1. Came here to say this. Animals are not evil, they do what they are bred to do, but the results can be devastating.

  2. People need to let go of the idea that dogs are fluffy bunnies that couldn't hurt a soul. ALL dogs have instincts, and if they have a prey drive it doesnt matter if Rover is the sweetest giant it might just run across the street and attack an old maltese. Pitbulls are the same, its just they're also very strong.

  3. Anecdotal response to your wonderfully non-biased post. I'm in emergency services, and have responded to dog bites/attacks.

  4. Pit bulls were bred to fight and kill other animals. The name comes from their being put into a pit with bulls, bears, other dogs.

  5. Adding to this, dog breeding takes advantage of the adaptable nature of dogs. Nefarious people breed aggressive bloodlines. They literally kill all the pups that don't show aggression and only mate the most aggressive. The problem here is that these bloodlines are not isolated to the dogfighting community. What this means is that your garden variety pit bull might have killer genes.

  6. I think the key is, like any person, dogs have a limit to what they will put up with. It differs animal to animal. Once they snap though, you will require medical intervention if a pit bull or similar breed bites you. Pit bulls are responsible for more bites requiring medical intervention than any other breed, and they are not the most frequent biters! On top of that, if they are mouthy and accidentally bite down.. you still will likely need stitches.

  7. Serious question here. Boxers also have the ability to lock their jaws and their ancestral line was bred for taking down bears. Why do they not have the propensity for violence?

  8. This is well said, and I love how you expanded on this point in such a logical way. Thank you for speaking the tru tru.

  9. Thank you for giving a real answer that isn't just "They're INHERENTLY AGGRESSIVE which = bad!!!!!!"

  10. You made such great points. I own a pit bull and he’s strong as hell and he can pop a racketball in half in one chomp. They’re machines.

  11. Could not have written a better response, this is perfect. Pitbulls aren’t inherently evil, they are very strong and capable to do a lot of damage without the human ability for self control and good judgement. Like any dog they need to be trained and taught boundaries, perhaps even more so than other breeds. The owners need to know this and be responsible for controlling their dog. (I love dogs and pitbulls)

  12. They were never bred to be hunting dogs, to say that invalidates your entire post...... They were bred for bull baiting and dog fighting in the pit, hence the name, pit-bull.

  13. The answer is somewhere in between, and to fully understand the issue it is important to recognize that most well known breeds- Goldens, GSDs, etc- have generations of carefully standardized and chosen breeding to create dogs with specific temperments and physical attributes. Pitbulls have the two-pronged issue of having been originally bred for dogfighting and being the subject of a disproportionate amount of backyard breeding for various reasons. A human aggressive dog who would be put down or neutered in a responsible breeding program might go on to have dozens of puppies and spread that gene. This means that it’s hard to make consistent statements about the breed’s temperament, and impossible to say what the history or genetic disposition of a random shelter pit Bull might be. So pitbulls have the capacity, like any dog, to be sweet, loving, and loyal, but they are physically extremely strong and they commonly have the terrier prey drive, combined with a factor of genetic uncertainty.

  14. Excellent point. I have a welsh terrier with astonishing prey drive that even the very best training has only been able to manage to a marginally acceptable level.

  15. I have a great pit. He's everything you can ask for. My friend got his brother and he ended up being pretty aggressive. They surrendered him and he was trained and rehomed we heard. So differences can get when among the litter sometimes. In that experience at least.

  16. And that is why I will never adopt a Pitbull mix from a shelter. Just not worth it to me. I don't need my supposed fluffy friend mauling a toddler.

  17. Very good point about different individuals of a breed having different temperaments. My son was bitten by a golden retriever. Does that make all golden retrievers aggressive? Nope.

  18. This is a fascinating topic that I have spent a lot of time researching. There are a lot of excellent peer reviewed studies on this topic but to address your comment: pitbulls have been found to be both not more aggressive and not more dangerous. As well, their bite force is consistent with any other dog of a similar weight. They do not have stronger or locking jaws!

