1. The carnival is back! Thankfully the event is only seven days this time! We will see how else this compares to the last one.

  2. I'm so confused, I just finished the carnival event (it's back for christmas) but I haven't received the 1500 gems (grand premium reward). I both have the 1450 tickets, the 1500 gems is checked off, and i have the premium key. Did I just get scammed? If so I might be done with this game - made me spend gems for no reason

  3. The event tab picture is a little misleading but if you click on the event, it indicates the grand reward is 50 gems. The grand reward costs 1450 tickets to redeem. It was not a good final reward. A lot of people are stopping at the Furniture or just taking what they can get.

  4. I got all the furniture with one (ir two?) boosts. Finally a set that looks good on slytherin 😭👍 only the bed I replaced with the dark gothic one or something, I like more subtle beds.

  5. I made it with less than an hour to spare! No boosts used. I’m so pleased, even if the reward is less interesting than a new tappie. Last time I only got halfway.

  6. Well, I have to hand it to them. They definitely made it much more doable and my game didn’t crash every hour. Last time it cost me everything, and I still didn’t finish. This time I finished with time to spare. Although, playing two dueling events helped with tickets. 🙈

  7. I am not sure how long we will have to collect. I am going to wait until last minute to collect the energy to try to stack it. I would assume it stacks since a lot of players don't have max energy of 50.

  8. You do classes, club quizzes, friendship interactions, quidditch friendlies, and duels to gain tokens. You use the tokens in the carnival mini games to gain tickets.

  9. What I like about carnival is that everything counts towards tokens. Full stars, partial stars, classes, side quests tasks, dueling, [...] everything gives carnival tokens.

  10. Very true. It's relaxing that for once you can continue with the story or not as you please. Not like those events where only classes count.

  11. I just finished the event this morning. What is the premium grand price because I didn't get it. It's supposed to be 850 gems but they have not been added to my total.

  12. I got tricked by this too and am very annoyed. I spent 160 gems because I was like “well I can spend gems because I’ll get 850 and it will cover what I spent plus more” 🙄

  13. The event is a bit deceiving if you are only looking at the Grand Premium Reward tile. The grand prize is actually just 50 gems which you receive for accumulating 850 tickets.

  14. I'm not sure if I feel more embarassed that up until now I hadn't seen the "premium reward" wasn't 850 diamonds, but 50 diamonds, or that I'm embarassed for the game devs to have put such a tiny prize at the end of the carnival event... Makes me really glad I haven't spent any diamonds towards doubling tickets. I do regret starting a second duelling event from my notebook though...

  15. Imo 50 gems isn't super tiny. That's more than two weeks of ads for me, the same prize I got for my House coming in first place at the end of year 6, and more than the full amount of gems I get back in a month of Milestones. Plus we basically never get gems as event rewards, so it's a nice incentive while also not being devastating if you miss out (because we can get gems from other places, albeit slowly).

  16. Did the pumpkin with free tickets disappear for anyone else? I could collect the tickets up until yesterday and today there's no sign of it.

  17. We don't know for sure, but since it's nearly Halloween it's likely we'll get a TLSQ on Wednesday running alongside a duelling event.

  18. I just started this afternoon. I have 195 tickets so far. I’d like to at least get the furniture. Do you guys think that’d be possible? I doubt I’ll be able to get all of the rewards since I started so late. Anyone have any tips or tricks to share? Are there any games I should focus on, or should I do all of them? I assume 3 hour classes are best. I’ve been mostly doing the quidditch story. I started a dueling event to help get tokens too. If I decided to spend 50 gems to boost, should I get the boost on the event page or boost one of the games in particular?

  19. Regarding boost: try to squeeze one more of duelling, memory game and maze in (or trivia quiz instead if maze). Watching an Ad can cut the waiting-time by 20 minutes.

  20. Actually, story tasks are best as you often can get some where you have 5 stars in 3 hours. If you are lucky and have something where you can do 5 stars in 1h, failing that one repeatedly would help a lot.

  21. I'm struggling to get enough tickets to do all of the minigames. Did anyone figure out what games are supposed to be more efficient?

  22. I did the math earlier today. It appears that the best are the memory and dueling followed by wizard trivia and maze. The spell trivia is the worst. I figured this out by taking the number of tokens it takes to get around 50 reward tickets. So this is what I came up with.

  23. I’m disappointed because I really liked how it looked in miniature when they advertised it. But in my dorm some of the pieces look oddly blurry and not at all what I thought they would be. The greens also seem off like a combo of pale mint and fluorescent green. Last year’s Halloween vampire set was much better made. I hope this one works for the Slytherin dorm though, with its dim lighting and greenish cast. At least they now have a comfy chair in their house colour for their cats😺

  24. Does anyone remember the maths equation which gave you rough estimate of how many tokens you need at this point in time in order to win?

