1. Yeah, their view of cabbage was equally disturbing. It’s been a long time since I’ve studied ancient Egyptians, but Horus, I believe, fed Seth (his uncle) his semen to humiliate him. Egyptians believed the white ooze of cabbage was Horus’ semen.

  2. I would like to imagine a bunch of Egyptian priests trying to decipher their own creation myths and just saying, "fuck it, the world came from deez nuts"

  3. It would probably be something like the world was birthed from like a goddess and so the semen literally created half the world

  4. I’ve heard that the god Ra was alone in the emptiness, so he started masturbating (in some versions his hand was a goddess itself, like a living puppet) and of his semen emerged two gods: Shu (male) and Tefnut (female). Then those cum-brothers had sex and other deities were born and together they created the world. Really a wonderful people those Egyptians.

  5. Abrahamic belief — Genesis creation myth, well known. Abrahamic God creates world out of nothing, and creates other elements over the course of a few days. Islam's is similar to the Judeo-Christian belief.

  6. Hindus and Buddhists specifically, India has several different religions not all of them have the same beliefs.

  7. In my religion the world was pulled out of the ocean by the great spirit onto a turtle, than the rest of creation came from the great spirit dreaming it into reality. And before you ask no not disk world

  8. In mine silver fox and coyote were in a canoe in the ocean and silver fox made the first land from coyote's hair and the greasiness and grime from his hair.

  9. The belief in some places in Egypt was that the god Atum was created, either by himself of by the craftsman god Ptah. And then he jacked off to create two more gods, Shu and Tefnut. He didn't strictly create the world with his semen but it was a contributing factor

  10. Wait, when did that happen? In all the Kojiki, the weirdest thing I managed to read was how food was created.

  11. The Indian Hindus believe that it was churned by milk. It was then accidentally poisoned by Vasuki.

  12. The Norse: A Giant drank from a cosmic cow, and the cosmic cow licked some ice and made the gods. The gods killed the giant and made the universe from his body parts.

  13. Greeks say all kinds of nonsense. Everyone knows that the one and only God, who is masculine, created all things by the power of His will and His voice.

  14. In Chinese mythology there was an egg created from nothingness out of which came a big goblin type of creature that created heaven and earth.

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