1. Noticed this as well. The moment you call them out, they think they’re in the right and you’re wrong for calling them out. The audacity of these people.

  2. I had a thing like that happen, a big rig wouldn’t let me merge and then none of the others would let me merge either, so I sped up and cut some people off only to get lit up by a cop 😭💀

  3. Seeing someone face consequences for their asshole behavior is so satisfying. I once got to watch a dude in a hummer get pulled over after driving down a closed lane in a construction zone to pass a long line of cars. Got to see him sitting in his fancy car looking all sheepish while a state trooper chewed him out.

  4. I hope that the cop made them turn round and go the other way, all the way to the back of the queue, at the end.

  5. I'm a bit of a video snob, that's why I prefer to watch reddit videos uploaded to TikTok uploaded to Facebook uploaded back to reddit.

  6. Tourist. I only watch screen captures of Reddit videos reposted to Facebook, uploaded to TikTok, and recorded off a monitor from a handheld flip phone.

  7. I especially prefer when in one of these steps, they just record it old-school with a camera, playing the video on a monitor.

  8. Well you need teh Tiktok to get the annoying “oh no” music and some even more annoying computer generated voice over.

  9. I saw the exact same video earlier today already (here on Reddit) and it looked crisp and horizontal. Idiotic how people screenrecord it and even more idiotic how people just keep upvoting it

  10. That was so satisfying…also kudos to people in traffic for not letting the a***ole merge back in. Also

  11. I disagree that you should prevent people from merging back. If I see someone on the wrong side, I'm leaving a gap because the sooner they can come back to the correct side, the sooner they are no longer a danger to oncoming cars. I know there weren't any but if a car was coming, they would be a danger to them.

  12. Well despite the fact that the guy is an asshole, you're putting people who have nothing to do with it in danger by leaving him in the way of oncoming traffic. Most times the person causing the crash ends up surviving and innocent people die.

  13. ... I'm watching a (horizontal? TikTok allows that now?) TikTok video, posted to Facebook, then screen-recorded and posted to Reddit (vertically).

  14. Oh yes, iIt was painful to watch. Makes me wonder if we need some kind of internet licence, like a driving licence, to avoid this kind of failure.

  15. Bruh! I was about to post something similar. All cars neatly lined up in their own lane and the next lane completely empty. This is something you'll never see here in India.

  16. A video reposted on TikTok, then screen capped from the phone, then recompressed on Reddit? Can't wait for this to be 144p in a week.

  17. Who the fuck is upvoting this goddamn monstrosity? The person who made this might as well have created a reproduction using only crayons, half of which they'd probably eat along the way.

  18. Who in the f records a horizontal video vertically capturing the entire screen? Learn how to use technology or get a flip phone.

  19. הפוסט היחיד ברדיט שאיכשהו קשור לישראל ואף תגובה בו לא מדברת על פלסטין

  20. When I make a vertical screen recording of a horizontal video I like to do my part by cropping the video so I don’t look lazy AF.

  21. Def not Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is flat and there are no hills anywhere nearby. The mountain in the distance looks like the Carmel, AKA Haifa, and from its slope it looks like the location of this video is somewhere in the Gaillee hills, northeast from Haifa. The video quality is too shitty to make out what the nearby signs say, so a more precise location would take longer. Hopefully that will get you started.

  22. If they’re willing to do this because traffic is “inconvenient” for them over other people, think of what they’re going to do in times of emergency. Some of the worst right here honestly.

  23. I can almost see what happens in the video. Landscape to portrait back to landscape. Gotta make sure the video covers no more than 15% of the screen

  24. I got a better one. US route 50 (parkersburg) right in front of a state trooper. They went through the grass median not even 100 feet from that trooper

  25. I'm just wondering whether he needed to make left turn at the intersection, and after waiting an eternity for someone to graciously let him merge (to no a avail), he decided to turn and hope that the previously selfish drivers would have a change of heart.

  26. I just watched the uncropped version and realized he is the idiot.. Now I'm wondering why this guy uploaded his video to the internet. SMH

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