1. As an OFA associate if someone needed a product and I had to get it off this pallet sorry, your orders getting cancelled or sent to another store lmao

  2. Yup, if there's a product on that pallet, we don't actually have it. When MET built that pallet, they discontinued every single one of those SKUs.

  3. I didn’t take pictures of all the Christmas pallets that I did after that one, partially because they weren’t as impressive a feat, but mostly because I was so done after that first one, haha.

  4. That is completely INSANE!!! Kudos to the associate with with that much patience. That being said, in 3 months everything will ring up .... .01

  5. 52 pages. That was our largest tag ever. We stapled the thing straight to the pallet as 1 thick page. Never again. Never again. We got so much crap for that one pallet

  6. I can see it now. 🤔 Over head management says it’s on this pallet. Let me just get a ladder and flip through this short novel real quick to verify. Won’t be but a moment… All while Customer taps toe impatiently. An eternity later~ Ah, yes here it is on page 42. Let me go find a reach driver. Won’t be but a moment… Customer, desiring instant gratification, climbs ladder after you leave and cookie cuts what they want from the bottom of pallet. ASM notices after the fact. You get scolded for having unsafe pallets in your department. You get fired for safety violation because they are trying to reduce hours. Your wife leaves you.

  7. Highest we had was 22😂but it was a lot smaller pallet due to it being stains. So we literally tagged it all around the pallet still wasn’t enough space

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