1. The last time we saw Nobunaga and his sword in action was in Yorknew City arc back in 2001. With this chapter, it’s been 21 years.

  2. Hisoka be like: Going to the first floor and causing chaos there vs Helping morena and causing chaos with troupe.....such tough choices....

  3. I don't think this is out of character for Hisoka. He has always been patient and calm in public. He spent a lot of time masquerading as a member of the Troupe and just turned around and walked away when he realized Chrollo couldn't fight him. He usually manages to hide his emotions. He gets horny thinking about fighting a strong character but doesn't really show it on his face.

  4. Agreed. The 2011 anime also had him doing some expressions he didn’t actually make in the manga, (i.e., Machi’s nen stitching, Gon vs Gido, Chrollo’s first appearance, talking to Kurapika in Yorknew) so he actually does come off calmer at times during the manga

  5. not only that, a spider in the tier 1 will call everyone attention, for hisoka will be very easy to know when a spiders is up there, and he will be already familair with the 1 tier, so he will be the one hunting them there.

  6. I love how Hinrigh is also just a huge phantom troupe fanboy too. He knows fully well he can't do squat against them and can't do shit against Hisoka either. So their answer is to get away from them but they want to watch the fight ensue. That's funny.

  7. I like how these chapters show the competence of the underbosses. Hinrigh didn't approach Hisoka like some cocky idiot, he was cautious and he more or less outright stated he was no match for him.

  8. Hinrigh doesn't seem as competent as Wang though. He let Lynch and Zakuro search for Hisoka without telling them his background or even powers. Wang specifically told his people not to approach Hisoka.

  9. He has such a unique mindset, kindda like how Ging described Pariston during the election arc, his goals are so different from anyone elses, not to mention he has the intelect and cunning to plan it out and fool everyone, it's really hard for anyone to have a read on him even if they know all of it

  10. Phew I'm glad Zakuro and Lynch are alive, I like them. So basically Zakuro reported Hisoka knocked him out after inviting him to the movies and Hinrigh is like "aight lemme go to the cinema then" lol. Good guess tho considering how nonchalant Hisoka tends to be.

  11. There's also Terminator right after Aliens and The Thing is there too. So HxH is on the 80's or the cinema only have old movies to show.

  12. Discussing powers IN THE MANGA is exactly what I love about HxH. Most shows just happen to use and mention them, HxH literally brings them to life!

  13. So Zakuro and Lynch are going to use Hisoka's location as a bargaining chip to try to negotiate with Chrollo. I doubt that'll work out in their favour. Lynch's nen ability also seems like it could be very useful to Chrollo.

  14. Just imagine his reaction when he sees Tserriednich! I just hope he doesn't get himself killed with all those tricky powers and nen beasts on tier one

  15. Luini getting stabbed in the head had everyone thinking his trap card activated only to see Nobunaga holding his head up a couple panels later is why I am here.

  16. What makes it even funnier is that Hisoka actually went to the movies after that. The mafia's are making all these complex schemes and then there's Hisoka doing all kinds of random bullshit.

  17. I feel robbed of Hisoka asking Zakurov out on a date at the theater before knocking him out. Someone needs to draw this

  18. The idea of Hisoka walking around tier 1 in that flimsy ass tracksuit while everyone else is clad in fancy suits and gowns is so funny to picture. The fact that he obviously doesn’t give a flying fuck about politics makes this whole thing even funnier. He’s really just there for fun at the expense of hundreds, if not thousands of people

  19. It's always interesting watching new nen users fight against experienced ones. The Heil-Ly members are so enamored in gaining super powers but have no idea how to go against those that already have them

  20. Hinrigh is pretty smart. He knows his limits and doesn't think he can compete with Hisoka or the troupe. That dumbass Luini on the other hand...

  21. That scene in the cinema was amazing, I can’t wait to see what happens if/when Hisoka goes to tier 1. The possibilities are truly endless and it can only end in chaos.

  22. I just noticed 40 minutes had passed when I finished reading this chapter. It's so dense, detailed and empty on attempts to try to bullshit the reader. It's really a amazing experience, I missed this.

