1. My mom was the same, until a car turned in front of her and she went through the windshield. Scalped her, shattered both femurs, one arm and all but one rib. Intensive care for weeks, in hospital for 3 months, another year of physical therapy, and finally able to walk without assist (wheelchair, then walker, then cane) after 4 years.

  2. The risk/reward for not using a seatbelt is just so high that I wonder if these types of people are idiots. It is the same thing with riding a motorcycle. Looks pretty fun but a single idiot runs into you and you are in the hospital for a month (I know someone who was riding their motorcycle and got hit by a drunk driver).

  3. Years ago- like 30 years ago- my uncle was in a pretty rough accident. He was ejected through the windshield and had to spend a couple of days in the hospital. He fully recovered.

  4. ER doc. I had to tell a seat belted husband with a sprained ankle that his unbelted wife died in the same accident he literally walked away from. Buckle up.

  5. Also ER doc…. I can count on one hand the number of people ejected from a car at highway speeds that I’ve taken care of because they never live long enough to make it to the ER

  6. I think it's also true that you can become a risk to the people doing the right thing. Glue two eggs to the inside of a shoebox, add a third loose and shake. Odds are they all break.

  7. Used to work in the ED as well. I’d like to add that if you’re on a motorcycle, always always wear a helmet, or better yet, don’t ride one at all.

  8. My cousin also died after being in a car crash with no seatbelt. She flew out of the car, survived that but with huge brain damage. Lived long enough to deliver her baby (my nephew who's a few years old now) and then passed away about a year after the accident

  9. My father died, partly due to not wearing a seatbelt, as well. Drunk driver hit him. My father flew through the windshield. My brother, 4 at the time, resulted in being a head injury for the rest of his life. That was in 1984. My brother has paid the price of drunk drivers and my father not putting him in a seatbelt for 38 years.

  10. Wen I was 9 I saw someone fly out of the car like that, ever since then I have a habbit that I'll wear my seatbelt even if I'm just parking the car. My extended family is full or imbeciles, they're all older than me and they give me shit for being hell bent on safety. I have kicked out my cousins from the car if they have refused to wear seatbelt, nobody dies on my watch

  11. Seriously! What could possibly be the benefit of doing this? They're adjustable so it's not an issue of it not fitting. It's proven pretty much constantly that they work and can save your life. So what's left? Freedum?

  12. I know we aren’t supposed to wish harm on others, but I almost hope he gets into a minor accident that ends up slamming him into the steering a-la wake-up call, so he can realize the importance.

  13. For anyone curious, he cut this buckle out of another car and uses it in his new car to prevent the seatbelt warning from going off.

  14. You should refuse to ride in the car with him if he won't wear his seatbelt. In a crash, a passenger without a seatbelt is a massive hazard to others in the vehicle. His stupidity could literally kill you.

  15. I'm a death investigator for the state, and about half of the scenes I go on are car crashes. I have yet to work a scene where the decedent was wearing a seat belt.

  16. My mother burned into my head at a young age that my life is worth 5 seconds. I apply this to almost everything: dont speed, lose 5 seconds, don't run red lights/stop signs, buckle up, always cross at a crosswalk.

  17. I witnessed a fatal crash firsthand when I was about 19. I was standing outside a movie theater and the road nearby forked off to the right and left but a driver kept going straight (he was drunk) at 60 mph or so. Car went through an empty parking lot, hit a few bollards, flipped and tumbled through the parking lots of 3 adjacent businesses, and finally came to rest upright.

  18. I investigate crashes and it’s the same, nearly 100% are not wearing a seatbelt. I can never say for sure if someone would have lived, but I believe most would have. However, no matter how much personal experience or actual data I have, I can’t get the older people in my family to wear them.

  19. I hear that when you get into a crash without wearing a seat belt, the last thing to go through your mind is the steering wheel.

  20. My ex's cousin didn't "believe in seat-belts". I have no idea what that means, and I'd love to ask him, but he died after being ejected from his car while not believing in seat-belts.

  21. A friends daughters were in a horrific accident. They were t-boned by a drunk. Thankfully they both survived. But both will never be the same. The impact was so great that one daughter’s teeth became embedded in the other’s skull! It’s a miracle they have rebuilt her face to the point that it doesn’t get noticed. Wear seatbelts! Always drive like the other driver is an idiot.

  22. When I started driving in 1980 I didn't wear a seat belt routinely. But the summer that I graduated high School a dear female friend of mine and three other teens were coming back from a Grateful Dead concert and drove head on into a tractor trailor killing all four. None were wearing belts. They were all exhausted from the show and the drugs and its assumed that the driver fell asleep/passed out.

  23. I would tell him you won’t drive with him unless he has a seatbelt on. In an accident, his body could easily kill you or other passengers.