  19. I’m anti-pitbull, and I doubt the 6.5% figure— I think that pit advocates intentionally obfuscate the breeds of dogs. A lot of “[X]-mixes (lab, shepherd, etc) that are just obviously pit bulls. Same thing with the “American bully, American bulldog, staffordshire terrier, etc.” Pit bulls probably make up more than 6.5% of dogs. They’re easily the majority of dogs I see in cities and shelters.

  20. "lies, damned lies, and statistics." the exact same response i had the other day during this same discussion.

  21. They also test in the top 5 of American Temperament Test Society, meaning they are one of the most affectionate and least aggressive breeds.

  22. When pointers point at birds without being taught to do so we say it is genetics, when retrievers retrieve ducks without being taught to do so we say it is genetics, when herd dogs herd random stuff without being taught to do so we say it is genetics...

  23. I live somewhere where dogs aren't really a common pet, and I find it so fascinating how dogs that have been bred for a purpose just... know. Like how does that work? Are their genetics just that strong?

  24. I knew a guy that had a young pit. It was my then girlfriend’s brother. He was headed to prison for 8 years. He left the dog in his house alone when he got locked up. I didn’t want the dog and I had never had a pit. I only knew they were trouble but I couldn’t leave this asshole in there to die. I’ve had him for 9 years now and I’ve had no issues. He is constantly cowed by our cat BUT, I never give him an opportunity or put him in situations where he might do something unpredictable. I just can’t shake the feeling that I can’t trust him.

  25. My dads old roommate had a pit. Gentle and calm, never hurt the cats or gave cause for concern but I was very wary when they came up to use the kitchen having a toddler. One day when her old owner came to visit she jumped thru the living room bay window to get to them, completely unexpected and unreal to me. I never forgot what she was capable of but was still shocked by that.

  26. Same. My pit has fought every dog she has lived with, but never harmed a human. She loooooves people (note: the singular warning I’ve ever seen her give a human is a quiet growl at a toddler who was pinching her toes, which I had her mother pick up and take away from my dog). My other dog now is probably the best companion I could have for her because she’s so laid back and easy going, but they have fought each other. I’ve gotten a trainer, behavioral vet, and made many changes to our lifestyle. She has been “on the wagon” for over a year now, without incident. She’s on meds. They do not go outside, for car rides, eat, and for almost 10 months, even sleep overnight together. I don’t take her on public walks, I put her up when I have unknown kids over, and I don’t allow her around other dogs. It is exhausting and at the end of the day, I do not trust her like I used to. I’m well aware of what she can do, and I probably won’t ever own another pit again.

  27. Do you ever see puppies from duck hunting breeds "pointing" or border collies instinctively herding? Those instincts have been bred into them.

  28. Just look at the proportion of dog attack statistics or, more particularly, fatal dog attacks that involve Pitbulls

  29. Im not saying youre wrong, I do want to being up one point though: the misidentification of dog breeds. Many dogs look like pitbulls but aren’t, many are only part pitbull but are solely recorded at pitbulls, etc. Statistics are hard when its based on people’s recorded data.

  30. I was a vet tech for 6 years. I’ve been bitten by countless chihuahuas but none of those bites seriously injured me. I’ve been bitten by one pit bull and it fucked my hand up, I only got out of it because i forced my arm down his throat and another staff idiotically moved in and he turned his focus, resulting in her getting 13 stitches. That’s the difference

  31. Much like people you can always make exceptions for a dog. But when you talk about them in general you have to use statistics.

  32. Your conclusion from those stats may or may not be correct. I'm mostly playing devil's advocate here, so don't imagine me rising up and waggling the bony finger of indignation at you in staunch defense of Pits. I've never owned one and likely never will.

  33. I think if people could be less emotional about their animals, they might take the step to train it properly. Or maybe that's the wave we push, appropriately training and socializing your animals. Before we talk about just not breeding them.

  34. I have a rescue pitty (11 months old) and she is not aggressive toward other dogs, loves to meet and play with them. Also, I have never seen any signs of her being aggressive to people.

  35. I totally agree. I don’t have a dog yet, but I could see myself ending up with a pit mix from the shelter I volunteer at some day. Pit owners that willfully ignore what their dog is physically capable of are doing their dog a disservice. They’re prioritizing personifying their dog over proper handling and care.

  36. Mine just turned 10 years old. She's actually a big baby, like won't even walk through a doorway if one of the cats is plopped down in front of it lol.

