1. I’m confused how Carlos knew about Ashlyn to give her the pin? Are was supposed to assume by that gesture that Ashlyn told everyone? Did I miss something?

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but I think the breakup scene could’ve been a great opportunity to include “Gotta Go My Own Way” since both break-ups generally had the similar reasonings

  3. they’ve done a great job weaving in new characters into the fabric of the show. Great development for Maddox and jet. Wonder how they’ll incorporate them in the next season.

  4. honestly, I really liked this episode. It wasn't super dramatic or cheesy. Gina & EJs breakup was real & it was good on Gina to recognize she wasn't being appreciated enough. Cant wait for the Ricky & Gina tea now that Gina wasn't warned. Though it was very bad timing for Ricky to bring it up. Jojo didn't do much.. but I liked seeing Rocketts growth. I'm blanking on names but her song was cute & well done. (minor awk part with the autotune for kourt's song... but in general) fav ep of the season

  5. I wish this show would write EJ like Steve Harrington. There’s just so much potential there that’s being wasted in the dumbest ways.

  6. This 100%, Steve is one of my all time favorite characters and I always hoped they’d take that same route with EJ! He used to be my favorite but the writing has been so weird lately that I don’t know anymore

  7. I hate how they broke portwell up. I’m sorry but there were better way that it could have been done. I get Tim is a Rina fan and wants them as end game. Fine your show but did he have to take a character who got redemption in season 2 and make him to a jerk? I’m sorry EJ made stupid mistake like any teenager does. But I feel like he was just painted in bad lighting to open up a door for Rina. They could have done it far better without make him seem like a jag off. He could have a good summer with Gina but in season 4 they start to realize hey we are going different place. I think we need to break up. I do not agree with how Gina broke up with him after less then 2 weeks. I’m sorry but In relationship you talk things out. She could have wait the couple days to see how his attitude changed after the show ended. He went at it the wrong way no doubt about but less then 2 weeks doesn’t always define the future. Not only that weren’t they probably actually dating at least 2-3 months prior to that? Considering they kissed after the spring musical. This isn’t making me excited for Rina because if felt forced like hey we’re going to make him look like a jag off but make this kid seem like top notch. (Not a stab at Ricky). I get it’s only a show but it’s not a reason imo to make a kid who got redemption to be a jerk to make the creators happy.

  8. i think they were dating for maybe 3-4 months. they mention the summer is almost over, so this probably takes place in august. most school spring musicals happen in march/april (at least from my experience and observations). if they finished their show around then and then had graduation so like june) then they would have been together for at least a month or two. even if this season took place during mid july they wouldn’t have been dating for only 2 weeks. i could be wrong on the timing, maybe the show universe timing is different

  9. need Ricky and EJ to fight more idk it’s so funny. Am I the drama? Lol!! but seriously the “you need some air Richard” and the “I’m good Elton” was so funny. Maybe it’s because Matt and josh are such good friends irl it’s so funny to see them act annoyed/dislike each other. They play into it really well.

  10. I get the impression they could fight more but EJ might not see Rickey again regularly after this summer so he's just holding onto it to not burn bridges.

  11. I personally would disagree. Their dislike/hatred towards each other has gotten stale. I do wish they addressed it in a way they made peace on-screen though.

  12. In retrospect I think they did a great job with the promo for this episode because it made it seem like wouldn’t change a thing was a group song so the fact that Jett and Maddie cleared things up wasn‘t clear

  13. I respectfully disagree with the first point. They didn’t abandon the theater element - they’re showing a new side of it. The premise of the season has always focused more on the doc than the show, and we’ve known that since the first trailers have dropped. To me and a lot of others, it IS working and is actually getting us more character interactions and developments. It also feels more like a BTS of theater. It never made sense to me how little drama there was S1, and it felt like everything worked out too fast and too well. Maybe that will happen again for the last episode of S3 next week, but that’s what I’ve got for now.

  14. Tim has always liked Ricky and Gina, even during season 1 when they had like 10 fans on twitter he was talking about how once he saw Joshua and Sofia’s chemistry he decided they needed to keep writing towards that. And it’s also pretty obvious they’re his favorite characters considering they’ve had the most development throughout the series

  15. Tim has always liked Rina even when they were the least popular ship on twitter drowned out by a million rinis. Hate his writing all you want, but he really didn’t “cave” to anything.

