1. I have a 22 N line. It’s awesome. I’m also old and have kids and the Elantra was too small. You 100% should consider the Elantra N. It won’t feel much quicker in a straight line as both are 0-60 in around 5.4 with the DCT. The sonata is way more comfortable, smoother ride, and quieter. I love mine. If I was single in my 20s I’d take the Elantra N 100 of 100 times lol. Easy choice. Go for it.

  2. Yeah so the elantra is a bit quicker. But it feels a good bit quicker thanks to a stiffer sport mode. Better handling aswell.

  3. I went with a Kona N instead of a Sonata N-Line since I didn't need all of the room. Power felt about the same between them. Torque comes on a little quicker with the 2.0T tho.

  4. Like others have said based on your lifestyle and situation, you would probably have a blast in the EN. I have a 21 Sonata n-line and I honestly love (driving) it so much- even as someone in a similar lifestyle situation as you. I can only imagine the fun you can have with the EN's performance features and of course the smaller size/mass.

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