  25. I got all the furniture!! It looks awesome. Before it, Slytherin dormitory was awful. Thanks for all the life hacks!!! I unlocked Magical Milestones + a Duelling event, did the Malfoys TLSQ and reached 600 in 3 days. I am not sure if I will try to go till the end though

  26. In the maze...my last animal was Ghost Bat. I found it, in the nick of time, but I clicked on it several times and it wouldn't register! Even though it showed the outline change! I moved closer, and around, no dice! It said "Nice try." and gave me 4 tickets. Frustrating!

  27. I will say the dirigible plum option helps with this. I did a ton of activities with the energy I got and I’m already full up on the plum plant again. I won’t buy it again right now, but it did the trick to get a bunch of tickets.

  28. Don't know why. Did you try to go to the Festival Grounds via the Event tab -> Carnival -> GO? It works for players who haven't unlocked Hogsmeade as a location. If it doesn't work it's a problem support should be equipped to help you with.

  29. Congrats, you must be (one of) the first. At least this time it was possible to finish in half the time with enough energy behind it. Last time it took (at least 10 days if pure dedication. Energy alone wasn‘t enough).

  30. It's day three and 'm already over 500 points (bought a concurrent duel event with pages and cashed in 300+ in unclaimed MM energy - no irl $ involved). So I'm going to make it OK, but boredom is really setting in, 7 days is just too long. The Furniture trio works over this kind of duration because it's really three different events combined . Carnival is too samey for 7 days (though well done on cutting back from 10 or whatever days it was last time). Five days to get to 600-ish tickets would be better.

  31. I agree, I am at 440 now, so just over half the points in well under half the time. But I reached there also with a Duel event which is about to end. I am stretching it some by losing duels, but it‘s also kind of repetitive…

  32. tbh this isn't much better than the last one. At the rate JC have set the targets, 100 tickets per day would be pushing it but it's pretty much impossible without boosting if you aren't constantly heading back in to the game whenever you're awake and energy refills.

  33. The rugs are small — half normal size small. Hopefully an easy fix. I couldn’t figure out why they looked so odd at first — like bathmats!

  34. I stumbled over that as well, but I think it‘s intentional. Probably meant to look like real oriental carpets rather than modern rugs.

  35. Ugh. I’m having such a hard time getting enough tokens! I’m doing all the interactions I can including those in the club, duelling (just triggered a duelling quest today), quidditch etc. Frustrating. I’ve been focusing on 1 hour classes too.

  36. Me too. I also do every interaction, a duel event, magical creature tasks, one hour classes to get tickets and tokens, quidditch matches. It's still not enough.

  37. Is there a way I can view this thread to see the most recent comments first - and not have to scroll through everything I read yesterday? I get that would mean including all of the comments with most recent replies, rather than just the most recent comments in isolation.

  38. Is there a "spell trivia" pic like the last time? I thought the old one still applies, but I've seen some new spells to identify pop up and I can't find it!

  39. So if I'm looking at this right, then just picking a wall and following it won't work because of the stuff in the middle? Following a wall should take you back to the beginning without ever going into the middle. But so far I have found everything in the maze just by following a wall so maybe I have been lucky, or I'm not looking at the map correctly.

  40. I started a second dueling event as one was ending, had 1 duel left because I had 9 tickets still. I wasn't sure if they'd carry over but they did. Without any boosts I'm 50 away from the final piece of furniture, which was my goal, so I think I may actually be able to get the gems as well. Good luck💜

  41. When I click the ticket pumpkin, it didn’t add to my count on the top right corner, but did add to my count on when I pulled up the event screen.

  42. I think no matter what its 4 tokens per star, so a 1hr class gives 8 tokens, and a 8hr class gives 20 tokens. I havent done the maths as to which is the best use of energy, i imagine it would be the same as the Crests event.

  43. Yep, I’m not finding it any more enjoyable than the last one. Weren’t events cheaper last round? So they have lowered the final prize number needed but raised the cost of all individual events 🙄

  44. I really like it so far! Way more doable than the last one. Just a nice event to do on the side and the location is really cool!

  45. I’m in year 6, and after the events in Year 5, it’s really awkward Patricia Rakepick is just casually watching dueling at the carnival 👀👀

  46. I appreciate that we can access the carnival while doing another task. Unless I’m remembering incorrectly, I seem to remember that in addition to the cool downs we couldn’t play games while in a class or story task.

  47. It would be real cool if I could actually do this event but the moment I stepped foot on the carnival grounds the game crashed three times before I could do anything. Left the area and game working just fine again.

  48. Does anyone have any idea about the timer on the pumpkins? It's been over 24 hours since I tapped it and it hasn't come back today? Do they move locations? Or might it be an issue?

  49. If you are doing a TLSQ or something with lots of dialogues to go through, that delays timers. And the longer the timer, the more it's affected. Try half an hour later. I noticed that mine was delayed as well.