  16. Disney seems to be all about pleasing the 20% who want to see the change rather than the 80% who respectfully do not. Still not sure why…

  17. I agreed EJ is straight up the punch bag of the show. They gave him redemption in season 2 and I loved him in that. Then made him to be the worst BF and seem like he was heartless. Which made me not like him. Tim is just so hell bent on get Rina together. I’m sorry but there were far better ways to do it. How about not crapping on another character? Make them last a season and then during season 4 they start to realize they are moving in different direction. EJ is a good guy who is becoming this villain which I don’t think os right especially after season 2. It’s not making me eager for Rina. I admit they got chemistry and they are cute. No doubt but to destroy another character won’t win me over. I love Kourtney in this she was just kind of a background character this season. I hope to see more of her and Ashlyn and not so much of Ricky and Gina. I don’t need another Ricky season. I’m sorry it’s call hsmtms not Ricky school life. I love his voice and he a decent kid it just a lot of him. I’m over his love story with 3 different girls in just technically a span of a year.

  18. we come from high school musical the musical the series in auto tuned voice, it sounded like garage band robot voice.

  19. Jett and Gadget have literally stolen the show. Their section of this episode was so heartwarming and amazing. I’m so happy that my earlier prediction of a duet with them turned out to be correct. They were amazing this episode and tbh the whole series I’ve loved them both

  20. Fan-freaking-tastic episode! From Seb returning, to the wonderfully done Portwell break up to the ending song, this episode is definitely my favorite of S3 so far!

  21. I hate the dialogue in this show. Its like every chsrscter went to therapy after their parents divorced. Everyone is hyper emotionally intelligent. (More of a complaint about the show overall. But I didn’t care for this episode)

  22. I honestly think it’s refreshing and I don’t see a problem with normalizing emotional intelligence on tv. People in real life could learn a thing or two.

  23. I just realized next week is the finale and I hate that! Not enough theatre stuff for me this season! I would want the finale to be very focused around the actual production and any drama that happens while the production is happening/as a direct result of it, but between needing to make time for Nini and Big Red and the general trend of the rest of the season prioritizing other storylines over them actually doing theatre, I'm prepared to be disappointed.

  24. i see everyone is saying gina's feelings are valid, which is so true, but i understand where EJ is in all of this. he totally expected to have a summer of fun, then got dumped with the stress of having to be the director of the show. with his dad saying that he'll be sent away, this was the only way to show that he was worth something with acting. i think gina should've communicated a lot more in terms of how she felt. both of them led to their break up - not just one being at fault. i really hope gina and ricky don't happen, i'd be really disappointed to see a whole season of gina x EJ build-up only to lead to gina going back to ricky after being a second choice to nini. just doesn't sit right with me.

  25. How was Gina his second choice when in S1 once he started his friendship with Gina he pretty much barely thought about Nini. And him and Nini only reconnect AFTER Gina moves away and is out of the picture. When Gina confessed in opening night, what was he gonna do? Dump Nini, who he’d gotten back with literally minutes before? And in S2, once he does break up with Nini, him and Gina aren’t on speaking terms and he also finds out EJ is pursuing her.

  26. The other ships may be falling apart but I for one am OVERJOYED that Maddox has feelings for Ash. I called this weeks ago and I’m happy to see it confirmed! I hope they grow on it next season assuming Maddox is in it!

  27. But Ash is still with Big Red. I kinda wish they threw in a line saying they mutually broke up or something cause her getting butterflies for someone else while still in a relationship is emotionally cheating

  28. Oh my gosh what an episode. They really started tying up loose ends and storylines, which should be interesting. I'm excited for what the last episode holds.

  29. Definitely scheduling conflicts for Val. The actress is playing a starring role in The Winchesters (Supernatural spinoff/prequel), which comes out in October.

  30. EJ told JoJo’s character “If you’re thinking of dancing, dance. You’ll regret if you don’t.” And then he literally walked away at that exact moment and didn’t dance with Gina. Super bad writing choice. They could’ve had that line delivered by any other character and it wouldn’t have stuck out like a sore thumb.

  31. what it comes down to is thinking you’re doing the right thing, the thing the person needs, throwing yourself into it, and it being the wrong thing. and you actually neglected what they actually needed.

  32. Damn… the music production for all the songs this season is not good. I love Wouldn’t Change a Thing and I get they were trying to fit it to the 70s theme but it just wasn’t it. It was fake funk!!!! Kourt’s song had so much potential but the production of the song didn’t hit. Still enjoying the show because of the drama tho!!!! I knew Gina and Ej would breakup before the season ended. Ej never made time for Gina and she hated it but waited and stayed to see if their relationship would get better.

