1. Go dancing and leave hubby at the bar while you do your best Dancing with the Stars impression with other men.

  2. Sorry I didn’t get this in earlier. Show off those incredible legs of yours in a short skirt, heels and no panties.

  3. Go out without wearing bra and pantys, but you can wear “casual” clothes (like jeans and a shirt or something). Let your husband select a “lucky” guy, you go over and aproach him (make sure he thinks you are there by yourself / whitout your husband). Make him buy you a drink. If he does, thank him and whisper in his ear; I’ve got a suprise for you….. Take his hand a lead him to the bathroom. Show him what the suprise is; you decide what you are showing; tits, ass, pussy, all of them, whatever you feel comfortable with. Tease him for about 5 minutes, than you grab his crotch and check if he’s getting a boner. If he does you take him to your husband and he has to buy him drinks for the rest of the night (you can even bring him back home if you would like 😉), if he doesn’t have a boner you tell him he could have had sex with you, but now it’s not going to happen anymore and you walk out and go back to your husband

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  5. Walking downtown last night my wife complained about the heat. I dared her to dip in the fountain in her clothes to cool off. Your challenge is to wear all white with nothing underneath and cool off in a public fountain. Wish my wife would do that.

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