1. That Umbridge is right. About werewolves, Dumbledore, the way DADA should be taught - everything she was for, until she started working for 'Always Kevada' Boy as his go-to Ilsa the She-Wolf.

  2. I get you. We only really get two stark polarisations of their lives, Malfoy-level vs Hogwarts-level. One could argue that they should get payed... but when have we ever heard of a non-human shopping, except for Knockturn Alley with vampires or whatever?

  3. Snape name calling Lily wasn't that bad because Snape was half-blood. Like someone half black using the n work. Not as bad as when a all white person does it.

  4. The thing is, it wasn't just that word which made Lily explode on him. That was the last straw on top of other things.

  5. The key with the N word is the tone in which it is spoken, far more than the person who does. Snape definitely had the tone when he used mudblood.

  6. I can't stand fics that delve deeply into systematic explanations of magic. Sure, I get the impulse and I don't want to rag on authors for doing so, but I work in technical fields and when I read fic, I want to relax. I want cool sparkly shit happening, and big booms, and wonder left unexplained.

  7. Couldn't disagree more. I LOVE hearing authors break down magic systems, with the caveat that it needs to be done well and be original. I've read the same story with different words a dozen times about magical cores with different affinities. This is why I love Lomonaaeren's works so much, they're always so original, and they're incredibly prolific :)

  8. I'd say that it's only really annoying when they use science to try explain magic. It's only really magic because it can't be explained my science/ it is its own science.

  9. It always amazed me how people could write whole fanfics showing Harry hanging out with Luna all the time. And I agree with this statement. Hanging around Luna would be tiring after a while because she kind of seems like a lunatic. (Still like her tbh but yeah)

  10. I totally enjoy bashing fics. Bring on all the Dumbledore, Weasley, Hagrid hate idc. 🤣 It's like a popcorn movie, enjoyable and fun.

  11. It's cutesy nicknames in general that are the issue. Canon thirteen-year-old Harry doesn't need a stranger jumping into his life as a substitute father figure. Canon Sirius and Remus never treat Harry with anything other than with seriousness and respect. When Harry dreams of Frank Bryce dying, he thinks of Sirius to write to, not because he is scared and wants someone to coddle him, but because he wants advice.

  12. It just got over-used in too many "sub-par" fanfics that at this point, most people just associate them together on principal. I will say that you are entitled to your opinion, and I hope you have a great whatever time it is for you.

  13. Personally I've never meant someone who was nicknamed based on their fathers nickname. Not saying it doesn't happen, but I've just never seen it. It is even weirder in the context of the nickname originating from James Potter turning into a damn deer. I just struggle to see it ever happening, so seeing it written it draws me out of the story something fierce.

  14. I can't disengage that part of my brain that says: "no one would act like this". I don't mind main characters becoming powerful and popular, but make it believable, please.

  15. I honestly will forever hate Snape & Dumbeldore. Worst characters ever written. Narcissa is probably the best honestly.

  16. I unapologetically ship Hermione/time travelling Tom Riddle. The typical she makes him slightly less evil, he empowers her, they somehow take down the pure bloods together and rule over the ashes, it is sick.

  17. I literally love this ship no shame at all. “Unsphere the Stars” is one of my top 3 fanfics and I don’t think it gets enough love.

  18. Sirius Black is an unstable individual who attempted murder at age sixteen and never showed any regret for that. I don't want to say he deserved Azkaban because nobody deserved Azkaban, but he did deserve jail.

  19. Yeah, there's got to be something wrong with an all crimes are equal judicial situation. The wizard judicial system only seems to have two punishments, fines and time served in a nightmarish prison of despair and misery. There seems to be some middle ground missing.

  20. Hogwarts doesn't need a ton of additional classes. The existing classes can already cover a lot of things in traditional subjects. You don't need an English class if you're writing essays in every class.

  21. The issue is about whether children will be prepared for adult life. If they're going to be casting lots of magic for their job, then great, but even wizards must answer to the taxman and even magic cowers before economics. Then again, I never studied useful stuff when I was at Muggle school.

  22. Werewolf really depends on time of the month. Good thing you have instant teleportation for full moons, use that, oh wait.

  23. That PureBlood Wizarding culture (which is naturally quite different and distinct after having been culturally separated from muggles for several centuries) does face an increasing erosion as various families go extinct and the Muggleborn influence on general wizarding society increases.

  24. Honestly I kinda feel like the muggle+magic thing has already happened in canon. There's a reason why all the 'wizarding culture' tropes are so juvenile, it's because there isn't much more than quidditch to go off in the books.

  25. Culture is changing constantly. If the old culture erodes, a new culture will develop and be the culture the next generation of conservatives wants to preserve.

