1. The last car had its flashers on. I wonder if it could have been a funeral procession. Around here, blocking traffic to allow processions to pass unobstructed is pretty standard. It's also fairly common for bikers to show up like this for a fellow rider

  2. I didn’t see a hearse but they could be riding with the ashes. Either way, I’m glad they took the effort to wave at us and pull the maneuver off in a safe way.

  3. All of the funeral processions I've seen that block traffic like this have police bikes stop the intersections, not just a random person in the procession.

  4. Tbh from a traffic safety perspective it’s better they do that than having 25 bikers having to pass all the cars that came in between to get back together.

  5. It can be legal if it's an authorised ride out (like achairty ride/fundraiser/funeral precession) but I assume there's some sort of permit / cop with them when its the case but this doesn't seem to be.

  6. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina made it legal, if there's no oncoming traffic at the moment, to alleviate traffic build-up during bike week. Just led to some using it maliciously, so it may have been repealed

  7. Yeah I was fine with waiting, I try to do my best around bikers because I don’t want anyone to get hurt, also I don’t want to get beat up

  8. Our church rider group ran blockade for a k9 fund raiser. We had a sheriff escort for half of it but we blocked the intersections for all of it.

  9. This very well could be for raising money. A lot of times the members of the group doesn’t know all the locations they will be traveling, and this helps from getting separated.

  10. Btw, when I cursed at the end of the video, I wasn’t talking about the bikers, but rather the white ford who just went infront of me (sailors mouth, sorry)

  11. Look at the gap in front of you to the next car, you're moving off at turtle speed, as soon as the white car starts moving you speed up. Sorry pal, you're the imbecile, it's cause of people like you there's traffic. If there was a traffic light, 5-6 cars wouldn't make it because you can't keep up with traffic ahead of you

  12. You left more than enough space and took your time to start moving so what's the problem that he took the opportunity? Kinda obvious you sped up to "teach him" something.

  13. You know the answer; it’s not legal but I have seen packs of bikers drag someone out of a car and beat them (on Reddit) when they are cut off.

  14. I remember watching a similar video on the news when I was eight. I can’t remember what caused the altercation, but I do know the car had a dad, mom and young daughter (4-8 years old?), and the dad had to run over some of the bikers because they were beating up the car and trying to drag the dad out.

  15. I’ve seen bikers do this, but the choice is say something/ do something and risk an ass beating OR let them pass and try and makeup the two minutes lost. The choice is easy for a chicken shit like me.

  16. While vacationing in western US, I encountered numerous large groups of bikes that did a number of "illegal" traffic control behaviors. But if you really paid attention they were doing things to help them and others be safe. It wasn't really a problem.

  17. Aight y’all, this has obviously attracted a lot of bikers and a lot of biker haters. All I wanted to know was if it was legal or not lmao. I’m not concerned or butthurt that my drive was stalled for 30 seconds, I really don’t care if shit like this happens, I was just asking a question. This post was not meant to be aggressive towards bikers in any sort of manner, sorry that some of y’all thought it was. Drive and ride safe everyone.

  18. Understood. Respectfully, this sub is about shitting on poor driving habits and it definitely colors the commentary you’ll see.

  19. In Germany convoys are treated as one vehicle by road laws, meaning whenever the first vehicle goes or stops the entire rest of the convoy follows. However motor vehicle convoys require permits and markings on every vehicle and are meant primarily for military convoys, emergency vehicles, disaster relief as well as funeral processions (albeit not a commonplace custom). Bicycle groups of more than 15 members on the other hand also count as convoys and require no permits, which is taken advantage of during Critical Mass protests where the entire protest can legally proceed through traffic lights without interruption.

  20. That group probably has cops riding in it. No one is going to do anything either way. I'm less unhappy about it because other than the short traffic block they seem to be riding responsibly. This isn't a douche blocking traffic so his buddies can do wheelies around town or something.

