1. Yep my dog has his own and absolutely loves it. Plus, looks very cute and I know if something goes wrong there’s a backup to him just swimming.

  2. It’s also really fun to watch them chill and float in one once they figure out they can. They also can go pretty damn fast once they figure out they can put all the work into going forward.

  3. My dog had to have one of his legs amputated due to cancer, and he was really sad he couldn't swim. Once we got him a life jacket he could swim again and I'll never forget that big dumb smile on his face!

  4. The only way my old dog could swim was with a lifejacket. His butt was too heavy so his rear end just sank and forced him to walk upright in the water. Lifejacket allowed him to swim like the dog in this clip.

  5. It's way easier to grab the lifejacket handle on my dog's lifejacket. He likes to throw himself overboard at least twice whenever we take him out. So he goes overboard, seems around for 10 minutes, then haul his butt in the boat and try to scold him. It never works. Usually we just leash him on the boat to prevent him from jumpin.

  6. My brother watched our dog when we went on vacation back in March. He called me to tell me our dog had fallen in the pool during the night. If he hadn’t woken up and barely heard a noise he wouldn’t have known to check on her. When he checked his camera the next day he figured out she had been in the pool for 30 minutes. He said when pulled her out of the pool her legs collapsed under her. We all shudder thing think what would have happened if he hadn’t found her.

  7. Also why I prefer harnesses to collars. Sometimes you need to grab your dog (safety, because some ahole threw a loud cracker at your feet, a car speeding around the corner ...) and a harness is just so much easier for you and your dog!

  8. I got my little dude a pink one that wraps his whole body, with a handle on the back; if he falls out, all I gotta do is carefully balance my boat and haul him right back out

  9. Coast Guard are heroes, man. Im biased, as my Dad was a puddle pirate, but they go straight into storms. Ive met pilots who've flown in Desert Storm who said they would rather get shot at then fly in a hurricane. My Dad wasnt a pilot, but was air crew during Katrina getting batted around in a flying metal box by monstrous winds. Also flew during winter storms off the coast of Alaska.

  10. Anyone who actually knows anything about the military respects the hell out of the USCG. They are essentially doing meaningful - often times difficult - tasks every single time they go out to do something. Flying in storms, saving injured/half dead people in rough seas, fighting drug cartels, performing smuggling raids at sea, rescuing human trafficking victims, and of course, most importantly, saving doggos.

  11. People don't give credit to how hard it can be to locate something on the surface of the ocean when you're on the surface. With a helicopter and some specialized sensors it becomes a lot easier. The coast guard is there for a very good reason. Call them immediately when you need them.

  12. My dog used to spaz the fuck whenever we tried to bathe or shower him. Never thought to call the Coast Guard. Hrmmmm.

  13. And then there was that story about the cat found paddling in the middle of the Pacific.

  14. "Thank you"!!! It's only two words, but it means the world for those who appreciate your kindness, and Heroism.

  15. Can you recommend the best way to get rescued by the Coast Guard? I don't want to be in too much danger. Just enough danger to make them want to come out.

  16. If you don't know how looking for something in the ocean is absurdly difficult even if someone saw the dog fall off by the time they stopped and turned around there's a good chance they wouldn't be able to see its' head above even calm waves coupled with the fact that the dog is black wouldn't help at all. Coast guard obviously have years of training and experience to help and even they simply can't find stuff sometimes.

  17. My folks last GSP would literally swim for 8 hours a day (they live on a lake) and would only stop when my dad forced him to do so. He did so up until he died at age 12. Seriously energetic dogs.

  18. Luckily it’s a GSP and they have so much energy, honestly probably was mad they didn’t let it keep swimming 😂

  19. The CG used to not rescue animals. However, because so many people refused to be rescued without their pets during Katrina, the CG changed its policy. The CG policy is now "When feasible, Coast Guard units should conduct pet rescues when their owners are rescued."

  20. You might consider a visit to that particular Coast Guard crew, so Myla can show off her new life jacket, and so you can drop off a huge platter of sandwiches from a nearby deli, buckets of sides and a tub of iced bottled soda. Twice as much as they'll need. If you ask ahead, they'll decline. Just do it, and apologize later.

  21. Coast Guards are the unsung heroes of our armed forces. They service our country directly and not just provide support to other countries. I felt like everything I did in the air force was in the support of our allies and not directly to the people that pay taxes. I shoulda joined the coast guard.

  22. I have seen a few of these videos of dogs just swimming in the middle of the ocean. Do they fall off there boats and no one notices? What happens?

  23. Everyone loves to make fun of the coasties but honestly being in any branch of the cost guard would be cool as hell. There's a video out there of them jumping off of a moving boat onto another movie by boat in a drug bust. I'll see if I can find it.

  24. SmarterEveryDay on YouTube has a series of videos about the Coast Guard. I can't imagine anyone not having total respect for the Coast Guard after watching those videos.

  25. How do you lose a dog overboard? I’m genuinely curious. The articles online just say the owner lost her when she fell over board. Did they just keep boating off?

  26. 35 degrees... Sounds like San Luis Obispo off the California coast. Or North Carolina. Green water probably means the latter.

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