1. Had a cat growing up that did this even as an adult cat, would go try to suckle in your hair all the time. It was just something you could never really get over. Such a creepy feeling.

  2. It’s just a normal silver tabby. In fact if you google classic tabby this pattern is one of the top images lol. If it was striped it could be reminiscent of an Egyptian mau but not with the swirls.

  3. I caught Covid and so I’m here watching these videos and I don’t know what will kill me first, Covid , or this illegal little criminal. Adorable

  4. I wish I understood machine learning algorithms for image recognition in video feeds well enough. I have this intense desire to write a tool that parses these subs for all the cat gifs and webms and would compile them into a master video that would upload to a YouTube channel in 10 hour segments, each one titled: "Cute things doing Cute Things Part #... #########”

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