1. Yeah same! Literally says thanks for following community guidelines. Instagram needs to get their shit together

  2. How did you re-apply? Did you get out of it somehow first or did it just randomly ask? Same thing happened to me - was invited as eligible, then said ineligible for no reason after i submitted the form. But i don't see how to get out of the program.

  3. Same exact thing happened to me. I also keep getting that error page when I try to contact them as well.

  4. So annoying! I’m glad I’m not the only one though. My friend said her bonus program is really glitched. Hopefully they fix it soon.

  5. No idea! It’s really annoying. You’d think as big as they are they’d have their shit together.

  6. Same thing happened to my wife just now. She received the offer for bonuses and when she finished signing up she was ineligible. Such garbage

  7. My girlfriend has had the same exact issue since being invited on Friday to reels bonuses. she even recieved a message after entering her tax and payout info stating "You're all set! Youre now eligible to earn bonuses" but her bonuses setting says ineligible and doesnt count reel plays. She has no violations on her account. Super frustrating.

  8. That’s when I was invited, on Friday! Literally all the same shit happening to me. I keep reporting the monetization help page. It keeps giving me an error page, since Friday 🙄

  9. Same was just invited for the 2nd time $8500 max. Not showing in professional dashboard or when posting reels

  10. Same happened to me I’ve seen more posts here, Twitter and tiktok. It’s a widespread issue and I’ve tweeted the instagramcomms account that’s IG’s PR team. What’s weird is this happens after farming our tax information and many of us have literally never had an account violation. I would think they would be able to tell us we’re ineligible prior to providing that info. I say we give them 48 hours of awareness all over social media to respond then if nothing speak to reporters that will listen. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  11. Same thing happened to me. I had to send 3 reports until they fixed it. I’m not so happy they did though. My engagement is nowhere how it used to be before being accepted into this bonus pay.! I’m so ready to be out of it!

  12. Same thing happened to me! I opened one of my insta pages that I only post reels on after not being on it for about 2 weeks. Top of page said you're now eligible for the bonuses program and I clicked on it. I was so excited bc I had been hearing ab the program and was happy to be offered that chance! Went to the next page but didn't put in tax info (it said you could skip and add later). Got to the final apply page and got busy doing something so I never pressed start. 2 days later I remembered that I needed to go in and do it, so I found the page and when I went to finally press start, it said I was ineligible! Went to a few different tabs and they all had a green check saying I was eligible! Tried again a few hours later, still didn't work. Submitted a help page to instagram and still have not heard back. Then for the last 3-4 days the bonuses tab completely disappeared from my business dashboard!! Only today when I went back in did it show up again, but still "ineligible" even though my monetization status is approved... it's so frustrating! Like why offer us the bonus program then turn around and say we aren't eligible?! It doesn't make any sense!

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