  24. Does he say "seatbelts kill more people than they save"? That's a common refrain amongst those who stubbornly refuse to wear them.

  25. That is verbatim what my coworker says, and he's a firefighter... "Every fatal accident I've been to, they were wearing their seatbelts."

  26. There was a road safety TV advert in the UK some years ago, where a rear-seat occupant without a seatbelt was shown to fly forward in a low-speed crash and headbutt the back of the driver's head, killing them instantly. But the passenger was was shown to survive with a broken nose, while the other front passenger freaked out. I've never forgotten that when I have rear seat passengers. They should bring these disturbing adverts back.

  27. My childhood friend didnt wear hers while sleeping in the passenger seat. She died on impact, the driver (who wore his) survived but fell into a coma, waking about a year later.

  28. Can confirm, read on comment from op which says that he believes that he's a pro at driving, wait till he realizes until karma hits him like a truck

  29. Wearing a seatbelt saved my life ~7 years ago. The day I got my license, I spun out while attempting to merge onto the highway after going too fast while on the circular on-ramp. It was raining, I was inexperienced, and just lost control. It was HORRIFYING. I didn't feel my life flash before my eyes or anything - but it was way, way worse. While I was spinning out, all I could do was imagine my car getting destroyed during a tragic accident and me dying after being left a mangled mess of a person. They were some terrifying mental images and were also extremely vivid. When I hit the divider, it was as if a million panels of glass had shattered all at once. I'll never forget it. I made it out okay - someone was definitely watching over me that day. The whole experience makes me appreciate life and how fragile it really is.

  30. My cousin died 3 weeks ago at 27 years old. Wasn't wearing a seatbelt. Ejected from the vehicle. Pronounced dead at the scene. If he'd been wearing his seatbelt, he would have walked away uninjured most likely.

  31. There was a long term patient in the hospital that I used to work at that went through a windshield because she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. She survived but was severely brain damaged. She could no longer function mentally or physically enough to take care of her kids. She was in her 30s.

  32. Put him in the passenger seat and do a few break checks. He'll change his mind after banging his head on the dash a few times.

  33. It's all fun and games until his limp body slaps you so hard it busts your jaw and left eye orbital bone, clavicle and they wire your jaw shut for 3 months. Dad? You'll get to look into his eyes after they're donated to some random person on the waiting list.

  34. To each their own I guess. My best friends father died when we were 5 not wearing a seatbelt. Middle seat and right through the windshield. It can happen so fast and unexpectedly. Better safe than sorry

  35. I don't think it's OK for another reason. That child loves their father and cares about them. Knowing and seeing their parent in unnecessary danger for no reason eventually causes trauma, because they have to accept that fact. It's demonstrating to your child that they aren't important enough for you to take a very small step to live for them.

  36. Yeah it is so sad and preventable. Such a small thing too just putting on a seat belt can make all the difference. I suppose it can be uncomfortable at time but it beats the alternative.

  37. Not to be that guy, but if you wanted to get a life insurance policy on your dad, now is a solid time. It'll be too late when he goes open pavement diving.

  38. For anyone curious, he cut this buckle out of another car and uses it in his new car to prevent the seatbelt warning from going off.

  39. I got my father to wear his seatbelt after pointing out the newer vehicle he bought had airbags that would explode on you after you slammed into the steering wheel. Early air bags were designed with unbelted people considered, later ones were depowered to reduce killing smaller people, but don’t inflate as hard and were thus worse for unbelted folks. He surprisingly listened and started wearing one. Probably saved him when he hit a moose a decade or so later.

  40. Was he old enough to drive in the 80s? Because there was a weird anti-seatbelt movement/protests in the 80s akin to the anti-masker protests of today.

  41. I somehow started getting these weird clips advertised to me that click into the buckle to keep the alarm from going off. So basically what your dad did, except it's a keychain that's in the shape of a skull or some other overtly manly bs that you click in each time, or can just leave in there.

  42. That's because seatbelts aren't even safe. Big seatbelt is just trying to sell more of them. It's just another form of control. I knew a guy who was wearing one and died anyway. I knew another guy who wore his and boom: autism and a miscarriage.

  43. Ask him if he has ever seen some body ejected out of the vehicle and then get rolled over by same vehicle, or if he has seen a body and what it looks like after if has been thrown through a car windshield?

  44. My dad had this habit, too. He died in an accident when I was a kid & missed my high school & college graduations, my wedding, & he won’t get to meet my kids. Feel free to share that with your dad if you think it’ll help. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  45. Polite reminder to also wear a seatbelt in a cab/Uber. Seriously common for people normally seatbelt-militant about being in their or a friend’s car to simply not think of buckling up in a cab. Do it!

