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  2. There is a short story by MR James, a Victorian author, about a similar disappearing room at an inn. It only appeared at certain hours of the night. I don’t recall the title but it’s in his collected horror stories. Most of his stories seem creepily plausible and that one stuck out in my mind. Especially the narrator being confounded by it, not knowing how to explain it to others, and doubting his own sanity—and yet it was absolutely real by most definitions of reality. I think that’s the conundrum for all of us who experience the unexplained.

  3. I had a hallucination while detoxing and almost dying that I was in a place that my mind called the "red room" everything was red and white. I was kept in it, surrounded by other possible "me'" waiting to be judged while every possible me had a chance to play out. I couldn't see the other mes but I could hear them.

  4. This is super interesting to me. I’m sober and have been thru the hellish detoxes and I have learned that my lowest points in life were actually some of my most spiritual experiences

  5. I dont think it was the same place but I had a slightly close experience I remember at a young age I'd get pulled under the bed and one time i got pulled under and went into a somewhat looking room but everything was red I heard two voices in a language I never heard and suddenly I woke up. I never believed it was real till I ask my brother and he'd remember me getting pulled in too. But never remember me leaving. Might I have imagined this red room?

  6. I never had an imaginary room, but I do remember laying in my parents' bed while my mom was taking a nap and seeing a green hand come out from between pieces of clothing hanging in the open closet and doing a "come here" finger motion. It happened a few times. I never got out of the bed to check it out. Maybe I should have peeked?

  7. This is interesting! I have a similar dream experience, an extra room in a basement that I frequently go into in my dreams. It's in my grandparents old house. They raised us for part of our lives and I miss them terribly. The room feels so familiar but never actually existed.

  8. I had the same reoccurring dream as a kid. It was a network of rooms in my grandparents basement

  9. I used to have a similar recurring dream. I'd be living in a house and one day out of nowhere stumble across a whole new room or floor (often on a stairway landing for some reason).

  10. This is an interesting one, for sure. Some of my first "paranormal" experiences happened as a child, so trying to explain them to other people was always difficult, they would try to chalk it up to a bad dream or something else, overactive imagination. Except, years later, you don't remember any other bad dreams in the same way or have any other instances where you imagination overreact in such a way - for me, I then had other very strange experiences and it made me go back and try to give younger me some credit on what I experienced and look at it in a new way.

  11. Great comment but holy shit I felt like I was in a red room because of the twists and turns and how it continued after I thought it would end.

  12. I have a room like this but it only appears in dreams, and it's always in the middle of the house or building I'm in in the dream, with no windows and the walls light brown. It's a small room with a slanted ceiling and appears in various dreams but (in the dreams) I always forget about it until someone says for me to go into it and then I remember that it's always there.

  13. I have a similar experience but the room wasn't red for me it was blue. Thanks for posting glad to see someone else has gone through this.

  14. I have a reoccurring dream of a red room behind a non existent door in between two “real” doors in my grandpas house. Nothing ever really happened in this room, but I was always very intrigued while in it. I’ve literally had this dream 30 times or more over the years. Just sort of walk in and try to understand what is in there. Any thoughts on this? Started when I was probably 5 years old.

  15. This is very very similar to my experience, how I felt and what I saw. This was in the house I grew up in between 2 bedrooms (with doors). I stopped seeing it as I got older.

  16. It’s your subconscious trying to work something out. I had 2 reoccurring dreams like this for over a decade. They finally stopped once I addressed my past.

  17. Location? Dates of occurrence? Any others experience this or other phenomenon around the property? Was there any radiation or smog alerts ⚠️ in the area? Was your mother or father on a retreat with a shaman before you were born? These details are important to at least create accurate datasets on unexplained phenomenon.

  18. Ohio, this would have taken place between 1987-1990. No smog or radiation that I was ever aware of. I have no idea if my parents ever were on a retreat with a shaman but as far as I know, they never have to my knowledge. I can ask my mom next time I see her.