  37. its rather telling that pitbulls are banned in most of Europe. there are far too many documented stories of aggressive/deadly behavior from that breed.

  38. Don't forget all the military bases that want them nowhere near their property. All the insurance companies that won't insure the risk of owning one. It's awfully weird to me that all the "bad owners" seem to be drawn to one breed.

  39. They aren’t banned in most of Europe, they are limited in certain countries, very few actually ban them, but even if we go by limiting it still isn’t true for /most/ of europe.

  40. 67% of fatalities from dog attacks are pit bulls. Runner up is a Rottweiler at 9%. German Shepherds are 5%. That's enough for me to say that yes, they are more deadly than other breeds. Pit bulls also are the winner when it comes to dog attacks in general, at 22%. Basically, if a pit bull latches onto you, you are in big trouble.

  41. Always carry an extra leash when walking your dog. A break stick is a fantastic way to get the upper hand and break a strong bite hold. Gain a hold of the dog (extra leash) use break stick first, choke out with leash if necessary. I’ve been in the pet industry for a long time and knowing how to break up a fight is important.

  42. I heard that if the pitbull has a collar, you could grab it and lift, twist the collar, pull hard. Chokes the dog and should knock it out.

  43. Pull legs to sides??? I work in dog care and I’ve NEVER heard this. You’re supposed to just grab his hind legs and “wheelbarrow” him away backwards

  44. And they do it without fear or concern for their own self preservation. I saw a video of a pit bull going at a horse. It got stomped on and kicked and still wouldn't stop attacking. It ended up needing to be put down, obviously for being aggressive but it was fighting through internal bleeding and broken hips and ribs and shit.

  45. The metric of 'aggression' is poor compared to 'damage caused per bite'. Using the second metric, we can calculate the raw damage delivered.

  46. I agree on your point about bite. GSD are considered to be one of the most deadly breeds, but that is based on the force of their bite, not based on actual aggressive behavior. I've been around GSDs my whole life and have never felt uneasy or scared. I do fear pitbulls though. I saw a clip of a pit getting kicked and stomped on repeatedly a horse he was attacking and he did not stop trying, even with crushed bones and internal bleeding. Their drive to keep going without fear or hesitation is scary.

  47. From vet industry injury stats - we see a lot more bites from smaller dogs in frequency but the bites from pits, German Shepard’s and Rottweilers do significantly more damage. When reviewing cost and scope of care needed for workers comp cases it’s a wild difference.

  48. I always thought it was the whole “bad owner” thing with pit bulls. But then my brother got one. She was so affectionate and smart. She loved just laying and snuggling with you. But would also attack viciously completely unprovoked. Afterwards, she would just continue on like nothing had happened. It was almost like she didn’t even realize she was acting that way. My brother trained her well from day one and hired a behaviorist at the first sign of something being off with her. Thousands of dollars spent on her. She even had to be sedated to go to the vet and they did all her appointments outside, never had her even enter the building. One vet office refused to even see her anymore. It was just incredibly sad. In her good moments, she was a wonderful dog. But something was just “off” in her brain. The whole situation broke my brothers heart and I don’t think he will ever get another dog again.

  49. I’ve only met a handful of pit bull owners I would call responsible pet owners. They aren’t the kind to make the dogs fight but they don’t train a dog that needs a little extra.

  50. Not bullshit. They were bred for dog fighting and were also bred to have misleading body language and gameness. Their inbred instincts can snap at any moment. Just see the statistics. Pitbulls are always on top. Being near a pitbull is like russian roulette: most of them probably will never really hurt you or kill anything, but there's still a chance and you will never know wich pitbull will snap and wich won't. Why take the chance?

  51. When asked this question, different breeds do have certain behaviors. That each dog of a specific type will have tendencies of certain behaviors of that breed. However how they are raised, trained and treated will impact their actual behavior. Much of this is on the human(s) they are with.

  52. From an actuarial standpoint it’s pure statistics. They are involved in the most bite claims and are higher cost claims due to the severity.