  33. While I know I would have preferred I wouldn’t change a thing as less of a pop song, it fits well with the setting and the cheesy sibling friendship vibes.

  34. This entire episode was *chefs kiss* also best part was Ricky almost choking on his drink when Gina walked in like,,, first of all SAME, secondly Mr Man is DOWN BAAAD

  35. I am happy that ash and Maddox will most likely end up together and I really liked jojo’s performance it makes me happy to have more wlw representation as a queer woman

  36. Ashlyn and Maddox would make a great couple. I genuinely thought Maddox was the girl Ash was crushing on until ep 6.

  37. Portwell breaking up sucked. It was imminent but it still sucked. I've literally been shipping them since the Homecoming episode back in season 1. They will be missed.

  38. Jet and Maddox's storyline was so good! I was so invested in them. I really hope they're a part of season 4 🤞🏽

  39. Anybody else watch the summer I turned pretty? I noticed that Ashlynn had the same dress as Belly. And kourtneys song was great tho I wish it was just a solo

  40. Kourtney’s song was great but hopefully her Elsa solo will be her true moment to shine without having to share the song with anyone else.

  41. I also wonder about the costumes and the tradition of prom. The wildcats didn’t even seem to know it was thing til last episode. Maybe the costumes are just ones they keep on hand for shows at all time?

  42. I had the same thought about Val and wish we saw more from her. I'm assuming Meg Donnelly has had schedule conflicts. I wonder if they'll bring her back.

  43. I totally forgot about him talking to that random guy. But yes Ricky has been incredible, he's come a long way since season 1.

  44. Am I the only one who thinks Portwell's break up felt totally forced? To me it seems like the writers looked for a last minute excuse to break them up.

  45. To add to what dirtycomputerz has said, EJ having to direct frozen was an analogy to how his relationship would go the rest of the year.

  46. Ok so we all saw the portwell breakup coming but it was handled pretty well in my opinion. I don’t think EJ was severely villainized like some people suggest, he just made some mistakes but Gina was totally valid. It’s her summer of firsts but it’s his summer of lasts. He should explore career paths next year

  47. I’m not that happy about that either. But EJ was not being the best and Gina deserves someone who treats her correctly

  48. I love the friendship between the girls this episode so much. I think they tried to do some of that in season 2 but it didn’t really work as good as here. Maddox is a great addition to their group and I hope both her and Jet stay (plus Maddox and Ashlyn storyline seems adorable).

  49. Best episode yet. Goosebumps throughout. I’ve fucking missed Seb, they could have used him in the earlier episodes especially for those cringey kind jokes they gave Kourtney (no judgement on the jokes, I understand it’s necessary for that summer vibe). Jet, I don’t like his acting but his voice is amazing and that song was chilling.

  50. This is the best episode yet. I was freaking out when Ricky was about to tell Gina and then EJ showed up in the distance -- I paused and had to catch my breath for a second 😂

  51. yeah, i wish they'd do more live vocals even if they sound worse technically, or at least less aggressive/obvious autotune and lip syncing. it's been really distracting for most of the numbers.

  52. I have to agree, it was incredibly jarring when they started singing. I get that lip syncing is what’s done for tv shows and that’s fine but season 1 definitely had a more “live” feel to it. And they CAN sing so idky they did them dirty like that. I wanna like these songs so bad but then the producers go and mess it up

  53. when all the girls slowly came into their bunk i started to get so emotional and cried throughout the whole song, it was so beautiful, i loved to see kourtney and carlos beating their fear and the support they got

  54. I paused it and saw on Ricky's list that he has "say yes to something that scares me" marked off so maybe he marked it off after what gina said about dating lily? Though I still think it really needs to be telling Gina how he feels. Maybe he gives her a ride home since her and ash and kourt and Carlos rode with EJ to camp and he tells her then since it'll be after the show so she won't be off focus anymore than she already would be

  55. BRO STOP it may be well written but why tf was it written at all😭 i’m sorry but portwell >>> ricky and gina ANYDAY, ricky kinda annoys me and him n gina had that little thing in s1 or 2 i don’t remember, but it’s over? leave it at that maybe? can ej and gina just be happy like he was so thoughtful and everything back at east high, he’s the reason she ultimately felt that comfortable with everyone like my man flew her out to watch a show, picked her up at the airport, everything was going right until fucking ricky bowen. the finale better not end w ricky and gina dating, give ej a chance out of camp when he’s literally not so concerned ab his future. like i get that gina’s breakup speech made sense but also people go thru shit??? stand by them? he wasn’t treating her like shit, he was just drowning in work so he could literally be with her next year….

