1. How does Jared Leto keep getting work? Particularly with a company like Disney, for whom at least the appearance of family-friendliness is of paramount importance?

  2. I want the movie where a mad Imagineer traps Jared Leto's soul in an animatronic for a ride instead!

  3. It’s interesting/depressing how determined Disney remains to making films based on their rides. Country Bears, Jungle Cruise, Mission to Mars, Tower of Terror, the Eddie Murphy Haunted Mansion. The only ones that really connected with people were the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Now we’re getting Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and another Tower of Terror. Stop them before they’re forced to scrape the barrel’s bottom and do Superstar Limo!

  4. I thought Jungle Cruise was pretty fun for what it was, but yeah after the casting announcements I don't have high hopes for the new Mansion movie lol. We don't really need it, the Muppets adapted the ride perfectly last year

  5. I used to like the Eddie Murphy Haunted Mansion movie as a kid (for some reason). I don't know why they keep trying lmao

  6. No, no, let them do Superstar. I wanna see a Disney movie that TRULY bombs at least once during my life.

  7. At this point Disney's movie division is doing nothing but scraping the nostalgia barrel. All the ride movies are part of it, but the live action remakes are probably the biggest. Pixar is putting out a bunch of late sequels too, like Incredibles 2 and Lightyear and stuff. It's honestly really sad to see, but not exactly surprising seeing Disney was always about the money.

  8. I think the Haunted Mansion proyect with Guillermo del Toro and Ryan Gosling attached would have been great, Im still so salty it got scraped and now we got...Jared Leto

  9. Oh my gif is that why Mission to Mars existed? It was terrible. I saw it in theaters, I had no idea it was a ride.

  10. Can't believe you forgot my favorite David Lynch's Mulholland Drive based off Mulholland Madness.

  11. Love this write up!! The Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite rides when it comes to the history of its creation (reading doombuggies religiously is what made me get over my initial fear of the ride as a child) and the hatbox ghost was one of my favorite mysteries of ride effects that got removed early on in the ride. Was glad to see the new animatronic debut when I went to disneyland a couple years ago!

  12. OP, I love all your parks write ups. It’s hard to explain the passion for the parks to people that don’t “get it” or have never been, and it’s always nice to refer people to something written in such detail as an explanation for the love.

  13. It's definitely a bit of an odd fandom that's kinda tough to explain to those who don't quite understand. For me Disney history is super fascinating and that's where a lot of my love for the parks stems from

  14. It’s really cool when The Haunted Mansion stops & you get stuck in front of the Hatbox Ghost for a while! Btw, for people who haven’t visited the parks for a while, but the Haunted Mansion stops a lot because it uses a continually moving track so they’ll stop or slow the ride quite often for people with mobility issues.

  15. I attended a talk with the guy who got to design the new animatronic while I was a cast member at Disneyland. Really cool guy who clearly loves his job. He also made the Mater animatronic (of which there are actually 2 disguised to seem like 1) inside Radiator Springs Racers. He rode the ride with the public for the first time and a kid shouted to Mater "I love you!" and the imagineer started crying.

  16. That’s so interesting. I had a false memory of seeing this thing there as a kid because of all the marketing materials he was in lol

  17. I eagerly await the news articles detailing how Jared Leto decapitated himself as a new form of method acting.

  18. I don't live close to any Disney Parks, and I don't have a strong desire to visit or anything, but reading about their history in your posts is always fun.

  19. Agree. I don’t really care about Disney Parks but I love consuming history about it. Defunctland is my go-to but these posts hit the same spot and I love them.

  20. Saw something funny at Disney World in the past few years, at the "It's a Small World" ride. Looked like there were supposed to be 3 hula girls. One dancing normally, one jerking around too fast, and an empty base. I imagined a creepy scenario where the empty base girl had run away and was lurking in the park, and the jerking one is still trying to escape to join her sister.

  21. Superb write up as always!! I absolutely love the Hatbox Ghost, especially as someone whose favorite ride is the HM. I remember I used to lurk the HM thread on Micechat (not recommended, btw) in the late 2000s-ish? Everyone was so sure he was going to be brought back because of all the merchandise he was getting, but then the years went by and nothing happened. I was so disappointed, and came to the conclusion that Disney was just using all the hype to sell merch. Gotta say, finding out he had been reinstalled in the ride years later--and looked GOOD, at that--was maybe the most excited I've ever been over a new addition to the parks!

  22. OP I love your writeups. I really hope you’re planning on doing one about the Redhead in Pirates of the Carribean. We wants the redhead!

  23. there's definitely enough there for me to do one on the entire history of Pirates and all the major and minor changes it's been through over the years, I'm sure I'll get to that someday

  24. I love these in depth and detailed write ups on Disney history, there's so much detail in it for big Disney fans like myself but it's also just enough detail without being to much for someone who isn't a big Disney fan and wants to read an interesting story. The new hatbox ghost face transition is so smooth it does look cgi until you remember it's an animatronic.

  25. I'm not going to lie; the last paragraph made me scream a little. Can and WILL be worse than Eddie Murphy.

  26. I don't think there's a subreddit but the Youtube channel "Defunctland" covers a lot of Disney parks and rides history. Great channel, highly recommend.

  27. Love these Disney write ups despite never going to any Park or really being that into Disney in the first place

  28. Great write up, OP! I didn’t know about this before but I sure do now. The hatbox ghost looks super creepy in the og photo for some reason. Idk why. Was that truly the vibe they wanted?

  29. I had that storybook as a child. It had a record that you would play while you looked at the book. The narrator would read the book and there would be a little ding to let you know to turn the page.

  30. I’ve been spending the night eating thru your posts and as someone who’s only ever been to WDW I feel like I’m getting robbed LOL

  31. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I went to Disneyland last week and we went on this ride. When the Hatbox Ghost showed up I fucking yelled “ITS THE HATBOX GHOST!!!” in a super excited manner because of this post. My girlfriend didn’t know why the fuck I was so excited about it.

  32. I’m not a Disney person. I’ve been there once, and now that I have kids I plan to take them once or twice but that’s it.

  33. I love this subreddit so much. The Hatbox Ghost looks really cool too, I'm so glad they got it working and brought him back after 40 years of being a myth.

  34. I love your Disney write ups, and now Im going to look into the canon of the Haunted Mansion storyline, if theres any

  35. There's a bit of a loose storyline involving the bride they put together when they updated her in the late 00s but otherwise the ride is deliberately vague. I'd recommend looking into the bride's wedding ring, that's a really fun story about a complete accident turning into a Mansion legend

  36. IIRC, the only HM ride that has a full on storyline is Phantom Manor at DL Paris. There's even some canon welding with another ride at that park going on, too. It's interesting.

  37. And now there’s classic adult infighting regarding whether or not Florida “deserves” their own Hatbox Ghost after it got announced at D23 lmao

  38. I mean it was kinda cool that he was Disneyland exclusive for a bit but c'mon, they already get Jack Skellington all to themselves, they can share the wealth on this one

  39. Thanks for the write up, love hearing about lost imagineer concepts and the mysteries behind Disney parks

  40. At D23 2022, a week ago, Josh D'Amato (president of Disney's Parks, Experiences, and Products division) announced that the Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom in Florida would

  41. This was a great writeup to read! If I'm being honest though, that new hat box effect doesn't look great to me. Maybe it's more effective in person?

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