1. I’ve seen both styles done very well. Personally, I think marauders era is easier to do as one longer fic as we don’t have individual plots for each year to follow.

  2. as a reader, i typically get burnt out reading long series that go year by year, but i will read through it if it is well written enough and not long winded. i do like the format when it is done well and not overwhelmed with filler chapters. works that have it all in one story, on the other hand, can feel rushed at points, but work well to keep readers engaged. that is just my perspective, though!

  3. Hmm, according to the other comments I may be in the minority. The year to year format feels more authentic to me...

  4. If you’re posting on ff.net then all as one is probably better especially if you have other fic on your profile as it doesn’t group them, on ao3 do it as separate fics in a series.

  5. Animagi training to when they actually can make the change or when Sirius runs away from home\got kick-out or when Snape almost gets killed by Remus in wolf form. Then #3 from there to Lily and James gets married. As an example.

  6. From the perspective of being a writer who wants interaction on their story you're better keeping it as one longfic. If you publish them as separate years then once you have finished one it will sink lower and lower down the page on Ao3 and get totally lost. Whereas if you keep it all in one story you will upload to it for longer so more people will find it.

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