  21. I’m not sure about the legality, but I feel like it actually makes things safer and improves overall traffic flow even if it messes it up for a minute.

  22. People… IF it was a funeral, traffic can only be stopped by an authorized and MARKED vehicle. If your vehicle is not marked in some way, does not matter if your authorized to stop traffic.

  23. Big if. I was out all weekend and seen about four of these groups together. It was a nice weekend and the beginning of riding season.

  24. Every. Single. Time. Someone tries to explain to me how “blocking traffic for my buddies” is a good, safe, preferable, or “right” thing to do… all I can hear is how douchey they sound. How entitled they are and how little they care about the society they live in.

  25. I don't know about the legalities of it but honestly as long as it's not like a 10minute process I really wouldn't care. If it's clear there's some kind of event going on (permit or not) it definitely doesn't bother me. Then again I'm in Portland and we have all kinds of rides like this for bicycles, and in St. John's there's some motorcycle stuff that happens in the summer so I guess I'm just kinda used to it.

  26. Technically no. Unless they have a parade permit or something. But I doubt any cop is gonna care enough to pull over the entire group of bikers.

  27. Well, it's inconvenient, but at least they were the type to wave a thank you and did not sit there revving with a "what are you gonna do" attitude.

  28. So as a biker I don’t like this behaviour but do also understand where it’s coming from. When being in such a large group only a handful of ppl know the planned route, usually first few bikes, a few in the middle and the last few. So if they get separated chances are some will get lost along the way? And most of these rides it the same to be random strangers getting to getting for a cause so communication between riders is another thing. Plus being as one group is way safer than have car in between them, some ppl might get overwhelmed or stressed having a ton of bikers infront and behind them, plus the bikers in the abck would most likely do a illegal or dangerous overtake to get back with the group causing more stress to other users of the road.

  29. Here’s a thought. Instead of just blindly following a bunch of inconsiderate people who make up their own rules, why not ride with people who get together and make a plan that way if you get separated, you can reconnect as the situation warrants?

  30. Honestly, I’m shocked at the hate here against the motorcycles. This weekend we hosted a Vespa rally, had 30 scooters on a city ride to show off our town, with two blockers so we could all stay together. We don’t do it often, but sometimes it’s necessary for both safety and logistics. If this was a video with cute little vintage Vespas, would y’all still be so judgmental? We’re not big fans of Harley riders either, but this is a basic necessity to stay safe and together in a group ride, and I’ve never resented waiting for them.

  31. Yes, they would be. It inconveniences them for 30 seconds and they cannot do what they want right then, so it is the worst thing it the world. It is the same with bikes, little old ladies, or anything else that may be in the road and slowing people down.

  32. It’s not legal, fuck those entitled douchebags, I don’t care if you have one wheel follow the rules of the road. Bikers who disagree are just loser who think their tough cause they have a leather jacket on lol

  33. They do this shit out here because they don’t want to have to regroup later with the rest of the upper middle class boomer fun ride. It’s some very entitled and noisy bullshit.

  34. All you have to do is look up motorcycle club rules. They try to decide who can pass and when, have their own protocols that they expect the rest on the road to “respect”. They often end up assaulting people who don’t blindly obey.

  35. Typically something that stops traffic has a permit (fundraiser ride etc) to do so, police escort or funeral. Personally I can’t stand when bikers just take over an intersection for no reason. My mad max alter ego starts to surface.

  36. They couldn't ride together in such a big group without doing that, otherwise, they'd get super split up.

  37. They don’t own the road anymore than I do, I’d slowly drive through their convoy. I’m in a multi ton vehicle, something tells me they’ll move or be moved.

  38. The one time you actually do this, instead of yapping up a storm about doing it on Reddit... and you'll discover it's a funeral procession with a permit.

  39. ALL in all..it's a few seconds of your day...mildly annoying , but nothing worth getting all crazy for...especially if it was a planned event, funeral, fund raiser etc...