  26. Personally I think "pureblood culture" is complete hogwash. Purebloods moan a lot about the "eradication of their culture" but they do not pursue to keep any culture or tradition (beyond quidditch and muggle baiting) of their own alive. The wizarding world has been "muggle + magic" since forever.

  27. That there’s not the slightest evidence in canon that wizards have lords and ladies, or that seats on the Wizengamot are inherited, or that the Potter family was anything other than a (possibly upper-)middle class family.

  28. Yes, but sometimes people write fanfics with politics in it. They need to come up with something or else there will be no material.

  29. There's nothing wrong with love potions as such. When they are taken knowingly and willingly by partners to pep up their love life, great! Not all love potions take away your free will, only the strongest ones do (if overdosed or otherwise taken against prescription). Like alcohol, love potions come in a variety of strengths and most are rather harmless. That's why they are legal.

  30. WBWL, and James and Lily becoming neglectful parents because of the fame is an interesting trope. Has it been taken to ridiculous extremes with James and Lily literally forgetting Harry's existence? Yes. But that doesn't take away from the fact that it can be done well.

  31. I can't stand fics that make all of the adults in the Wizarding world incompetent and lazy, Harry and co had to deal with what he did because Dumbledore wanted him to be ready to die. and just because the death eaters were bigots doesn't mean that they were automatically abusive, you can make Lucius Malfoy a loving father but a bad man.

  32. A bunch of other magical towns the size of diagon alley scattered around the UK makes no sense because the wizarding population is incredibly tiny. Ranging from 10-50k canon.

  33. this thread really shows that people can have different opinions and it is all ok. now we can all stop attacking eachother for different preferences.

  34. I don’t even know what you mean by easier to believe. It seems strange to me that you phrased it that way. In what way is it more believable? I mean, let’s not mince words here, bashing is bad writing. You can enjoy it, whatever, but it’s still bad writing. It doesn’t matter whether the character is a bad person or not. Bashing a bad fictional person is still not good writing. And it’s certainly not realistic in the sense of social situations unfold. I have never been in or even heard of a real life social situation like the ones that happen in bashing fics. So I’m really curious what you mean by more believable.

  35. I can see both. Ron has the potential to be a great friend and after Book 4 has also the potential to be a jerk.

  36. Agreed. It takes skill to make him believably likeable, especially considering how problematic he is in canon.

  37. Theres nothing wrong inheren with professor/student relationships in fiction. If you don't like it, find it creepy or disgusting or whatever that's valid just don't read it but let other people read what they like and move on.

  38. Harry/Fleur and Hermione/Krum are not like the rest . The age differences are too small . Especially the second one . A 15 year old dating an 18 year old would not even turn any heads . No one would care .

  39. I agree with the age gap. People seem to forget that canon tonks and lupin had a large age gap and no one batted an eye. Same with Hermione being 14 and krum being 18 in GoF.

  40. Completely agree! So many things are accepted in fiction that aren't in real life. What baffles me is that people will condemn teacher/student or age difference relationships in fiction but will love toxic relationships

  41. Right? Like James and Sirius are rich kids who only get away with things based on money, family connections and blood status, Peter would have been the creepy guy who follows them around for their scraps, and I can kind of feel bad for remus, but there's no way he wasn't at least a douche with friends like that (plus that whole running away from his pregnant wife thing he does later really shows how shallow of a guy he actually is).

  42. Here we go: Not everything needs 5000 tags, stories don’t cause trauma and I find the general anxiety about reading something unpleasant concerning? I’ve seen authors chased out of writing at all for age gap relationships and dark fics and I’m old so to me it seems… ridiculous? I’m not sure why there’s such a lack of personal resilience alongside such a desire to be offended but gosh I find it irritating.

  43. HPMOR is my favorite Harry Potter fanfiction, and to take this unpopular opinion further, I'd say I prefer HPMOR to JK Rowling books.

  44. I don't like it more, but I'm very glad it exists, given that there's a real chance that rational fiction as a subgenre wouldn't really exist without it.

  45. While HPMOR is problematic in its own way, that doesn't make your statement wrong. It's much better writing than JKR.

  46. The guy who was been lied to and disappointed by basically every authority or government figure for all his life becoming a cop? Idk about that

  47. Got fucked over by every adult, authority, and government figure in his life and then works for the government at the end? Nah. Sorry. Absolutely not. I'm not even quite sure how he can be mentally stable enough for the job... This kid should be traumatized beyond everything after all this shit he is through. A war veteran is really rarely taken as a cop.

  48. Snape is an overrated character. While I like reading fanfiction about him, his personality is altered a lot. He is a bit of a creep (his weird obsession with lily) he also hates all of his students for no reason and is a terrible teacher. He targets Harry because his dead father and is perfectly willing to let baby Harry and James die as long as Lily lives.