  53. aggression is an individual trait, but their strength makes them much more dangerous than, say, a chihuahua. they were bred as fighting dogs, and a lot of backyard breeders still breed them for that, since dog-fighting is something that’s popular with the exact people who should not have animals, much less a pit bull. i think it should take a license to be able to keep any animal at all, but due to their history, pits have some breed-specific care needs that even most dog owners aren’t equipped for, and unlike a lot of other dog breeds, people can die when pits are not given proper care.

  54. Statistically, 2/3 of fatal dog bites involve pit bull-type dogs. That's more than double all the other dogs put together (pit apologists will bitch and tell you

  55. Pits are high maintenance dogs and many owners do not have the time and experience for them, leading to behavioral issues. Couple that with the strong hunting jaws they were bred to have and behavioral issues that would be a nuisance in another dog become dangerous. There's also many many shelters pits out there whose backstory you don't know and I think a lot of people adopt shelter pits that were forming fighting dogs without knowing. Also even if they weren't more likely to bite their bites would still be more deadly hence the stats about fatalities.

  56. Idk about statistical probability of one breed to bite over another. Im sure theres numbers out there. But it seems comparable to saying what caliber of gun has a higher probability of accidental discharge. Feel like the owner's level of knowledge, training, responsibility, and caution are better indicators. Even the level of maintenance they perform on the weapon. Feel like its at least a similar probability predictor for dog ownership.

  57. Pitbulls need to be banned there was a link posted a week or so ago about a guy who lost his step son to a bike accident the son had a pitbull which was with the family since it was a puppy the step dad and the dead boys mum were old.

  58. They are not necessarily more dangerous, but an accidental bite from a dog with such a strong and large jaw is going to do a lot more damage than from a dog with a smaller or weaker jaw.

  59. They were bred for fighting. Breed instinct kicks in for them a lot and they fucking maul the shit out of anything that triggers it. You need someone who's prepared to deal with that and that's usually not the average person, and it's really bad that there's so many in shelters; no one can take care of such aggressive dogs.

  60. Not bullshit shitbulls are a terrifying deadly bread of dogs that should be fazed out of the Gene pool. They breed them only to kill.

  61. Pit bulls are terriers so they are a working type dog, believe it or not. They are also way over bred by backyard breeders who don't care about genetic lines. So you get an influx of over bred, possibly inbred big muscly terrier dogs who need a job and a strong pack leader. It's not the dogs fault but when a pit bull attacks, it is a whole lot more intense than say a lab.

  62. Aggressive and Dangerous are two very different things. Chihuahuas are very aggressive but not dangerous. That being said, some dogs were bred to do damage, as in that is historically their purpose to fight other animals and what not. The sweetest and most gentle dog my wife ever owned was a pitbull. The dog that came into my yard and mauled my dog and wouldn’t let go even after hitting it several times with a baseball bat and ultimately I had to put it in a chokehold to get it to drop my dog out of its mouth, was a pitbull. The dog that my friend owns whose kids dress up and rough house and nap with, is a pitbull. The dog my dads wife owns which has bit him in the face and has to be locked up whenever company is over to protect everyone, is a pitbull.

  63. A couple of years ago I was looking for a rescue dog. Pit Bulls were everywhere. It mad me sad but I think all the comments above support that.

  64. I raised 14 of these dogs in my lifetime. I had kids during that time too. My children where raised, ground up, with these dogs and there was no issues. Their is also something to be said about HOW you raise the animal as well. I trust them with everything, like I said I raised my rugs rats with rug rat pit bull puppies and it was amazing no harm ever came to my kids. I will tell you they where amazing protection living in NY.

  65. If I said that German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Beagles and Huskies were all part of the breed "Dogfren", you'd see that this "breed" is responsible for more attacks than any other. This is at least part of the Pitbull problem: it really includes a lot of sub-breeds.

  66. Golden retrievers and beagles don't attack their owners or random children. Even if you added up all of those, plus rottweilers, cane corsos, and every other dog breed other than the few "pit bull types" that are virtually identical genetically, you'd still only match half of the fatalities that pits inflict.

  67. There was a paper that came out recently that showed that only around 10% of a dog's behavior can be attributed to it's genetic breed.