  23. How nice of Hisoka to drop Lynch and Zakuro off in a garbage pile there! The conversation between Hinrigh and Hisoka was really entertaining too

  24. I love that he's created this avenue to see so many complete amateur nen users- it's funny to see their inexperience, fun to see multiple new abilities, and also makes you appreciate the experienced nen users more. Like you see how quickly they identify what the abilities are and the best way to counter them, and the precautions they take.

  25. Damn where did Morena find all these psychopaths? They really are just standing around after killing civilians in that room and talking about their abilities as if it was a game.

  26. Didn't that group wipe out the other original Hei ly down to 23 before they even boarded the ship or something along those lines? They were already in the motions of deranged before they were even shown.

  27. Four years we have been wondering what Hisoka is doing on the ship and then we learn that our dude is just chilling and enjoying his cruise experience.

  28. Reminds me of when he hung around the City of Love and talked about romantic clichés just cuz he had time to kill. He was so funny for that LMAOOO.

  29. The thing with the movie theater tells us that he is in fact on edge. He did not want to follow Zakuro outright, but instead got Zakuro to follow him to a neutral ground of his own choosing. He knocked out Zakuro so that XI-YU would come TO HIM instead. He wanted to hear what they had to say, but wanted to eliminate any potential risks involved with his meeting with Hinrigh.

  30. Loved the chapter, I love how Togashi write most characters as intelligent self-preserving human beings. If this was any other shonen Hinrigh would try to kill Hisoka after Hisoka refused his deal. I wonder what made Hisoka accept to go to tier 1, he clearly doesn't care about the "balance" stuff, but maybe he sees tier 1 as a potential hunting ground ? Or perhaps he wants to find allies there ?

  31. Room service is probably really great. It seems Hisoka is taking a "wait for them to come to me" approach, so why not do it in some luxury? I remember he really enjoyed himself while waiting on Greed Island at that one city.

  32. hisoka right now, has an axe to grind against the spiders in the first place, everything he does should be to gain advantage against them in my opinion

  33. She's already maxed out, one colony founder can only create 23 new level uppers and they have to reach level 100 before making a new colony themselves.

  34. I don't think Hisoka is going to play along with Hinrigh's plan. After all, he's a giant liar, so I wouldn't take his word for "going to the 1st tier".

  35. I would though... Narratively it makes too much sense for what that would entail and what would happen. Think about the character's he'd meet there lol. Also he added that line about, but if the Troupe come knocking I'll answer, which kind of convinced me.

  36. God I love hxh, no nonsense just balls to the walls dense storytelling. Absolutely 0 filler, every frame is important to the narrative.

  37. Love it. It's like watching a mafia movie at the moment, Godfather-esque lol. You have to pay attention, you have to follow the threads. The characters he's introduced are fucking sick. They're all unique and there's different "levels" of characters. Like you said, so many layers, you got the newbie noobs, you've got experienced Mafia, you've got Mafia underbosses, but even then, they recognize they're a completely different level below the Troupe and Hisoka. This also literally gives more world building and context and realism for the HxH world; Nen users are a class of their own and no one really knows about them if you're not in the know, plus EVEN THEN, people like Hisoka and the Troupe, who are from Meteor City, are a COMPLETELY different breed.

  38. In the succession war I find every chapter to be peak fiction but chapters like 393, 383, 357 are just more peak.

  39. I like how we now see people like Hisoka and the troupe through the eyes of more "normal" people. Even though they are the characters we all know and love, it becomes different now that we don't get to see them through their own lens. We've grown accustomed to nen users of their caliber through the entire series, but now we see just how big of an outlier they truly are, and that people like them truly live in an entirely different world, even when compared to other competent nen users. Except for a few troupe members, we barely even follow these guys in this arc, but we still see just how much impact people of their caliber have by simply being around doing what they do, and how things begin to naturally revolve around them either way.

