1. a road full of crosswalks and you are going that fast? you are lucky it was a car and not a pedestrian ou a bike! people need to understand a motorcycle is not a free pass to go as fast as you want.. rules still aply

  2. No, I don't think so and so please son, please step back out of the spotlight since this is not your 15 minutes of infamy... That is reserved for the overly high strung motorcyclist who's clearly traveling at possibly double if not triple the speed limit and a surprise when a soccer mom, barely awake and probably taking the children to school he doesn't see his ass flying to the streets of his local town.

  3. He passed about 4 standard sized cars in 1 second. This is around 14 feet per car, which I've added around 10 feet to the total for space between each parked car to equal 66 feet.

  4. A quick rough math estimate puts it at about 61kmh or 37.9 mph. It took roughly 2 seconds to pass 4 cars at 13-14 feet, not including space between cars

  5. He’s going too fast for his skill level for a street that tight. His first instinct was to squeeze the clutch which removed the engine brake greatly reducing his ability to stop. He also didn’t prepare for this scenario, knowing the car might try to make the turn, by easing off the throttle a head of an interaction. He left himself two seconds of braking time which is way too little.

  6. The only time I ride fast is when no one’s around me, and even then, if I can’t see the end of a corner I assume someone is texting and crossing the centre line. I admit, I miss out on a lot of fun turns and there’s tons of time I could have done something faster, but in the end of the day, people really suck at driving and I don’t wanna pay the price of life long pain because of some idiot texting.

  7. I rode a scooter for a couple of years before I got my car license. So I could experience independence and such. One of the first things my dad, who has been riding since he was 18 and has over 40 years experience riding, told me exactly this. It doesn't matter how safely you ride, assume absolutely everyone is an idiot and it could save your life.

  8. That includes keeping your headlight on even during the day. People can easily ignore a motorbike by mistake. I don't see this rider's headlight in the cars reflection.

  9. This. Even better if you are both a driver and a rider. Whenever you are on the road (no matter driving or riding) you have expectations on what kind of idiots either drivers or riders can be. Basically, assume only you that isnt idiot

  10. As a motorcyclist.. yes, this immediately felt way too fast for that road. It might be the video, but I think not.. Not to say that the driver of the car didn't make a mistake, but he definitely wasn't alone.

  11. Video appears to be shot in a German town. In-town German speed limits are almost always, but not uncommonly less than, 50km/h (~31mph).

  12. It's not german, it's french due to the guy screaming "Mais t'est un baisé ou quoi !" at the end of the video. But german and french speed limits are the same.

  13. I'm from Germany and I have never seen such markings on the roads here. And there are way too many pedestrian crossings. It looks a bit more like Czechia to me but since some here already identified him as French it's probably France. I have never been to France so I don't know how the roads there look like.

  14. The other thing is that if the car is trying to judge the oncoming speed, people won't realize how fast you're going at first if you're going over the speed limit that fast, especially with something small like a bike. If you're judging based on how fast traffic usually flows it might take you a second to realize how much faster they're going.

  15. I mean the car didn't look hard enough for incoming traffic but bike guy is clearly driving too fast. Car probably assumed the bike was approaching slower than it did

  16. Bikes are small already, and when they're far away they are very hard to spot. If they're speeding they can be on you before you ever know they're there

  17. If you were speeding, you're not only an idiot but you make other bike riders look bad. That being said the driver of the car is legally at fault and also an idiot for not reading the speed of your bike.

  18. I wouldn't guarantee that the car driver is legally at fault. I don't know the exact speeds and speed limits here but if someone is going several times the speed limit it is not reasonable to expect other road users to anticipate this and account for it. I would never get out of some junctions if I had to assume a car going 120mph might be approaching rapidly from the horizon.

  19. If he was going a little faster he would have gotten through the intersection cleanly. Might as well go full idiot.

  20. He managed to slow down some, and instead of head-on-ing it, he kind of did a glancing blow against the side, plus adrenaline.

  21. Without an accurate read on the speed (I couldn't zoom enough to see the speedo), but based on the surrounds, I'd say the motorcyclist was speeding - which makes them both fucking idiots.

  22. Agree, but depending on the speed limit the car may have been looking 50m up the road thinking I'll pass in front of the bike with no trouble then doubted their decision stopping in the path of the bike when they realised the bike was going faster than other traffic.... could have also been a dick head car driver that just wasn't looking.

  23. It's not up to everyone else to correctly assess your improper speed, humans just don't work that way. Do the speed limit, or die, you choose. (Fortnine on the YT just did a vid about this)

  24. Rider: too fast in a residential area. Car was clearly making the turn assuming the motorcycle is driving at the maximum speed limit, therefore having enough time to make the turn.

  25. What’s the speed limit? Obviously it’s the guy who turned, but it’s hard to predict travelling speed of someone coming from the opposite direction. They obviously thought they could make it.

  26. Who cares about the speed limit? The bike is going way too fast for the situation. There is like 10 exits/crossings within 5 seconds of the video

  27. The SUV driver. I don't even like motorcycles nor those who ride them because they are unreasonably loud and the riders are on average, 50% more obnoxious than BMW or lifted truck drivers. That said, take a moment and judge oncoming traffic before turning, and if any doubt, just wait. The SUV clearly and obviously cut him off.

  28. I see two idiots. Idiot motorcyclist who thinks the road is their personal race course, and idiot motorist who doesn't look ahead for the unexpected

  29. Bike speeding, bikes fault 90% it is hard for drivers to judge the distance/speed of a bike, so speeding means they will get it wrong if they assume you are driving to the road. Look at all of the pedestrian crossings- bike has not a hope in hell stopping if a kid steps out onto the crossing.