  46. My dad is one of those people that thinks you shouldn't be forced to wear a seat belt, using blinkers to change lanes is completely optional, speed limits are more of a suggestion, and he has the right away. Always.

  47. He’s obviously never been in a car that’s flipped and ended up upside-down. I have. I religiously wear a seatbelt.

  48. Same. My father and I both walked away from a rollover because we had our seatbelts on. My father put his on literally 30 seconds before the crash. Neither one of us had even a scratch on us. Seatbelts save lives.

  49. I don't get into cars with people that don't wear seatbelts. They become a flying object in an accident. I'm not gonna get killed by them flying into me, fuck that.

  50. I have had two brothers die two years apart in separate car accidents. Neither were wearing a seatbelt. Your dad is tempting fate in the worst way, and for what?

  51. My friends dad has refused to wear a seatbelt since it’s become a law to wear one. He always wore one before hand but he doesn’t like the idea that the government is making safety decisions for him.

  52. Damn, would be a miserable way to live if he consistently applied that logic. Can’t eat food or take medicine because FDA regulations, can’t live or go into any building or house because building code requirements. Can’t use any consumer products and or electronic devices because FCC and CPSC regulations.

  53. What's he gonna do if he's sitting at a red light minding his business, then some idiot slams into his rear bumper going 45?

  54. My dad won’t wear one and says “if it’s my time then so be it” when asked why. Why not prevent that if the option is there? I don’t get it.

  55. Tell him that this only means he doesn't give a shit about you or his family and that if he dies from his own stupidity you'll take a wee on his grave.

  56. I just don't get it. You don't even notice you're wearing a seatbelt after a minute. It's such a stubbornly and immature stance.

  57. That's his prerogative, but one wonders if he made you wear a seatbelt as a kid? Risking his own safety is one thing, but not being a responsible parent is another.

  58. He’s still risking the kids safety. If OP is buckled in the passenger seat and they get into an accident, OP can still be killed by dad’s unrestrained body :(

  59. Really it's not his prerogative, seat belts are a legal requirement in every US state and territory except New Hampshire and American Samoa (go land crabs!).

  60. I had a blowout, lost control of my car, and t-boned a tree. I'd probably be dead without my seatbelt. The fact that people just can't wear one drives me insane. It takes 2 seconds to put on.

  61. Tell him to get his final wishes and personal dealings at hand so you don’t have to put up with the pain of probate and courts. I’m sorry but you have a selfish father.

  62. I wouldn't get into the car with him. In an accident he becomes a rather large projectile that will do you a lot of damage as he's thrown around. Imagine you land in a ditch passenger side down and he lands in top of you, he could easily crush/suffocate you to death not to mention all the broken bones ect. Nope to the no.

  63. Fun fact: when they first started to make not wearing a seat belt a crime there were people who basically had the “my body my choice” attitude towards it. There was a group of people who formed in opposition to it and the leader of that group died from being ejected through his windshield in a car accident because he wasn’t wearing a seat belt.

  64. My ex died during COVID lockdowns. He was a fuel truck driver and went off the road, hitting a tree. Died instantly; no seat belt. According to the highway patrol officer who reported to the scene, it took many hours to extricate him, because they had to secure the fuel in the truck before they could do anything else. It was quite the production.

  65. My mother had a friend who refused to wear her seatbelt. My mother would always tell me about her and how she loudly refused to wear a seatbelt. She was in a three-car collision where a man had a seizure and struck both her car and another car that had a woman and an infant in a car seat. My mom's friend was killed. The driver that had the seizure and the mother and her baby were all fine with just minor bruises. I suspect you can get away without wearing a seatbelt for a very long time, but if you have an accident you're likely fucked.

  66. I lost my best friend in high school between our 10th and 11th year. He wasnt wearing a seatbelt, was ejected from the car and the car rolled over him. His funeral was on my birthday. Ill never forget how horrible his face looked in the casket. His face was crushed and no matter how much they did to present the body it looked nothing like him. I stood there in tears and i told his mom, "thats not Ed that cant be Ed."

  67. He’s gonna become a meat torpedo bouncing around the inside of the vehicle, harming everyone else.

  68. My mom once X-rayed a guys who’s front plate (on his dash) imbedded itself in his shoulder during an accident. He was lucky to be alive. Don’t leave projectiles on your front or rear dash, it could kill you

  69. My godfather died in a car wreck from not wearing a seatbelt with his entire family in the car. His dead corpse ended up laying across his three children in the backseat.

  70. My father lost half of his blood, 3 broken ribs, a broken collarbone, dislocated shoulder and a collapsed lung, split open his gut, and brand got thrown underneath his dash. The vehicle he was in didnt have an airbag and he wasn't wearing a seatbelt. While he was in a coma,They pronouncd that he was not going to make it at the hospital. 3 days later he woke up from the coma and now 8 years since it happened he has made a full recovery. Im glad I didn't lose him that day, but that idiot still doesn't wear a seatbelt.

