I work in weather journalism, if I was a mark for Chicago and wrote in all my tweets “well the weather in Chicago was great today I don’t know what you’re talking about” after a freak snowstorm, I would be laughed at. But Dave really does this for AEW. He’s actually one of the guys that got me into writing, so it just makes me sad

  11. Punk shouldn’t have been there to be honest, cause he couldn’t afford punk. He probably got extremely fleeced by him too 10+ mill.

  12. I think it's weird asf when "fans" concern themselves with the business side of the industry. Unless you're benefitting from it why would you pretend to play stock broker, jesus half of these people should be on wall street if you listened to them.

  13. Davey was a mark whose first "sources" were the Cow Palace ring rats until he graduated to carrying Ric Flair's jock. That's why Meltz was always so pro-Flair - his main source in that era was Flair himself.

  14. The facts and figures will only come out years after it’s closed down so we have to wait another 13 years max and that’s even if they release them, all we will know for deffo is some contracts, the game(s), production costs and one or several lawsuits that will become public knowledge. I know it’ll make late wcw look like pennies though and will be considered another UWF

  15. And they’re quarterly, TNA during its peak would do about 105k buys per quarter, so it’s an increase but not by much (and internet PPV wasn’t a viable option for them in 06, if it was the gap would’ve been closer)

  16. Does AEW release expenses and profits? I don’t see how it can be making money, but at the same time Dave is right that no promotion outside of WWE has pulled those numbers in years. TNA never got close from my understanding, which is sad.

  17. ... Smokey Mountain wrestling couldn't even do a fraction of that back when wrestling was "hot" and "actually good/popular" ..... Most of you would boo the shit out of a match today if it emulated what his version of wrestling is. It's boring as hell and that's why the attitude era and monday night wars had to come in and make wrestling appealing again..

  18. Jim started a territory promotion in Buttfuck Egypt five years after the territory system effectively died, with a backer who told him to spend as little money as possible. That's totally the same thing as the coke-addled Asperger's money mark with the bottomless pockets.

  19. Wrestling was "hot" in the early '90s? Is that why WWF moved WrestleMania 7 from the 93,000 seat capacity LA Coliseum to the 16,000 seat capacity LA Memorial Sports Arena after failing to sell enough tickets to make the former a viable venue?

  20. This is exactly right. If Jim all of all of a sudden said omega was Lou thesz, these people would all agree. Cornettes style of wrestling hasn’t been popular since the 80’s and would bore everyone to death. He’s just ruling up these old men with little going on, to make money off of them.

  21. Only inside the mind of some idiot is grossing 7.5 million dollars in one day a bad draw for a 4 year old wrestling promotion. I’m not even much of an AEW fan.

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