  40. Just realized that any weapon thrown like that knife by Hinrigh could be a delayed attack or commanded to turn to an animal and move after being planted because he touched it beforehand (just like the guns delaying turning into partial snakes after it couldn't be connected directly to him). His ability really is something and he's growing on me. Also Ken'i's ability is pretty interesting, triggered by smiling, plus he's notorious for his smile being deadly.

  41. Hinrigh is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters... I love his power and how creative he can be with it. When he turned those guns into snakes before the hiatus, i didn't think much of it, but all his clever uses of his powers are wildly entertaining. I expect a squirrel to stab this guy in the back next episode

  42. In manga, that usually means whispering. Thoughts are usually either just text with no bubble or a round bubble with a bunch of lines coming out, like

  43. Hinrigh straight up admitting he has no chance vs Hisoka or the troupe was a relief, was worried he was gonna be arrogant and pay the price... Interested what the recited three times is gonna mean

  44. I feel claustrophobic: A room full of Heil-ly members and dead bodies, Xi-Yu and Hisoka talking in the cinema, an empty Room 3101. I’m on the edge of my seat! Too much tension

  45. I need hisoka's jacket now! Also RIP to wall guy, I knew it wasn't gonna end well for him but I didn't expect it to happen that quickly into the chapter.

  46. re-read the chapter and realized Boconte was probably the one who made the soldier disappear. Quite obvious after re-reading it but I totally forgot about it the first time reading

  47. I think it’s pretty interesting that Beyond is on Tier One too. There are so, so many twists the story could take. This week-long wait is agonising man

  48. Started my reread from the 340s and caught up. The next time he returns after a break, i'm starting from 315. I want a little bit of CA arc.

  49. The script for these first few chapters should have been months if not years ago. What was done earlier in the year would have been the illustrations, backgrounds, and corrections. Idk if he'd add a line some time back because he knew he was giving a note for an exhibit in October.

  50. Am I the only one who Hinrigh is quickly becoming one of their favorite characters? haha such a great personality/person. He's honest, cool, confident, faces reality

  51. Honest? Yeah, kind of, but in a weird way. Let's not forget that the guy literally made two guards kill themselves after promising them not to wander around. I'd call him pragmatic.

  52. That honest chat with Hisoka has me sold, the versatile ability is the icing on the cake. Not a fan of the other two though I'm surprised Hisoka let them live

  53. Luini's death was WILD. The same moment Nobunaga pierced his head and he died, his ability released and sliced him in half too. So what does Nobunaga do afterwards? Cuts Luini's head off too, just in case.

  54. You mean he sliced his head in case he had an ability that kept him alive even with half his body sliced, like a worm? Woah...

  55. DAAAAMNNN i totally didn't register that his body was sliced because his ability was released. That's pretty gruesome.

  56. He’s got something to hide. And the “he recited it three times text is probably because by doing so he activated an ability or condition or something like that.

  57. For those who watched the movie The Thing, is it possible that the events of the movie will mean a lot to the events of Hisoka and the spiders, especially that the story of the movie is a parasitic creature that can perfectly assume the characters, is it possible that Hisoka has a plan like this for spiders

  58. I am grateful for every chapter we get, this was also an amazing one. Always great to see Hisoka, More cool Nobunaga moments, and there seems to be something sus going on about that old man, Is something going to happen if someone enters the room ?!

  59. Another fantastic chapter! Hisoka potentially going to tier 1 is certainly going to make things even for interesting. He will most likely meet Kurapika there and that's probably how Kurapika is going to find out that the Spiders are on board the ship as well. Also, it's curious how Hisoka even after all this time can still be as allusive and difficult to figure out as ever. Can't wait to see what he does next.

  60. Nice catch! I was looking through the chapters to see if he was shown before but I didn’t go that far back. This is likely “the room” ability the Hei-ly member mentioned earlier in this chapter. I wonder is solider who lead them there in on this and also working for the Hei-ly?

  61. Morena's gang isn't professional gangsters. They are a bunch of "normal" people that enjoy killing. I assume that some of them also share Morena's disdain for humanity, but it doesn't even seem necessary. The only strict requirement seems to be to be a fucking psychopath.

