1. I have a Darth Vader ID in package from a few years back...I also am selling the ID track starter kit that includes 3 unique IDs that only comecwith the track set....sending you chat to look out for

  2. intrested in Forza Horizon 4 Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Open Track Audi R8 LMS, Porsche 964, and if you want to sell any other exotic envy cars id buy, we can pm for more buying details

  3. Hey! Are you looking for the individual premium skylines or the R32/R34 from the car culture pack?

  4. Hi All. I am new to the reddit. I just fell into a lot of in box hot wheels (and some matchbox and racing champions) spanning from 1991 to 2008. I admit that I am not a collector and am really looking for someone who would appreciate these while making a little bit cash. I have them separated by year for the most part but I have some separated by type. Send me a message if anyone is interested. I have not really looked into the value of any of them and probably wont. I was thinking $3 a car but would be willing to do a bundle deal as well. Send me a message or comment here if you have any interest.

  5. Have a 100+ hotwheels/matchbox lot I’m looking to sell. Mostly normal hotwheels,some series hotwheels, a bunch of character cars, pop culture cars, and a handful of matchbox. PM for pics and/or if interested. Out of Delaware!

  6. I posted in June about trying to sell my collection, EVERYTHING from 2006-2015. I did not have any pics at the time because the collection was not with me. Having just moved it yesterday, I now have pics. I am going to be comprising videos of the collection, along with a database catalog so the would be purchaser knows what they are getting. Pic included. Please DM me. Hopefully looking to sell to someone in the Los Angeles or SoCal area (I am in Ventura.)

  7. Have two exotic envy lamborghini huracan essenza 2022 looking to trade for mountain drifter cars or other JDM cars feel free to Dm

  8. I have some duplicate team transports I’d like to trade for other team transports, however open to other offers. Located Vancouver, Canada. Feel free to PM.

  9. WTS 2020 Ford GT40 (super) Mint condition 2021 RLC VW Drag Bus Mint condition 2020 Jeepster commando (super) Mint condition 2021 RLC 66 Nova Mint Condition 2021 RLC Mustang Boss 302 Mint Condition 2020 Porsche 934.5 (super) Mint condition 2016 Beatles 5 car set (with original box) 2016 Forza Motorsport 5 car set (with original box)

  10. I have a Gold Honda Civic Soup as well as the studebaker and Kafer soup. I would like to trade any one for the Lamborghini Miura soup

  11. I have a LOT of superbirds (both hot wheel and racing champions) and almost every 1970 dodge Daytonas (including the first and last ones) and roomed Daytonas. Drop me a dm. I will sell the lot to you. Can provide pics…..lots of pics

  12. eBay/Facebook marketplace (Facebook marketplace is usually more expensive so just do your research first)

  13. wanting to buy exotic envy set, 914 safari, rwb 930 porsche team transport, c8r team transport, any other premiums, just reply here or lmk in pms

  14. I’ve got some premiums I’m looking to unload. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like (I have duplicates of most of the American scene cars).

  15. My collection is still small but I’ve got the Viper RT10 with hot wheels livery TH I’m looking to trade for any Mazda/Toyota/Nissan of similar value. Would love a GTR, or FD RX7. Or any generation of fairlady.

  16. Hey all, never been on this sub before, but I was wondering if anyone wanted to trade some hot wheels. I currently have a decent amount of duplicates, and was wondering if anyone would wanna trade for stuff I’ve been looking for. Please note that you must be near Burbank, CA, as I don’t have a license or any of that sort. Anyway, here’s what I’m trading!

  17. I know a guy with the complete pearl and chrome, but I don't have anything on your list personally. And as for stuff you have, I need a hi beam long but one car makes the postage a killer.

  18. Does anyone have any RAUB-Welt RWB Porsche 930 models (hauler or silhouette) that they would be willing to sell/trade?

  19. On marktplaats.nl there is a guy selling the hauler for €30 (netherlands). Maybe you can try but i guess shipping will be expensive

  20. Is anyone in here looking to trade any RLC batmobiles or SDCC? I am currently ISO the pink party and the holiday RLC. The only SDCC Batmobile I have rn is the Michael Keaton Era Batmobile. I have lots of things to trade to include a 2006 Toy Fair hot wheel, Laughlin Corvette signed #1183/2500, a separate unnumbered Laughlin signed Corvette, etc. My collection is pretty big so if there's anything specific you'd be looking for lmk I'm willing to trade multiple pieces or do cash and trade as I'm aware these are higher end bats.

  21. Im in europe, netherlands. Does anyone have the team transport with: nissan gtr r34 lbwk. Or hot wheels boulevard: Lancia stratos Alfa romeo 155 ?

  22. I am looking for "older" castings 2013-2019 mainly jdm, muscles and anything Mooney's but especially the black Mooney's kafe racer. I have extras of newer castings, store exclusives and premiums.

  23. https://www.reddit.com/r/Acceleracers/comments/xjn30k/selling_usabased_two_gold_road_runners_and_a/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

  24. I got most the mainlines from last year all factory sealed, not selling any chases, Selling the 1/1000 Walgreens 2022 car Factory Sealed also

  25. Selling my whole collection. Everything is priced within the pictures. Any questions feel free to ask. Not doing any trades at the moment.

  26. Anyone looking to buy STH and TH message me I’m not looking to make a ton of money just need to sell some

  27. I have a Hot Wheels Top Gun Kawasaki Ninja from '15! Great condition in box, looking for trades or 100 Canadian, OBO. Thanks!

  28. Are you still looking for the Next Gen cars? I've seen them at my local stores, can keep an eye out if you're still looking.

  29. looking to buy holden monaro gts from blvd. i’m located in australia, so i can pay international shipping. pm me if you can help :)

  30. Anyone have a 2021 Dodge Challenger Scatpack Widebody in PAU (Granite Dark Grey)? My car is on my profile if you want to get an idea

  31. I have a R34 LBWK chase for $140usd if anyone is interested Paypal F&F only as I need the money asap for a new course I’m starting, am happy to chuck in a base r34 with it

  32. I have the 2022 STH Miura for sale. Looking for $70 shipped but also open to trades. Paypal preferred. Card is pretty much perfect. DM if interested!

  33. Have several Diecasts for sale. Doing a bit of house clearing for some fund raising. All items above $15 I will ship conus below $15 shipping is paid by buyer. Feel free to make offers on items as well. I'm looking to move stuff. Trades are also considered. Here are photos

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