1. Can a movie lose a PG 13 rating over just gore? I mean it is literally a movie about war, idk why they thought they needed to censor it. I did read that before, that it was too much and they had to keep it PG13 but idk it was a movie about war. Gale got wipped, they had a poisonous gas where everyone had blisters, people got struck by lightning, people got shot, districts got burned down, some people had their tounges cut out (if i remember correctly), Haymitch was a drunk, peeta got lowkey tortured, like so many other think happened but peetas injury was too much? Like im not that mad over it im just more confused than anything

  2. I mean we also didn’t have the mutation mutts either. Not the way they were described in the novel (which had me screaming while reading it).

  3. All these years, I didn’t realize Peeta leg was gone. I just never paid attention to that detail until I came on Reddit and everybody was talking about it. I actually like the idea of Peeta having both his legs instead of one prosthetic lol and the idea that Peeta just clumsy.

  4. I think it was very important, even though it wasn’t as essential on the book, it would’ve been nice to see it on screen. If I remember well, his leg could’ve been seen as a weakness and it was when he was struggling during the quarter quell.

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