1. I don't mean this in a bad way (mostly cause I do it all the time) but it seems like you might be trying g to hunt the deer where you want them to be and not where the deer are.

  2. Oh I agree. They're likely on the creek across the street (not my property) but Im trying to pull something other than doe one of these years and just looking for suggestions. You're 100% right but just hoping I can do something to better my odds on the 4 acres available to me.

  3. I agree with this guy. Four years and you’ve never SEEN a buck?! Does this mean you’ve never had a buck on a camera as well? Honestly hunting is all about having fun so if you’re content with does do your thing. But if you want a buck it’s time to move. Be open to learning and trying out new things. Just being real here… at first I told myself that hunting public property was for those who didn’t have access to private property. But truthfully I was scared to hunt public property. I was scared of how hard it was, I was scared of running into other hunters and looking stupid (self-taught and insecure teenager with daddy issues) and so I just stuck to my grandpas farm. Grandpa sold the farm and it was the best thing that ever happened to me as a hunter. I found Dan Infalt and the hunting public guys on YouTube and was a sponge. They’re amazing not only at hunting, cinematography, entertainment, etc. but educating their audience.

  4. I’ve watched several videos from Whitetail Habitat Solutions on YouTube. He has multiple videos on maximizing small acreage (I live on 5) really helpful stuff. Also, Cherry On Top from Big Tine.

  5. I’m not a biologist but my FIL got one to come to his property in northern Michigan for just this same issue. Every night his stand was surrounded by does and he’d maybe glimpse a buck a few times a season hunting his balls off. The biologists remedy was basically “kill every doe you can” A mom doe will boot her yearlings into the next zone after weaning to naturally prevent getting bred by her progeny, was his reasoning. And what my FIL had was a shit ton of mature does getting bred every season and then booting their male offspring the next time they went into heat. I’m not claiming this is as my theory. After taking his advice and becoming the doe terminator it appeared that things were improving by the buck pole and trail cams. Unfortunately then he had to sell the land due to some sibling fallout.

  6. I think your best bet is going to be during rut, doe estrus, rattles and calls. Have you tried making a mock scrap? I constantly hear that is a great tool. I have the same issue. I hunt on less than an acre, the land behind it is 200acres of some guy that lets only his nephew hunt it. I got lucky last year, there was a buck on his property, I grunted a little and when he was about 80 yards out the wind shifted, he smelled the estrus and ran to my tree. Good luck!

  7. Gotta try the scrape. Ive heard good things but almost nervous to cause what I have to go away. Gotta do something though so I may give it a try! Thanks!

  8. Ok. Here is what i do or have done when this happens. I have almost 50 trailCameras in the woods every year and some are easily accessible snd some are not so they soak for months. I dont bait at all, I concentrate on all transitions that are super thick. A transition is just some sort of edge. This is usually where deer like to frequent during daylight hours ( mostly). They travel and bed along thick transitions depending on the location or where it leads to. Bucks like to hang or bed along ones that are super thick snd are within some sort of breakup in the edge. Points, bowls,fingers, corners , etc. Does on the other hand will bed anywhere along these edges or even within the patches of thick. Pretty much anywhere it gets thick. Usually they are not far from the bucks. Focus you’re scouting and trail camera placement on well defined trails along what i described above. If you do bait put a cell cam over the bait. Remember this alot of bigger more educated pressured bucks will never visit bait piles. They know better. The does will frequent bait piles probably several times a day. When you’re looking for older bucks remember they don’t usually do or act like the other deer. They are loners and pretty much worry about themselves. People put to much thought into deer hunting and overthink a-lot of things and i totaly blame that on some of these influencers trying to collect followers and likes. I have a blog or vlog on several platforms because i love to share and learn. Dont really care who follows or likes or trolls lol. Hope this helps. Good luck this year.

  9. Awesome advice. Id love to check your stuff out if you can send the name. My problem is I dont have a whole lot of land im working with but I may try to go in and setup some more cameras and maybe another stand at some point. I figured the attractants and food would work but I guess that makes sense. Im fairly new to hunting so learning as I go. This will be my fifth season on my own so willing to try anything but only got about 4 acres so been trying to bring the bucks to me. Thanks

  10. Checkout whitetail habitat solutions on YouTube, they have a lot of content on working with small plots, designing for the neighborhood, etc.

  11. If you own the 4 acres, I'd plant a food plot. Make your 4 acres more attractive to deer, and another thing once the rut starts happening if you've for does you'll have bucks

  12. I call our area the maternity ward mostly all does also. Just enjoy your venison without the horns. When in a meal you really can't tell the difference.

  13. An old man taught me this, freeze some used tampons till hunting season then hang them around where you hunt. The bucks will smell the hormones and try to find the doe.

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