  30. I mean for real. Do you think you're so privileged that if you have a motorcycle that goes fast that everybody should get out of your way. This is like what happens here in America all the time. Don't look out for motorcycles because they don't look out for you.

  31. Both. Cam bike was going ridiculously fast for such an area (France has same rules as here, those intersections, well if anything came out he'd have been at fault). He did not slow down for the intersections but he did in this case have right of way.

  32. If you're speeding I'd say you're at least 50% at fault and an extra 1% for every mph over the limit. This guy looks like he was going 90. So I'd say it's about 80% his fault

  33. Motor bike driver is driving way too fast, no way that speed is allowed in the middle of the city/town

  34. You are going too fast for the type or road you're in, you are at fault here, since probably the car initiated the turn before he could spot you...

  35. As a non bike rider (i'd kill myself) The Rider is the idiot, while the car driver should have been more aware. Just slow the fuck down my guy!

  36. The dude on the bike is speeding first off, so .. slow the fuck down and maybe you would of been able to stop in time .. Speeding on that crappy bike dude got what he deserved

  37. I've discovered a pattern for this sub - if the post asks "who's the idiot" the cam vehicle is always going too fast for the conditions and expecting everyone to magically stay out of their "right of way".

  38. Going faster than 70 km/h in a residential area… The biker is a total idiot, putting everyone else in danger for his shitty adrenaline. And the nerve to yell on the driver… Asshole 100%

  39. People are massively over estimating his speed. Bike plus camera perspective makes it look lots faster than it is. He’s managed to almost come to a stop before hitting the car and clearly isn’t badly hurt. If he slammed into the side of a car at 80+ like some are suggesting he’d be completely fucked.

  40. Oh for fuck's sake, do your turn quickly and get out of everyone's way! I hate folks that take fucking forever to turn in to somewhere that there's nothing in front to impede them. The less time you spend crossing multiple lanes the better we all are for it. He could have finished that turn and bike would have had ample space to swerve if he had just accelerated in that fucking turn, instead he stops mid turn. Ugh! The bike was a bit fast but this could have been avoided if the turn was done quickly enough to at least dodge.

  41. Depends on how fast the biker was going. The video makes it look like the biker was speeding, but without seeing a speedometer, I can't be sure.

  42. I know from experience a dash / helmet cam can make it seem like you are going faster than you actually are, but without all the data it's a hard call.

  43. the car was going slow, the moto was going fast, the car did an illegal turn, but the moto was still going too fast.

  44. The bike. If the bike had been going the speed limit it would have easily stomped and the car probably would've seen it.

  45. If I was the motorcyclist I wouldn't drive that fast in such an area. Regardless of who the idiot is, you always gotta assume murphy's law in traffic.

  46. Well, acccording to another post, it should be the cars fault, but if a bike rides this fast and doesn’t even slow down for crossings, I still say the bike is at fault.

  47. The biker is clearly speeding, but the car obviously didn’t see the biker. They didn’t start their turn until the biker was almost at the intersection, and was turning at a very casual pace.

  48. Clearly the biker, the car didn’t know the biker was speeding so turned in expecting that the biker wouldn’t even be close to him when he had made the turn.

  49. Motorcyclist for excessive speed. Luckily he braked enough to not cause a bad accident. It’s difficult to judge someone’s speed on a left turn you need to make, more so when someone’s on a motorcycle. Rule of thumb when there are no signs (stop signs, yield signs, etc) is to go the limit and to stay alert at turns.

  50. The bike is speeding well in excess of the limit in that area. I would guess double of that limit.

  51. bikers fault, clearly speeding. when the car seeing a bike coming way back they asume you are going the speed limit and have time to make the turn.

  52. On a bike, I would slow right down to the speed limit in a populated area like this where there's lots of entries/exits.

  53. Biker, there is simply no need to drive so fast in the city. Imagine a kid comes between 2 cars, happened 2 me twice and I was lucky both but I shat my pants quite bad the times it happened.

  54. Mmmm kinda both is this the guy who posts videos of him riding just to find someone that interferes with his riding and goes apeshit about it? That dude always pushes it in a street situation like he could've stopped faster than that and veered away from direct impact. Cmon

  55. The car decided to turn when there were no incoming cars in your lane. You were going too fast so even if the driver was careful they would've definitely gotten hit.

  56. OP. You were speeding. Take the blame. Yeah the other car could have been more aware but you were hauling ass for no reason. Cmon. Why ask?

  57. I think primary it’s the vehicle’s in fault BUT also the rider not paying attention. See a vehicle ahead? SLOW DOWN!

  58. Legally, the car was wrong. In reality, the motorcycle was going too fast for the environment. Lots of cars, crosswalks, crossing streets. Even if he were going the speed limit (maybe, maybe not) it was too fast for the car drivers to see his small motorcycle, separate it from the background clutter, gauge how fast he is coming and judge the clearance for the turn.

  59. If it wasn't the car up ahead, it could have been the cars on the right opening their doors and having him crash. Why even speed up on a road like that in the first place?

  60. I mean, idk where this is from. But where I live the speed limit inside cities is 50km/h and this guy was going 80 at least. Driver is definitely at fault but if the rider was doing 50, he was could have stopped in time to avoid the crash. Just my 2cents

  61. If you ain't planning for someone to hit you, you at fault too. Good road craft is about planning for others to fuck up and trying to predict what will go wrong. Built up area? Slow down then.... coming up to a crossroad? Slow down and make sure you know the intentions of others around you. Better to wait for them to pass than to assume they know what they're doing and risk fucking yourself up. Speaking as a victim of life changing RTC injuries due to careless driving of another party, I know how much a small mistake can ruin a life.

  62. Both... how fast were you going in a city centre? Dude slow down there are civilians living near so it is possible that some kid crosses the road or other things.But yeah the car driver also made a big mistake.

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