1. I just don't understand the extreme level of infantile behavior if you can't just drink a flavorless drink.

  2. I had to go to hospital because I got tap water in my eye. Had to wear a patch for a few days due to chemical burns from the chlorine.

  3. Imagine holding your breath until you lost consciousness because you didn't like how clean air smells.

  4. I feel like there actually has to be some sort of psychological/medical issue if you’re routinely passing out from dehydration despite being surrounded by things that could hydrate you.

  5. It seems they are making these "cactus waters" by squeezing the juice from the fruit of prickly pear and others. Just did a tiny bit of research and found this.

  6. Depends on what cactus. Nopal juice is fine, but if they start fucking with the barrel cacti, I'm going to be very upset.

  7. True. One time my friends dog got lost in the desert just outside of town so me and my sister helped him look for the dog. We were out so long and ran out of water so I drank some cactus water. I got hiiiigh as fuck boi. They had to drag my ass all the way back home and I barely remember what happened. I was just lucky to not die.

  8. Didn’t expect less from someone who said that the lockdown should end because death was inevitable (this was in the spring of 2020).

  9. Rather than hating her, I feel sorry. How can a person dislike water? Water is not a drink, it's the key ingredient of all we know as living.

  10. Some people just grow up somewhere where the tap water isn't very good, so they think, "That's water and I don't like it."

  11. Honestly, from when I was a child up to about 13/14 years old, I HATED plain water. I refused to drink it. I only wanted flavored stuff. My doctor actually advised my parents to let me drink whatever I would actually drink, because drinking nothing was worse than drinking lemonade or sweetened iced tea or whatever. I have no idea why I had this aversion, it just existed.

  12. I think this sometimes happens to kids who are given a lot of soda, juice, and other sugary drinks while young (There are quite literally parents who give their babies 2 litres of coke a day). They become addicted to the sugar and can’t deal with how “bland” water is

  13. I went on a date with a girl who didn’t like water and it skeeved me off so much it was one of the reasons we didn’t see each other again after that

  14. I used to hate water when I was young, but I never had dehydration issues. I'd just drink a bunch of flavored, sugar filled, BS.

  15. It's not that I dislike water. I've just been raised to prefer "tasty" drinks. And it's a fucking hard habit to break. Because I love water. And I still actively have to make a choice to drink it and it goes against everything I know about drinking non alcoholic fluids

  16. 100% agree. Even if she genuinely hates water, she would have to hit it with a Mio shot or some shit before passing out... multiple times........ right?

  17. Right? I mean, she must drink tea or lemonade or anything else with water as a main ingredient. Not a chance she was actually fainting that often.

  18. That’s exactly what my mom says that she hates drinking water bc it “has no taste” it literally makes me mad bc that makes no sense

  19. Imagine living in the US and being wealthy and having plentiful clean drinking water, and still fainting because you won’t drink it?

  20. I don't get it. Even if someone doesn't like drinking plain water, water is like 90% of all beverages that aren't spirits. If you don't like water, drink juice or tea. Even soda will keep you from being dehydrated, disregarding how bad it is. Just drink something.

  21. I was on a backcountry rafting trip in Peru and we asked our guide if we could drink the water of the cactuses in an emergency.

  22. She said she's terrible at drinking water, meaning sucking at remembering to drink water, and has fainted twice from being dehydrated, not that she actively chooses not to drink water until she faints. I don't know why her pr team thought it was a good idea to push this to the extreme in order to boost the brand image, it has the complete opposite effect. And the fact she has worked in musical theater multiple times makes it seem even more stupid. Plus the shape article doesn't have any direct quote of her saying she dislikes plain water.

  23. This raises so many questions. Does she not drink any type of juices or any milk? What about soups, stews and so on? During winter, I barely drink any water because the food I consume keeps me well hydrated. Apparently, Vanessa over here only eats dry grains.

  24. She didn't even say that, just really bad pr and a bunch of redditors who would rather believe it so they have someone to hate and feel superior than using common sense.

  25. Sorry, what? Cactus water is alkaline as heck, that isn't healthy at all to drink in any decent quantity

  26. Cactus Water? You mean juice? Unless she's literally drilling holes in cacti to extract the water... but then it's just water stored inside a plant. This makes no damn sense.

  27. She did a super-nice thing for a woman who was dying of cancer. Literally moved the woman and her dog into her home and provided care and comfort for this woman. Once the woman passed, Vanessa paid for her final expenses and adopted her dog. Far as I’m concerned, Vanessa Hudgens can drink whatever she likes. She’ll always be an Angel in my eyes.

  28. "Famous Idiot would rather drink cactus juice than a single drop of life sustaining miracle liquid"- fixed the headline

  29. Has she been drinking from mud puddles? I mean it’d be an honest mistake. Maybe nobody told her that there’s clean water available.

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