1. In an automatic the torque converter will prevent most if not all of the power reaching the wheels when the engine is idling. In a manual (like the car in the video) however the engine is directly connected to the wheels when in gear, so when you start a manual in gear the starter motor will push the car forward (or backwards if in reverse) and then the engine idle will likely be powerful enough to keep pushing it without stalling, until it reaches a hill or some obstacle.

  2. It's in the reverse gear (manual transmission). Starting a manual in gear works fine as long as resistance is low enough which it seems to be as it's not uphill.

  3. It's just rolling downhill in neutral if it's a manual car. All you need to do for this to happen is to release the handbrake.

  4. Yeah, this is puzzling. Comment thread didn’t shed any light. Have these people really started a manual in gear before, and not know that it will jump around like a mule with its nuts on fire?

  5. The TT mk2 comes with a minimum of 160 horsepowers! But well, I guess it's irrelevant for the reverse speed.

  6. It’s a good job they have this on film because an insurance company wouldn’t believe a word otherwise.

  7. Left in gear - plus it's sitting on a hill, meaning it wouldn't have stalled when the engine turned over, but would have kept going. Add in anti-stall engines that add gas if the revs fall, and boom! there's your accident/

  8. How much torque does that Audi have to have to be able to push not one but two other stationary vehicles.

  9. All these folks talking about how a car can start in first gear, but I’ve never had a manual that would start without pressing in the clutch?

  10. I’ve had a few but they were auto at one point then swapped to manuals I could turn on with clutch not engaged on both my civics 99 and 98

  11. Alright, the guy that started the vehicle is no doubt an idiot but can we talk about how completely useless the other guy was?

  12. My impression is that it is on much more of a hill than it appears, the car is a manual transmission and slipped out of gear, no parking brake set. Gravity did the rest.

  13. Looks like the car is on a hill. It was probably parked in neutral, and the guy disengaged the handbrake. You can see that the hill gets steeper further down the street which is why the other two cars are brought along for the ride. If the handbrake is electronic, you usually can't re engage it while the vehicle is moving so his best bet was to jump in and brace for impact. Looks like the door messed him up pretty bad.

  14. You think this is just about a failed parking brake? Looks like the car was set to reverse. The power that it has ramming those parked car behind, or audis are just heavy cars?

  15. my guess would be he started the car it most likely a automatic he had it in reverse and no parking brake on so it took off as automatic will pull forward without pressing the accelerator

  16. This could also happen if the car was a manual and If he left it in reverse with a weak pull of the parking break

  17. It's an interesting phenomenon that people will often manage to bring in stuff like racism or sexism into the most unrelated conversations.

  18. Looks like his engine and starter motor managed to get the car moving enough for it to get the engine running, it is probably a quattro but I'm impressed with the torque of the engine and disappointed with the quality of the handbrakes in the street.

  19. Why did he keep hold of the key? Why did he not either try and get in or just let go? I have so many questions.

  20. Looks like one leg get caught under a wheel, squished and flipped, then he pops out…..I need answers is he dead 💀?? Paralyses ?? Poor bastard

  21. When I was about 16 I had Geo Metro, loved that little tiny car. Anyway I always parked it in the exact same way. In neutral, with the emergency brake pulled. Without fail

  22. Starter motors are powerful enough to move the car, and it seems like it gained enough speed to start the engine

  23. For anyone that’s ever had a clutch failure and used to have to start the car In first gear hah

  24. Bro, that had to hurt like hell when your car door used you as a speed bump lol….that’s the closest you’ll ever get to sucking your own penis lol…

  25. To operate a car, you step in, sit down and do your thingy. What he did is the best example of how dumb sone people are.

  26. Didn’t do the jiggle jiggle eh. I saw a Mercedes’ sprinter van do that once, totally knocked the mechanic off his feet and took down a brick wall

  27. I’ve been driving for 35 years and I’ve never put the car in gear when parked. Never had any problems al all.

  28. It wouldnt start if it was an automatic in gear. Too many safety switches to prevent it from starting. Most manual cars have a clutch safety switch, which is a simple two wire switch often bypassed for remote start. Could be the case here.

  29. I’m some countries they don’t in the cities. Parking is tight so they leave them in neutral so people can push them to park. I thought it was weird when I saw it in Brazil but it makes sense.

  30. This is another reason why I call Audi TTs "Audi Tits". Because they're either driven by tits or by someone with tits

  31. My best guess is that it's a manual transmission with push-button start and he parked it in reverse gear without applying the P-brake.

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