1. Yeah HL3 memes have been dead for a decade now. Let's talk about the game we all want, Half-Life 4: Hunt Down the Freeman 2

  2. Would be super cool if they added overwatch soldiers in Counter-Strike, and when you spoke with in-game voice commands that would sound quite similar/same as in Half Life.

  3. I would love a multiplayer game in the Half-Life universe. If it happened it would obviously have a PVE mode with zombie's and a PVP with the resistance fighting combine. I would love this.

  4. It would be fascinating to play both sides, one side of the Freeman and one side as the combine or it could be a cooperative experience where one controls Freeman and one controls a combine.

  5. Start as a CP and get promoted over time with cool cutscenes to show the transformation from human to combine soldier. This could be so dark if they wanted too.

  6. All these comments saying how cool this would be are kinda disheartening tbh. This isn't half life. It's Generic Fps with a half life skin. Customized combine armor? RPG elements?? Season passes??? People here want this????????????

  7. Don't know if someone already said something about the OICW but is it supposed to be the advance model or is that another model, it just looks like a odd design of the OICW on my end

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