1. It's so sad how many self-appointed Self-Defense and Martial Arts experts exist, but in truth are just con-artist and amateurs. People trusting their teaching end up hurt and that's bad.

  2. The best way to spot a fake self defense trainer is if they don’t bring up that running away is the #1 option when in a dangerous situation

  3. What's even more ridiculous is he has is own private security group in Detroit that seems to be all about looking tacticool to keep the baddies at bay. Though most of these guys would probably end up dead if they ever have to use their "training"

  4. As the other commenter said, bad self-defence, most notably he instructs people how to disarm people that have a gun pointed at you. They're however so laughably bad, and most, nay, all of the techniques he uses in the videos would get you shot and very likely killed. It's basically action movie-esque disarming but this guy pretends that those are legitimate techniques.

  5. I think Lincoln dismissed his guards for a day off since he was in a good mood, sadly. No guards are probably still better than this guy however

  6. "If a Actor who sympathized with the Confederate states here is what you should do. you wanna have the US President go to a stage with his wife and have him enjoy it, then you wanna place only one guard with him and put the guard to the back right of the seats. that way the Assassin will kill the president. Follow me at the Confederate Rebels Urban Survival Training, known as CRUST."

  7. In case you don’t know, Abraham Lincoln founded the secret service on the day he was assassinated, April 14, 1865.

  8. Close, but not quite. The papers were on Lincoln's desk, but he was killed before he could sign them. Besides, at the time, the job of the Secret Service wasn't to protect the President, it was stoppin counterfeiters.

  9. okay there's a lot of misinformation going around about the guy's character. He served as a US paratrooper and genuinely wants to do good for his community.

  10. I have to disagree sorry, the man is potentially putting people in danger with the misinformed self defense that action in it of itself is already quite bad. As for his motive, to me it's most likely some kind of grift so monetary gain not altruistic service to his community. And I don't know what being a US paratrooper has to do with anything.

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