1. I hate that so much when i’m driving. Like i can easily handle these situations and navigate around, but when i have someone screaming next to me over the smallest things, it stresses me out. I had an ex that would do that and i had to constantly tell her that screaming over nothing doesnt help and only makes things much worse.

  2. Mine does this thing where she slaps the dash trying to brace herself. And its not like I am stomping on the brakes. Annoys the fuck out of me.

  3. My GF used to scream over cute dogs she saw from the passenger seat. It took a few stern conversations to get her to understand why she needed to contain herself while I was driving.

  4. When I had been driving for a while and my parents were confident enough in my abilities that they didn’t have to watch me like a hawk, my Dad would look at his phone while I drove. Every once in a while, he would gasp at something he was reading and scare the ever living fuck out of me. 15 year old me almost crashed the damn car a couple of times lol.

  5. Meanwhile, when me and my 2 other guy friends were driving, I hydroplaned at 80 mph across 4 lanes on the freeway, like an action movie right next to a big rig and plowed through the express lane barrier barely missing the divider.

  6. More than once yelled, “I can’t save your life with you screaming.” She did stop screaming, but she does tense up on occasion. Got through to her how I handle things when a pickup over accelerated while merging onto expressway, totally losing control, narrowly missing us. She told me the guy almost hit us. I look back to see him sideways across the road. I replied, “Now you see there’s no point to panic till there’s reason to.”

  7. +1. My wife does the whole "sharp intake of breath" but incredibly loud. Usually when I've already anticipated someone else doing something stupid, but still doubles my heart rate for a few minutes just because it feels like I missed something.

  8. My wife does the same thing. It’s super distracting to have a hot sexy screeching banshie next to you when you’re trying to concentrate and avoid an accident.

  9. This is alway the case, omg. I see a car coming into my lane, she screams, I start panic looking everywhere and it’s the situation that I am already dealing with.

  10. Mine gave a loud gasp when a truck cut us off - nothing dramatic, but I did have to brake pretty hard - and I rolled down the window for a second. She looked at me funny and asked what that was about so I told her I was "Letting the air back in the car".

  11. If I ever have an accident, it will be because of my wife screaming next to me when something almost happens. I see something happening, like someone about to cut me off. But her scream distracts me. lol

  12. Yes, THIS! I'm anticipating some shit ahead, my wife will scream, and even grab on to something, door handle etc. I ask her "What?!". Generally I've already reacted to what she thinks is about to happen.

  13. I've yelled at my wife for that in the moment. Like you are going to CAUSE me to get in an accident. Because when you do that I think there is something I am not seeing and it makes me defensive and distracted. I've been driving for almost 30 years have some fucking faith, shit.

  14. I'm an OK driver when I'm by myself. When my wife is in the car with me I'm hyper vigilant and cautious to a fault. If some jackass cuts me off she yells at me for not anticipating that it was going to happen or not reacting fast enough, when in reality I'm watching every car around me like ahawk. It's alone lose-lose situation for me every time.

  15. I try to calmly remind my partner of things happening around us. There have been multiple times where they almost (or even tried) to blow through a red light because they were too distracted singing along to music to even notice. Same with when they pull too far into street trying to see if they can turn. They still yell at me every time I say anything. I’m not taking any chances. It happening once is once too many for me to trust that they’re going to see everything I see

  16. Same. Ill be overtaking with a car coming towards us, i have lots of time to complete my pass and the wife would be panicking. Just keep finger blasting your phone and let me drive.

  17. It looked like the Mustang was following a car up ahead a bit. A car went from center lane to left lane and the Mustang repeated that move. Then car up front went from left to right with the Mustang imitating that maneuver. So it appears that there are 2 idiots, one following the other.

  18. I watched the mustang the entire time. I expected flames and death, they must be learning how to drive better /s

  19. Is your wife a screamer? Next time you're driving on freeway, if she's sleeping and you see a vehicle being towed backward, rev up toward the car and yell "That car's on the wrong side!"

  20. Dude I don’t know which is worse the scream or the way my wife tries to grab the door like that’s really gonna do something.

  21. I was trying to pull into a parking spot at an odd angle Sat. night, so it was taking me longer than normal to get situated. My wife was looking at her phone the whole time and when I back up for the last time to finally right myself, she looks up and GASPS VERY LOUDLY and it SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME. Going 5 mph or less into a parking spot. JESUS.

  22. Passengers who scream when shit like this happens are the absolute worst. Literally causing accidents with their distracting ass reactions.

  23. Uh what? You move to the left lane for like 2 seconds then cut across to exit? WTF? Someone take his cereal box license away

  24. Damn. Here I am thinking all of Reddit was single white boys at the end of high school but before their 30s crisis but yall put here with wives. Color me impressed.

  25. 2 out of 3 correct. How you knew I have an E-class, God Only Knows! And I have a nice and crazy Chaldean gf. Close enough! But anyways thanks homie!

  26. If anyone comes across someone driving one of those corny Mustangs who actually knows how to drive, please document it for the sake of history. Shit car and shit people who drive it lol.

  27. Fkn women i hate it when my wife does that, always worse than what happened and its usually 3/4 over by the time they start

  28. All Mustang drivers should be tried for war crimes. Not saying they should all be convicted, but chances are they're guilty. We can't afford to take that risk.

  29. I mean , he made that decision late and illegally cross a solid line , but you could've let him in and been a smart defensive driver yourself, you could clearly see him signaling. And you potentially being in his blind spot.

  30. The Mustang hit the brakes... and they turned on the signals just as they started moving. Not knowing if there is traffic behind them they might not be able to just slam on the brakes without causing a bigger problem.

  31. My wife yells out deer all the time and it startles me. 95% of the time they are just standing in a field with no intent of coming near a road…🙄🙄🙄

  32. My opinion: you ended up being in his blind spot for quite awhile. Not your doing but you could have made some moves to nip this in the bud.

  33. They did not speed up the Mustang hit the brakes, you can see them light up right as they turn on the turn signal and start moving, all at once.

  34. so sick of seeing these morons do this, it happens all the damn time. I think i have issues lol. I would not have given him the opening to pull that shit. I would have been right next to him as that was so obvious in the making. He would have had to pinstripe the side of my car if he wanted my lane, period.

  35. Two idiots. Driver ahead illegally cuts across the gore at last second. Driver on left changes lanes without signaling or looking.

  36. I'll take loud reactions to actual scary moments any day over having my aunt as a passenger who feels the need to constantly critique my diving and tell me what I could be doing better.

  37. Not trying to defend the idiot here, and don't have the volume on but it seems you were in his Blindspot for a while and with not much traffic probably didn't check blind spot.

  38. You proceeded to defend the idiot...we need to be careful Mustang drivers bad habits are contagious or, you secretly one of them sent to infiltrate.

  39. Cammer was in Mustang's blind spot for maybe 2 seconds at most. This was after the Mustang slowed down because they couldn't coordinate their exit off the highway in a timely manner.

  40. I honestly don't get these... Yea the guy is an idiot but when you see him coming why not brake? Or was OP distracted? If you intentionally don't make space it means you're intentionally putting yourself at even more risk than necessary. It's more important to stay safe.

  41. I hate dramatic ass passengers. Them freaking out always makes me way more jumpy and likely to do something stupid had I just been driving alone

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