  40. Most MC or RC road captains will designate "blockers" to do specifically this. It's not always legal, but under certain circumstances (funeral processions, sanctioned rides with a permit) they will do it. As for those asking for police escort for such occasions, sometimes off-duty cops will do it, other times, they just tell the club to do their own blocking, safely (it comes down to manpower and who steps up to volunteer).

  41. yeah the stunt crews can eat shit. one of those douches took my driver side mirror while i was parked! cant control his dirt bike or somethin

  42. Not legal but empathy, depending on the situation if the biker did it respecfully then let them flow and enjoy their ride but he did it without respect then I would have reasons to get mad and honk. Depends on the context.

  43. I didn’t bother me, I was just questioning the legality of it, as long as it’s the safest way it’s fine with me

  44. They would need a permit either convoy, pride, or something similar to that effect. Otherwise it is illegal and dangerous.

  45. No one wants to see or have somebody they ride with get hurt , so when a large group gets together like this it’s pretty common in town and at the end of the route. And thanks for your patience.

  46. I understand that you think cops is gonna care about you waiting a few seconds. When we ride in group like this we stop traffic. Dont wanna break up the group. Dont be a Karen about it.

  47. When you do this do you wear and use the proper safety equipment? Is your vehicle set up with proper warning lights and equipment? Are you properly bonded by the city/county/state that you are directing traffic in?

  48. It's funny how salty cagers are about bikes just trying to get through an intersection together. Nice to see the sentiment we see so often on the road openly stated. So much hostility towards people just trying to enjoy a group ride. Some people really think having to stop for a second is the end of the word. That whole group passed in less than a full minute. If they had to go through two at a time if would take 10 minutes for the group to get together, and many of them are on air cooled machines that can't just sit there waiting. Would actually cause more delay on that road than everyone just going. Stay safe out there everyone.

  49. Usually, they get a permit to do so. Rides like this are planned in advance. They usually go thru the city board. Letting them know of the dates and routes that are planned. The city will even sometimes provide an escort for busier intersections. If you see an organized line of bikes like that, especially like the one in the video, where it was not a single colors wearing club. You can be certain it was organized and approved by the city. A lot of times it's for funerals, or maybe a local group organized a ride by for a local kid. Think local make-a-wish idea. But sometimes it is just an organized fun ride.

  50. riding motorcycles is super fun and extremely dangerous statically, even when you’re being as safe as possible, so i tend to make room for them and am unbothered by such things. motorcycle accidents are hard to survive.

  51. We have large charity rides and “last rides” in western New York where groups will do this. It’s not regal, but it’s safe and usually if road patrols come upon it happening they help block the lane as long as there’s no morons doing burnouts or wheelies or some such nonsense.

  52. It is customary for people to stop when a funeral procession is going by; this looks like they are doing a run for a fallen buddy. It's just respect is all.

  53. That's not a thing. If it is, then I see a lot of funeral procession by the side of a freeway, for example. The car turned on the E-light probably he didn't want the cars behind to pass him. That is, having it on does not translate to the whole thing being a funeral.

  54. Does it really matter? You got delayed by 45 seconds and in the realm of time you’re going to exist on this planet, it’s meaningless, just as our very existence will be ultimately.

  55. It does not matter , you dont ever try to say something to a group of bikers. Just wait and let them go. Even if its legal or not you can easily end up in a biker rage incident. There are ALOT of those videos online just do a quick search. guess who wins everytime?

  56. this was most likely a fund raising run and the group needed to saty together...i have organized these runs and i always invite the local PD of what ever towns we pass hruogh to join in....almost all my runs have cops that stop the traffic for us! quit bitchin and join a fund raiser for a good cause!

  57. I'd just force my way through, assuming I had a gun. God knows those rednecks would attack any vehicle who doesn't respect their disrespect of the law.

  58. Not sure about where you're at, but as far as traffic laws are concerned where I'm from it is entirely legal here in Wisconsin. A motorcycle can hold traffic, even if their light changes, in order for their group to pass through. Right in the Statute book.

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