1. Whilst it's fairly agreed upon amongst this community that Book 4 is easily the weakest season. My immense dislike of Book 4 seems to be ALOT more unpopular for whatever reason.

  2. Yeah I know it's supposed to be a kid's show, but the impossibly effective apology really made it feel like a kid's show.

  3. Yeah the only things that bothered me about S4 were the quickness of Kez’s forgiveness & Ryan & Min’s numbers going up and down as drastically as they did.

  4. You are not alone. I think book 4 was intended to be a sort of introduction to the past for book 5, with amelia and the true conductor before it all went to hell. But then that never happen and now we have to awkward half-step.

  5. I didnt think i would find someone who thought the same as me sbout book 4. I really wanted to like that book, but yeah...

  6. Book 4 would’ve been so much better if it happened before book 3. Book 3 had more of a plot to the other seasons, therefore it should’ve been the last one (and I know that it wasn’t planned to have stopped after book 4 so this is just only thoughts)

  7. Simon's face was changing every episode, book 2 final Episode is stupid and weak, and book 4 is Stupider and weaker Edit: book 3 endings was weak too somehow

  8. I think book 4 was the weakest, tbh... I think book 1 does its job even tho i think atticus sjouldve remained dead (too,) Book 2 is one of the strongest along with book 3! I just really bought their message and feelings, and the end was really rewarding and well written in a very impactful way to me.

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