  62. Hisoka is extremely casual for having the entire troupe after him. Now that he's going to tier 1, things may get even crazier. Hisoka/Kurapika team up part 2 anyone?

  63. i can't wait to see if tsudonke (autograph guy) actually ends up playing a role in the hisoka vs. troupe fight. i want him to actually save the life of one of the troupe members and then have them barely register his existence. or maybe he just takes a potshot at hisoka and then gets one-shot, but he distracts hisoka for a brief moment

  64. Hisoka on tier 1 is gonna be something…..like no matter who he meets it will be so good. The princes, Kurapika, Beyond somehow, the King lmao

  65. I called Luini asking for a team-up, but then Nobunaga just drops him lol; that's fair though, he didn't exactly make himself look trustworthy.

  66. Honestly I think their team up would go pretty differently this time around. I feel like the Succession War is the exact kind of situation Hisoka would love to be a part of. I also think Kurapika would not want anything to do with him for that exact same reason. I could see them teaming up briefly but I really don’t think it’ll turn out well.

  67. It’s weird how Hinrigh from the richest xi-yu family showed hesitation paying the entire 50 million upfront and how kenny from Cha-r doesn’t bat an eye, giving out the entire sum upfront.

  68. i had no idea that the xi-yu family and cha-r family were allied up against the heil-ly. i guess i forgot that in chapter 378, the bosses of the xi-yu and cha-r were talking on the phone together and seemed to be on good terms. and of course that's when ken'i wang and hinrigh were ordered to find hisoka. so they're working together, but they're kind of competing in a way to not let the other outdo them. i'm glad i finally have a handle on the mafia side of the storyline. i don't think i understood where it was going until these last couple chapters because it's hard to keep track of everything with so many storylines happening at once

  69. I'm loving this. With these last chapters I feel Tohashi just finished setting up the mafia war, and now we can go to the first tire soon (maybe before 2025).

  70. There are gonna be a lot of casualties amongst the mafia. When it comes to NeN you can't be a newbie and try to go up against veterans. Nobunaga showed that the hard way. The only exceptions are those who were highly skilled beforehand (killua,Meruem,etc)

  71. The 4th prince agrees!. I wonder if that was a lie or if he was referring to the moment when tser was talking on the phone next to a dead person, probably one of morena’s followers who tried to kill the prince and was tortured to say the truth. Which means that the current events happened probably before theta’s attempt on the prince.

  72. I think Hisoka might go to level 1 and ask Kurapika for help on the Troupe, but pika might actually convince him to help with the succession war instead first. Then the succession war would have so many characters from previous arcs.

  73. Anybody else think the whole Hei-Ly family is going to get soloed by nobunaga? Literally their best member lasted 1 second in the face of the troupe. Like i dont even think Feitan or Phinks needs to help lol

  74. If the Heily family was left on their own then sure. But with Morena guiding them, they are gonna get more and more complex abilities. Nobugana should still have a massive experience and aura advantage, but eventually he might face an opponent he isn't equipped to beat.

  75. Well as time goes on, they will continue to level up and get stronger. So I think Luini will be outclassed by many of them very soon. Also, in Hunter x Hunter intelligence has always been just as important as strength. And, as Nobunaga said, Luini was kind of an idiot. Other members may be much smarter than him.

  76. best member=/= stronger, his hatsu was not battle oriented, it was meant for assasination through stealth, so im sure somebody else has a better hatsu to use agaisnt nobu, remember, owl/fukuro was able to caught nobunaga, if he faces enough of them, he could be binded in an unkown hatsu again.

  77. I actually like the idea that Nobunaga’s powers don’t need to be that otherworldly. He is just basically nen-enhanced-enhancer-katana-wielding-ninja. But that is super deadly, as we can see

  78. RIP Luini. Wasn’t expecting him to die like this, But IG he really pissed off Nobunaga. We didn’t get to see Nobu’s ability, ignoring the possibility of his en + sword to be it since he’s an enhancer.

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