1. They can't be bothered to come up with other animals I guess. At least pop a Guinea pig in there. Those were domesticated as a source of meat in the Inca empire.

  2. Rabbit is more common, but usually only in areas with a lot of hunting. Horses are rare, if at all. I grew up in the area along the border of the Northeast/Midwest US, and horse is definitely not considered food here. It's generally taboo in most of the US, as far as I am aware. As in, people will be grossed out, upset, or even horrified to consider it.

  3. Rabbits, yes, but rarely. Sometimes you'll see it on the menu in a nicer restaurant, but you generally won't find it at the grocery store.

  4. My grandma breeds rabbits for their meat. It's been years since I had any but it's tasty, you just wish there was more after you have eaten it all. I think we don't eat horses because we are so big into cowboy culture.

  5. In Quebec (Canada) you can buy horse meat in almost every grocery store. I bought it regularly as it's cheaper and healthier than beef.

  6. Cows are great pets,a bit high maintenence but they are incredibly emotional, compassionate, caring and gentle animals. Their emotional capacity is one of the reasons why hindus don't eat them. Plus you can make bank selling the milk and using the dung as manure and even as fuel.

  7. For me it's more, if it's a pet beloved by someone, it's off limits. If it's wild or raised on a farm or something, it's fair game (as long as it's, you know, safe to eat).

  8. I love how it's mainly cats and dogs on the left with the exception of a rabbit and a horse. What about fish? Parrots/birds? Reptiles? Guess they aren't good enough for a list.

  9. Not where I am, the local plants they eat make them taste terrible. When I lived in a different part off the country they were good.

  10. Came here to say this. The line up is faulty. Horse and rabbit should switch. Rabbit is perfectly fine to eat, if you eat meat. But horse... Its dangerous. Main reason being that its very hard to track down the source of the meat. Since horses are seldom bred purely for meat, you have the risk of eating a horse bred for racing. And you don't want to know what they put in those poor animals for preformance enhancing.

  11. The edit with 'Dystopian Earth / Economic Crisis / Normal Day' labels was pretty much how I felt. I wont seek out Horse meat, but if I'm hungry and it's available with little else to chose from I'll eat it.

  12. I grew up eating horse meat because I’m from Switzerland and it’s delicious. Not sure about the stigma against it. They are just as intelligent as cows and pigs.

  13. Yeah my friend’s dad once bought live rabbits from the farm that were meant to be slaughtered and eaten fresh. As soon as he got home the kids named the rabbits. Welp that’s one way to make dinner disappear.

  14. I was watching a dead roe dear getting skinned, its amazing how our perception works, one moment it is a cute animal, the moment the skin comes off, it transforms itself into a tasty slob of meat

  15. So are humans as well. I’d just recommend you don’t eat the brains of a person. Liver is by far the best and easiest to cook

  16. I wouldn't be surprised, duck is very popular in China, and perhaps elsewhere, which adds up to a large percentage of the world population. But I'm sure chicken would still beat it.

  17. In Spain the line is at the horse and after,many other countries from the rabbit and on (excluding Horse) and we'll in China, everything goes! Lol @CasasXamanEkTULUM IG

  18. I mean if it taste good i will eat it rabbit can be pet or if it was wild its just some meat waiting to die. But really vegans need to stop doing signs like this

  19. In the outbreak of plague in France, people began calling cats 'roof rabbits' every animal is food in a desperate situation. Normally my line is between the rabbit and golden retriever

  20. Akwa ibom enters the chat. Erases line completely...Gimme that 404! ( akwa ibom is a state where 404 ( dog meat) is a delicacy)

  21. I’m from Cuba, so I have a very different perspective on what I consider a pet or not. I have eaten both rabbit and horse, but I would never personally like to see a horse be slaughtered for food on a normal basis. Rabbit meat tastes funny to me and I don’t really enjoy it. Horse is like beef but a bit tougher and a lot more veiny. Now, cows, chicken and pigs I consider to be food solely, and I would personally never keep one as a pet.

  22. That arrangement needs reordering, I will eat a rabbit before eating a horse lol, at least if it’s a workhorse. A wild horse that is in an area that is overpopulated with horses? Sure I’ll do the Italian thing and eat a horse or two, but in general rabbits are more food than horses lol.

  23. I fuckin hate people who think like this. "Oh no, I would never kill a cute doggo or kitten or bunny!" - Said some normie bitch while eating dead cow, or pig, or chicken.

  24. As inhumane as it seems, humans have been eating animals for hundreds of thousands of years and will continue to do so for many years to come. I have friends that are vegan and friends who eat meat. They're all great people. Guilt tripping isn't going to work. Never has never will.

  25. Ah when society collapses PETA will starve. Or they will turn to cannibalism while continuing to save animals in a ruined world.

  26. Tbh... Some people draw the line barely after the retriever of gold. Ask the right people and you'll get some great recipies for rabbit and mare. Not even going to mention the delicacies on the left of the line in some parts.

  27. I really do wish the bunny and the horse was flipped because I would eat a rabbit if I had to I wouldn’t kill and eat a horse but if the horse died I would eat it

  28. Horse meat is a delicacy in France. Had it in some tar tar when I was a child. Delicious with some quail egg, capers and pepper jam.

  29. Seriously…swap the rabbit with the horse and then draw the line there….at rabbit…..cause rabbits are good….to eat…thank you

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