  49. Yep, he's a narcissistic bully who abused children. He shouldn't be allowed within a thousand miles of a school, especially a school of young children.

  50. Books really go and just let snape be as much of an ass as he wants, then just lets it go cause he was a good guy i guess. Like "hey Harry i saved your life that means i can treat you how i want and you'll name your son after me".

  51. That fics that condemn Dumbledore for using child soldiers and refusing to exercise his legal authority as Chief Warlock to see people get trials when that's his job aren't Dumbledore bashing.

  52. Snape can be a good guy in fanfiction. Canon Adult Snape had the worst possible reactions to being bullied and abused for his entire childhood. But he's also never given the time to heal.

  53. Downvoting only because I agree with your first sentence... but probably for different reasons. Imo Snape is a complete dick in canon, and he always has been. He chose to keep being a dick into adulthood and has made things really shitty for everyone around him because of his own issues. Granted I don't think the mauraders bullying Snape was in any way a good thing, but I wouldn't paint Snape as "good" just because he was a victim.

  54. Ron is the best character, seeing him bashed makes me want to vomit. He deserves more fics that aren't about fucking him over just because yall are children who can't remember that you weren't exactly prizes as teenagers, either. Oh also he's a great wizard and not at all ordinary, you guys are just brain-rotted by the notion that every cool character must have some fancy schmancy title to make them seem impressive (like "Boy-Who-Lived", "Youngest Seeker in a Century", "brightest witch of her age"...).

  55. Going back to my old man routine to remind people that Snape and Malfoy were popular in the fandom before the movies. The rival/antagonist and brooding, dickish antihero are well-beloved tropes in fiction as a whole.

  56. I know the rule on this post is to downvote the stuff we agree with, but damn if it didn't hurt to leave a downvote on this.

  57. Whenever there’s a Harry doing an inheritance test fanfic, I HATE the names they give him like Hartford, Harlan, Henrick, and the most favorite one they like to use is HADRIAN!! His full name is Harry James Potter, if they wanted to use a different name, they should use Henry or Harold since that what the name Harry is short for.

  58. Err no. His full name is Harry James Potter. Just because historically Harry could be short for Henry (and Harold and so many other names) it doesn’t mean, James and Lily didn’t just call him Harry. Like Emma Thompsons name is also not Irmgard or Emanuela, just because Emma is short for it. I think if Harry stood for anything else, it would have been mentioned in the book. At least when he was called to the sorting.

  59. Voldemort wasn’t crazy because of the Horcruxes, but more likely because he spent 13 entire years in complete isolation, possessing only small creatures (and one weak wizard) and literally on the very verge of death. Having said that, he wasn’t nearly as insane as movies/fanfiction make him out to be and the “throwing Cruciatuses left n right, incompetent monster foaming at the mouth” trope is just bad writing at this point.

  60. James & Lily are parents who sacrificed their lives for the survival of their children and it irritates me to see that they make horrible parents of them in certain fictions for no apparent reason.

  61. I don’t like Weasley bashing in general but what I can’t stand even more is how Fred and George somehow, through no explicable reason, always get excluded in the bashing. Like, every single member of the Weasley family could be Death Eaters except for the twins even though they’re about as Weasley as you can get.

  62. The justification for pureblood prejudice against muggleborns that some fics use - “we don’t like them because they come to our community and want to bring their own traditions and don’t bother to learn ours” - is straight up xenophobia and doesn’t excuse their blatant racism

  63. I mean yes it is, 100%, but that’s why I like that trope: It’s quite realistic. Just look how many countries in the western world have had a shift to the right in the last decade and then draw up conclusions how (illegal) immigration aided in that shift.

  64. Hermione Granger is smart and works hard for her skill in magic, she is not omnipotent and all knowing. Stop using her as the exposition mouthpiece.

  65. That James Potter did in fact Shrut Mr.Harry, also that James was arrogant but not it like a rude way i can explain it lol (btw I love James so I'm not dissin em

  66. Amelia Bones is not very good actually, being "fair and unbiased" in such a blatant miscarriage of justice as Harry being tried before the entire Wizengamot which people in universe recognise is unusual and clearly a sham trial is not a good thing and actually if she was being fair as she is noted to be it would not have gotten this far or she would have at least objected before this point.

  67. JKR built racism and a few other -isms into the structure of the world and story, and most writers that I've seen do not have the knowledge, creativity or skill to address this in a way that doesn't replicate it or make it worse. Especially pureblood/political stories, they're flagrant.

  68. The thing about fanfiction...we tend to forget a lot about canon facts and details. And even those fanfic artists/authors who stick as close to canon as possible can't help but stray a little or alter things a little.

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