  19. It was the size of a smaller bedroom. It had a daybed with all white covers but pillows all over it with red and white designs and patterns. No windows, no doors. I don’t recall any wallpaper.

  20. Thank you for sharing this reminds me of a very weird repetitive ‘dream’ as a kid but bright green and no room instead a weird portal in the same spot of my window every time. Did you sleep walk as a kid? Experience night terrors? I wrote it off as that but with age I question it more.

  21. I've had dreams of places that I've lived, where if I squeeze through a narrow outside basement window or garage window, there's a whole other half of my house being unused. there's an upstairs, main level and stairs between, and balcony, kitchen, a whole place. a few cobwebs, but no creepy feelings, its just there, unused. It feels so real, I've looked for the window that I used to get in, and I just cant find it. At one home, I went through a short window in my garage on the ground, and there were rows of shelves, for acres, dedicated to food storage; a place that my gramma would have built and stocked. It always feels completely architecturally plausible.

  22. I'm not sure what color the room was inside, as i only ever saw it at night when all the lights were off, or super early morning while everyone was still asleep, in my version of The Door. The only things i can remember is what i saw, an felt, while i stood outside it. The only red i recall was the carpet in the hallway. I'd see the door on occasion, but no one in the house would remember having seeing it either, but of all the odd things i mentioned as a kid, nothing made them more hesitant or avoidant of the topic than that one. Which always made me suspicious. Nor would they explain to me where it 'went' in between sightings..

  23. It reminded me a similar thing that happened when I was in first grade. Our school building was an old turn of the century villa so pretty big. The first weeks there playing I could have sworn that the house had an extra side.

  24. Was it House of Leaves that had the hallway that appeared and disappeared? And the house that changed length? Reminds me a little of that. Thank you for sharing.

  25. What’s so crazy is I have a reoccurring dream since I was kid, I’m in a store wondering around and all of a sudden I’m in an all red velvet room. The only thing inside the room is a white piano. I get a feeling of doom and i wake up. I never last long in that all red room without waking up.

  26. I have this vivid memory from when I was a kid, my grandparents lived in this old farm house and their bedroom was on the 2nd floor, it was the kid that was the shape of a horizontal rectangle and had a sliding door. I remember opening the door and looking in and instead of the floor being there, there was like this incredibly deep shaft going down.

  27. When I was young I lived in a house that had a small door in one of the closets. I remember I used to go through that door and there was a large room on the other side, unfurnished, with a sloping roof. I remember thinking that we should put furniture in this room and it could be my own room. It was bigger than the bedroom I had.

  28. The Red Womb. It also makes me think of a baby in the womb, I guess they would see a red and white 'room'. Conjecture, you are afraid of being trapped in you're mother's sphere of influence . ;)

  29. I remember being in a solid white empty room when I was 5 or 6 with only a bed. I was lying on a bed and it had no sheets or pillows. I remember being awake and kept opening and closing my eyes slowly and the bed felt like it was slowly spinning and lifting. I remember touching the ceiling. My grandmother called me from another room and I got up, went out the door, and when I came back in that room later, there were pictures on the walls, sheets, a bedspread, and pillows, and the walls were greenish/blue. That was nearly 40 years ago and it was my first clear memory.

  30. My grandma’s house had a room we called the “red room”. Of course, it was the scariest room of the house, but nothing ever happened.

  31. In my experience the House is the symbol of the Ego or the parts of you mind you are conscious of and identify with. Jung noted this I believe. I have had many dreams of strange rooms in a House. Sometimes the house will revolve and rooms and their inhabitants be obsorbed into the walls. More often I am descending bellow the House into caverns where there are irradiated or mutated creatures. This probably reflects personal trauma. Jung's idea of the collective unconscious came to him after he had a dream of levels below his personal House. Where there were symbols and artefacts of other cultures. This partly led to his break with Freud, who thought all the dream images were repressed contents of personal consciousness, often do with sex or the parents. Or sex with your parents :)

  32. Dimension used in this sense is used completely wrong as it's got a concrete scientific use that is completely different to how you (and others) use it.. Use something like "alternative reality" or "realm"

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