1. No you can’t. Asked my DM who came by the other day since our morning CXM is leaving for the distribution center. Being a DH is required.

  2. In theory, probably yes. They offer most of these jobs to people who have never worked for Home Depot before so the technically can't require that you work for a specific level of the company.

  3. They should really bring back freight DH. You shouldn’t have to be forced to become a DH during the day when all you’ve ever known was nights and that’s what you want to stick to and you have the ambition to move up in the company. I’ve seen both a yes and no to your question. My best guess as to the correct answer is “it depends”

  4. You can I means it's not easy but you can there's alot of things you can do to get a better chance for instance being a Hypo/Star graduate a yes man supervised your department without being the supervisor etc...

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