  71. The responsible part of me wants to remind you that in the event of a crash and a rollover anything unsecured becomes a projectile traveling at whatever speed the car was just going

  72. Every time I hear about a deadly crash in my area where the person died on the scene. They are never wearing a seat belt. There was even one head on collision recently where the driver wearing the seat belt survived even with the whole front end being smashed in and the other driver not wearing a seat belt died on impact. I’ll never understand why people won’t just wear it.

  73. I understand dads can be unreasonable in situations like these. If you really want him to buckle up, I would anonymously report it to the police. Maybe a few big tickets would convince him.

  74. Your dad is an idiot. My father did the same thing and died in an accident on the way to work. He was ejected out the back window of his car

  75. Alot of people have pointed out how he has high potential to hurt himself in an accident. But there is also the potential of hurting others. Without that seat belt on, he is going to get tossed around the car has there is nothing holding him in place. This prevents him from keeping the vehicle under and better control which endangers the passengers and other motorists. For your own safety, I would refuse to ride with him until he buckles up.

  76. EMT here. Had a call several months ago for a car crash. It was a rear end collision involving a tow truck and mini van. Tow truck was at fault, they smashed into the back of the van that was stopped at a red light. Guys in the tow truck were father and son, neither had seatbelts on, and the truck didn’t have air bags.

  77. I was recently involved in a 60 mph accident where the other driver was in the oncoming left turn lane failed to yield to traffic. They pulled out in front of me so quick I didn’t have time to brake at all. Both of our cars were totaled and messed up. Needless to say I had my seatbelt on and they did not. I walked out of my car with minor injuries, they did not.

  78. I only "see" the people who don't wear seatbelts as a line of text: "MVA rollover ejected." That tells me to get ready set up a massive transfusion box, even if I have no other information on the patient's condition. I pull out a cooler, put in the appropriate warm and cold/ice packs, start filling out the paperwork as information trickles in, set a timer and wait. I'm not sure which is worse--actually issuing a cooler of blood products, or not issuing one. Issuing the cooler means the patient is in a bad way--the cooler contains roughly half the body's entire volume of blood. Not issuing the cooler on this kind of accident means the patient is now deceased.

  79. When I was 19, a friend of mine didn’t like wearing her seatbelt in any car. I told her to wear it in mine. She refused. So I got up to about 20mph and slammed on the brakes (called a Brake Check). She went flying forward and bashed herself on the dash. She swore at me and acted like I was the asshole, but she always wore a seatbelt from then on. It was trade-off worth making.

  80. In my country, seatbelts became mandatory in the 1980s. My Dad has had 40 years to get used to buckling up when he got in the driving seat.

  81. My childhood best friend died at eleven years old because he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. Found out over the announcements on my first day of middle school, after initially being told he’d just have minor brain damage.

  82. I had an accident once, even though the airbags deployed they actually never touched me, I saw them deploy and collapse. the only thing that saved my life was the seatbelt, otherwise I would have literally gone through the windshield. Seatbelts save lives 1,000,000,000%

  83. Had a ex gf who's cousin lost his wife and 2 kids for not strapping them in and she also was unbuckled.... The guy is now dieing slowly as a addict. It will mess you up and the people who know you.

  84. I love seeing the look on my family’s faces when I catch them without their seatbelt on. I get near a stop sign (or a red stop light) and make like I stop gradually…then right as a get to where I want to stop at, I press the brake down real hard!

  85. Ask him “Do you think you’ll go through the windshield and bounce off the asphalt, or just snap your neck on the windshield in the event of a head on collision?” I mean, or just say you’re really concerned for his safety, that may work too.

  86. I don’t understand why some people are so against seatbelts, they’re not even uncomfortable?? Like I barely even notice it when im driving lol.

  87. I support the freedom to end your own life. However you see fit. Peaceful injection by trained professionals or violent ejection through a glass pane at highway speeds! We need less people.

  88. I imagine car insurance and even life insurance would probably fight any claim if they found out.

  89. Same. It's fucking infuriating. Every single time I'm in the car with him, I have to remind him that I don't want to have to worry if he's coming home or not. Then he always tells me the same shit.

  90. You dad is a buffoon. Some things we shouldn't learn from our elders. My father in law couldn't understand why we insisted our children ride in car seats. And he was a physician.

  91. A long time ago, when they imposed the seat belt, there were anti-belt movements similar to those we see today with masks or vaccines.

  92. Dont ride with these folks. In an accident they're 200lb satellites traveling at 80mph inside the cabin.

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