  56. How was he thoughtful tho the moment he didn't think she liked him romantically he became an asshole. Thats how he's always been. The break up had nothing to do with Ricky

  57. Not a single character is emotionally cheating. There's only one character who's being neglectful of their relationship and secretive but it has nothing to do with spending time with someone else.

  58. I know it's unlikely to ever to be given representation in Disney media let alone HSMTMTS, but polyamory is a thing that exists and so is ethical non-monogamy even when you're not actively in a relationship.

  59. It’s not normal when you’re in a serious relationship. It is however normal when you’re in high school and have only been in one relationship ever and don’t know how navigate your feelings and thoughts. You say this isn’t about a specific character yet there’s only one or two this could apply to but anyways..

  60. I agree. And with this being her first relationship, it would be exhausting to put in all the effort. An older couple might know how to navigate the problems they have, but as a younger person in a relationship, it’s reasonable to break up with someone after a couple unhappy weeks.

  61. I never thought in a million years that this show would deliver a sapphic love square to me. The writers deserve a GLAAD award.

  62. Yes although I think it gets resolved next week I think Val politely turns ashlyn down but is flattered red and Ashlyn break up sadly I think season ends with Ashlyn and Maddox sharing a kiss

  63. I know i said this about the last two episodes but this was the best episode of the season for real. Yay finally a reconciled Maddox and Jet I love those two. Also going by EJ and Maddox’s convo it’s clearly leading to a possible romance between Ashlyn and Herself which I hope means Jet and Maddox will attend East High for S4.

  64. Solid episode from start to finish. Very much enjoyed that. And it really felt validating, like I knew the story the writers have been trying to tell from the beginning but people make you doubt. But this episode reaffirmed a lot of things I already had figured out. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  65. Ricky telling that random dude basically his theater kid origin story had me DYING, I love the direction they took Ricky. Also the Portwell break up was surprisingly well written.

  66. the born to be brave line in Kourtney’s song, return of Carlos and Seb, Gina saying to Ricky “it’s not a dance if I don’t run into you at coat check”

  67. EJ made me mad the entire episode. Ignoring her for a week and a half, paying more attention to the script than her. And I better not see anybody trying to blame Gina

  68. so…. ashlyn admitted to liking val? while she’s still with big red??? like everyone kept defending her saying “just because she came out doesnt mean she will end things with big red” but they are essentially doing exactly that. IMO this pushes a really bad narrative that you can just like someone else while in a relationship, and definitely has been dimming the rest of the show for me :/

  69. Her feelings aside, she literally cannot break up with Big Red right now. He's not there, she doesn't have cell phone access, and she'll be going home so soon a letter wouldn't have time to reach him, and frankly, they've been together long enough that she owes him better than a remote/digital breakup anyway. I would guess, knowing she likes someone else, there's a real chance she plans to break up with Big Red when she sees him again/will end it with him in the finale.

  70. this is not me saying i dont support the coming out story, i love it and think it makes sense, just the execution has made ashlyn look like the bad guy through all of it

  71. if channing doesn’t stir the ricky gina situation up next episode (which we know he will but I was gonna say …) then Ricky still has a month to tell her

  72. Gina listing out all the reasons her and EJ don’t work and it’s what we’ve all been preaching and saying all season was cathartic lol.

  73. they did say that jet was expelled from their current school so maybe they are planning for them to return in the next season to transfer to east high! i don’t think they mentioned where they were from though so maybe they’re from the utah area or will move there

  74. last one before i go to sleep but ej telling madison to dance or she'll regret i thought he was gonna go dance with gina but then missed out on it

  75. I think EJ was referring to the "Born to be Brave" dance sequence in season 1, where he didn't join in but everyone else was having a great time

  76. i lied this is the last one but does anyone remember in andi mack when amber was like if she turns to look back at you it means she likes you.... and gina turned back (unrelated but i think about that all the time)

  77. Sooo, E.J just HAPPENED to say that none of the new girls caught Maddox's eye, then ashlyn just HAPPENED to walk by, it's a sign, I'm telling you. (I do know they probably intended for it to be that way, but STILL)

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