  68. Honestly I feel like I will be attacked and whatever if so. I am someone who grew up around pitbulls, and has one asleep on the couch right now. Does it make me sad to see blatant hate for every pitbull? Yes. Does it make me sad to hear stories of pitbulls who for whatever reason have harmed a person? Yes. I just wish there was more education on properly training your dog because they truly can be such loving and misunderstood dogs. Obviously people who have had bad experiences with them may hold a grudge, but I don’t think my dog should be exterminated or something like some of these people claim because they had a bad experience. I just think it is a sad situation where the good ones get lumped in with the bad.

  69. I read this article when it first came out and was astounded. As a canine guidance counselor, breed/genetics has a ton to do with how they interact and what they need. Cattledog nipping at your kids heels? Retriever pent up with abundant energy to play fetch? Husky chewing your house apart due to boredom? The list goes on but the point is, we use the genetic imperatives to establish how to satisfy their needs and adjust the owners expectations. I couldn’t believe this was a “study” and ended up with results that basically throws away why each breed is bred to look or act a certain way. Are there exceptions? Absolutely. Every dog is an individual. But a good foundation to work with behavior and creating a mentally happy dog and an owner who enjoys their dog is knowing the breed and their genetic design.

  70. Yeah no that myth about pitbull being historically used as nanny dogs needs to die already. There is no evidence whatsoever that this was ever a thing, except a couple of photographies without any context and the fact that this term was first used during the 70s in an article from the Times that was quoting the president of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of America. She was obviously trying to rehabilitate a breed that was already suffering a bad rep (gee, I wonder why)

  71. It is bullshit. They are very strong and energetic dogs but they are not that big, and aggressiveness varies a lot from one individual to another. Also, there is a bias that the breed attracts shitty people who raise them badly and makes them prone to be dangerous.

  72. Most of the ones I've seen were pretty big. Unless you have them for protection, an excessively strong dog is kinda.... ill-advised especially if you're not physically strong enough to stop it.

  73. Its more that people who own pitbulls are dicks than pitbulls attack more because of the breed.

  74. They can be on things like Hogging the bed Not sharing the blanket Stealing your spot in the couch Getting to go out to pee before you when you first wake up Aggressive velvet hippo butt wiggles at great time Kissing you The list just goes on!

  75. the current 'pitbull association' is heavily investing in propaganda: social media, site takedown/ factual site takedowns & information detail suppression (wiki), pitbull positivity sites - that's why you can't easily find facts about them.

  76. It’s completely bullshit. There is definitely an anti pitbull agenda, and a dog is only as vicious as the owners who raise it. People in this thread are fucking idiots and obviously haven’t raised dogs.

  77. I've raised many. You're arguing with insurance companies, federal statistics of multiple countries, military statistics, scientific statistics, etc. This isn't a hard thing to look up, it's a hard thing to admit.

  78. This is the worst thread I’ve seen in this subreddit in a long time. Lots of opinions and zero facts. The sources quoted are shaky at best.

  79. Pits aren’t inherently bad, but some of their owners are. They require more attention and training than a lot of other breeds and a cruel, casual or inexperienced dog owner can make serious mistakes with their socialization and impulse control. When i was a kid it was Dobermans and Chows that got all that hate. Now, it’s pits.

  80. I'm sorry so many people are down voting you. You couldn't be more right about the nanny dog thing, my own pit raised baby squirrels for awhile with no incidents.

  81. More anecdotal input, but I’ve had 4 bad incidents with dogs in my life and all 4 were pitbulls. One bite (not too terrible, but it hurt and freaked the crap out of me), twice kind of stalked and cornered by very freaky aggressive dogs (once in my own yard that it somehow jumped into after escaping its yard) and one very sudden barking lunge (“sorry, just a shot across the bow” the smiling owner said as I almost had a heart attack. Wtf…).

  82. What is it with lit bull defenders and attacking chihuahuas every chance they get? Could you not at least pick a more threatening dog to fear monger about

  83. I have owned two pitbulls and several chihuahuas. Pitbulls are not inherently more aggressive, but they are strong dogs with very powerful jaws so if they do bite it can do a lot of damage

  84. It’s bullshit. Pit bulls used to be called nanny dogs because they watched over the wives and kids of soldiers who went to fight in the World Wars. People started breeding them to fight and be aggressive. We made them aggressive, now we’re blaming them for it. Humans rule.

