1. Where do we even look for the number of achievements? lol. I assume I'm well over 21 but for some reason can't find anywhere with a number jejeje.

  2. Being in Y2, I have only done the 2 Halloween quests plus the 3 from Y2. Ask again in a few months and my response will be quite different. 😂

  3. 52. Missing only Torvus (Y4), Hogsmeade (Y4), Bake Off (Y5) and Dragon Club (Y3) because I either ran out of time or didn't care about about them at the time they were released.

  4. 45 - missing a lot of Year 2, since they weren't out when I was in Year 2, and haven't gone back to memory book to do many.

  5. Year 6 chapter 10. I’m missing the first Christmas TLSQ, because I never got it and the head girl/boy one, because it’s ahead of me. Otherwise I have all

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