  85. Pitbulls were bred for hunting, but they're not naturally aggressive. They're very high maintenance and can get aggressive with a bad owner who isn't prepared for their high prey drive.

  86. “Bred for hunting” must be the new pit bull fancier talking point propaganda. I guess it replaces “pit bulls were used as nanny dogs.” Both are complete bullshit. Pit bulls were bred to fight and kill other animals, including bears, bulls, and other dogs in a PIT, hence the name.

  87. In my experience no, but it largely depends on the owner. Like all dogs they can be aggressive but if trained correctly and socialised they can be one of the nicest dogs you meet

  88. I think part of the problem is “pitbull” is used to describe many different breeds that have a similar appearance. American Bullys for instance are now a recognized breed that were bred to be more family dogs than pitbulls are. So yeah I think based on breeding pitbulls can be more dangerous with an inexperienced owner but the media/etc needs to be more specific with what they’re describing

  89. Our baby girl just turned 6months old, She is amazing. We live on a farm and I have raised her with cows and at one point she would stand in the paddock eating grass with the cows. Now it's not the grass she like to eat but the cow poo which sucks but she still loves to try and play with the cows. Our two indoor cats aren't afraid of her and she knows our male cat is the boss and that our female one doesn't really like her so she stays away from her. The male cat has put her in her place a few times. She adores our 10 year old daughter. As I don't work at the moment shes with me prettty much 24/7. I have taken her everywhere I go and she loves everyone. As baby pup I would take her into certain shops at we live in a kinda small county town. I take her to my Dads and she plays with my sisters big dogs that used to hunt pigs. Not one sign of aggression have I seen from her to any animals which include a wide range from cows, cats, chickens, birds, big dogs, little dogs and is great with my daughter and other little kids who have wanted to pat her in public. I'm live in Australia so she a "America Staffy" when people ask but most people ask if she is a pit bull. I just tell them it's easier as sadly there's a lot of Bad stigma about them. Like I have read in comments here she is extremely strong and only 6months and has so much energy. I have grown up with all kind of dogs, mainly bull mastiffs but I can say so far our girl is amazing. I believe the way they are raised and cared for is a massive thing. At the end of the day I think any dog under the wrong circumstances can be very aggressive. The stigma around pit bulls will always be sitting in the back of my mind, but any dog is capable of bad things. She's our baby who is fitting into our family well. When no one is home and we can't take her she's locked in a secure big pen. Lots of walks and playing in the paddocks to burn off as much energy and lots of toys to keep her mind stimulated really helps also.

  90. Pretty sure you can replace handgun with Pitbull. I'm still not going to put a handgun near my child. Similarly would never put a pitbull near one. They're breed to destroy animals. You just hope they recognize the difference

  91. I think it’s truly how you treat them, I have a pit bull myself and he’s the sweetest boi ever. He’s very friendly with other dogs, (knows the difference in how crazy he can be with different size dogs.) thought it he feels you pose a treat to his mom then he’s a little scary 😂

  92. Saying pitbull's are dangerous is like saying everyone from America's south is a redneck or saying all people from the middle east are terrorists, all Christians hate gays. It's a generalisation sausage dogs are aggressive too. I got that a pittie can rip your throat out but so can a rotty and other dogs. A person behind the wheel of a car is more dangerous than a pitbull yet everyone drives cars. People are the problem not dogs. If you get a dog it is your responsibility to train it, socialise it and make it a part of your family. If you get a dog and ignore it or beat it ofcourse it will snap. If someone was to punch you in the face you probably would put up with it. When approaching a dog you always need to ask is it ok to pet your dog? Sometimes the dog will just run over to you and look for love and attention so it's fine but common people read a dogs body language and ask the owner

  93. I’ve spent the last nearly 10 years raising rescue pitbulls and as long as you’re willing to put in the work to train and correct behaviors they’re amazing dogs.. they just want to be cuddle and loved and are very protective of their people.. one guy I had had been a bait dog that was horribly abused and emaciated and in 8.5 years he never turned on me or anyone else nor have the others.. pay attention to their body language because it’ll tell you what you need to know.. they get such a bad stigma and there’s no question some are aggressive and they can do serious damage but for the most part they just want love like everyone else

  94. Abosolute bullshit. It’s really sad seeing the stories of pit bulls being murdered en mass because this stereotype and stigma against them.

  95. They are a powerful breed and are extremely protective. They were used as nanny dogs for a reason. My pitty loves and snuggles and is so sweet to those in his pack( me my family and our close friends). Such a great snuggle buddy, but he does have another side of him that he reserves for whatever he perceives as a threat, and it is terrifying.

  96. Every pitbull I’ve come across that were owned by friends were the sweetest babies. Your pets will act exactly as you treat them, and exactly as you train them to act. the pitbull is a descendent of the original english bull-baiting dog. nowadays most pitbulls are owned by people who want them to be super tough, protective fighters.

  97. It is bullshit. It’s based on the way the dog is raised. No matter what kind of dog it is if you don’t give it enough stimulation it’s gonna get aggressive. No dog is born bad.

  98. I have a pitt/husky mix and I’ve had her long enough to identify triggers. I’ve acclimated her to playing with other dogs and has absolutely no problems around kids or adults. I love my baby to death however I’m always aware that if I need to I’ll have to body her if things get wild, cause I know even if she didn’t start the fight she’ll probably end it, and I’d rather body my dog and kick the other dog in the head than have my dog be the offender. But I’ve never seen her be bloodthirsty violent, she’s literally a catfish_cow and is the sweetest animal I’ve ever owned in my life.

  99. Yes it's BS. There are statistics and dog tests that specifically target this breed. The stereotype is unfortunately fueled by thug wannabe's who gravitate toward this breed and give them a bad name. People blame statistics (bites), but there will always be a top statistic for everything, and they are over-bred and a lot of them spend time in shelters. They are loyal and smart just like other dogs. Many myths have been debunked, bite strength, "locking jaw", aggressiveness, and others. Their bite strengths have been tested as well as their temperments.

  100. Their jaws lock. You have to know how to get their jaw unlocked. They are bred to not let go. I have a mix dog she's a pitbull and a Chihuahua. You have to poke her face to get her to let go because once she gets carried away, no doesn't work anymore

  101. "Pitbull" is a term that almost had no meaning. Most dog bites that land people in the ER no breed was listed. And many dogs who aren't even "pitbulls" end up being called pitbull. When actual genetics are used to see the breed makeup of animals labeled "pitbull" has shown many aren't even remotely related to that breed.

  102. Our friends have a pit bull. Tank seems to think that he is a lap dog and deserves all the attention. When you walk in he shows you his favorite toy. You are not allowed to have the toy but you are expected to show the appropriate amount of appreciation for said toy. He also thinks it's appropriate to bathe the children in slobber. It's gross but the kids love it.

  103. I have owned several pitfalls in my lifetime. They are the loyal, intelligent and afraid of their own shadow. By far my favorite breed.

  104. pit bulls are no more vicious than a dozen or so other breeds that aren't viewed as negatively as they are. there have indeed been some tragic accounts, but if pits are over-represented in the data its simply because they are over-represented in the population in some areas. the media runs with that and perpetuates the myth. people tend to believe what they are repeatedly told, in my experience.

  105. The vast majority of "pit bulls" are mixed breed dogs, most of which have no ancestry tracing back to any pit bull type breed.

  106. Yeah it is, most pits are owned by big guys with anger issues, while pits owned by good people who treat the dog with normal love and affection are great dogs.

  107. Its genetics, bred for. You dont bullfight with a dairy cow. You dont dogfight with a chihuahua. Yes 100%. You know as a human you are predisposed to certain addictions/ psychical health related and mental health related conditions. Same for dogs. It's why native american descendant people are 25x more likely to be addicted to alcohol.

  108. They are dangerous. The reason? The average person is a bad dog trainer. Pit bulls are fine if they have a great trainer. Unfortunately most people aren’t. Everytime one mauls someone the owner always says the same thing “they are so sweet most of the time”

  109. If even Cesar Millan couldn't train his pit bull not to instinctively kill Queen Latifah's dog and maul that gymnast, you can't blame it on "bad training".

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