  50. Urgh, the changes are barely noticeable and the prizes don't interest me beyond the carpets. I'm not wasting more time than I need to on this, I only need 420 points and I'm not wasting more gems or toffees on this BS.

  51. I agree with this, although I'm going for the full set. This is barely better than the first carnival, other than I don't care if I get the last couple prizes this time. The 50 energy that is the second to last prize would be nice for the TLSQ coming up, but I'm not going to lose sleep for it like I did during the last carnival. I thankfully still have 175 MM energy waiting for the TLSQ to use. I think I'm going to complain to JC again, while acknowledging the improvements, because I have a feeling this won't be the last carnival.

  52. I have also done this, and trying hard to LOSE duels, which i do all the time when I’m trying to win, but I couldn’t make it happen enough! I am shocked at how dumb these bots can be lol. I won the final prize with a day left and ~12 tickets. Really frustrating. Anyone have tips for LOSING duels? (The strategy is still good, even with the forced wins, but just want it to be better)

  53. That's what I'm doing right now. But I made my best attempt to win the duels until I earned the spell, for the 4 tokens per win. Now, I'm making my best attempt to lose (which is harder than it sounds) to prolong the event til the timer runs out. The bots are sooo dumb: I got to go out of my way to not accidentally kill them. 😁

  54. Saw this notification last night and almost had a heart attack thinking it was this years' Halloween TLSQ, even though I know it will trigger only next week.

  55. It's my first Carnival event. So far I like it. I started a TLSQ (frog choir) with a lot of 1 and 3 hour activities. So, I already have 200 tickets which I think is pretty good and on route to get all tickets.

  56. It's also my first one and I was very nervous after reading so many upset comments and posts about how carnaval was the worst. But I actually like it way better than FM where I have to compete against other players for the rewards.

  57. You earn 4 tickets per star. So best are 1h/5☆ classes/tasks. If you have a 1h/5☆ requirement task then it's also great to only get 4 stars and let the timer run out. Then you can do this task repeatedly for 16 tokens. Of course this won't work if you need less than 5☆ to pass the task.

  58. JC did not change to cheaper duelling and shorter streaks this time. I finished a streak after the start of the Carnival and no change afterwards.

  59. Ugh that is so unfortunate. I triggered a dueling event so after I get the spell, but before I collect the last prize, I'll probably start purposefully failing duels until my event is close to ending then. I'll get 1 token per failed duel, but as long as I have a lot of dueling tickets, that should get me way more tokens than dueling club 3x a day.

  60. I boosted, just because I want the carpets. I don't really care about the rest, but the previous carnival taught me that I can't rely on my timing and my sleep schedule, so I don't mind wasting 50 gems and knowing I'll make the reward I want rather than me ending up wasting precious time toffees like the other carnival. Toffees rank higher than gems according to my internal logic.

  61. I saw your comment and wondered if it was the same for me. I checked and it is but there's still no entry. I wish we could see the places even if the activities were still unavailable to us 🧐 Oh well, at the rate I'm going it won't be long anyway.

  62. I gave you thumb up, I feel the same as you. I was stacking energy for the TLSQ and now I don´t want to waist it. But without waisting it, I can´t play the festival because I won´t get tickets so as to play it.

  63. Sorting game is definitely bugged. 1at go around both sides were exactly the same. 2nd time, I got different beans, sorted correctly, but it still was a loss for me.

  64. Blah I just count my chances, highest ticket/coin rate is the dueling and memory match at 0.8 followed by maze and trivia at 0.769.

  65. If you have any non-time-limited side quests lying around, the first tasks are usually a bunch of 1-hour and 3-hour tasks (all of them 5 stars). I've been adopting Hagrid's creatures and levelling them up but I haven't been doing the associated SQs, and now I'm planning to do them until I hit an 8-hour task

  66. You also get tokens for friendship activities and club quizzes. 3 per Quiz. And you’ll get 20 tokens for every 5star task-mainstory or sidequest- no matter the length. So 1h or 3h 5star tasks are super effective.

  67. Don't forget the pumpkin tappie in the Halloween grounds that gives 10 tickets per day. Then you only need to earn 75 tickets from minigames per day.

  68. You can get tokens by completing stars. This should include any story line tasks. And then use those tokens to play the mini games at the carnival event to earn tickets.

  69. Not sure if someone has already covered this, and if so, my bad, please feel free to remove my comment, but I didn't look through the thread first.

  70. You get 4 tokens per completed star in any class or task. Last time you didn't need to complete all stars to get tokens. Not sure if they've changed that.

  71. They actually changed this halfway through the last Carnival! I think by then though so many people were burned out already it went relatively unnoticed.

  72. My sorting game was bugged, nothing showed up so I failed it. Just an FYI because these games cost a ton more tokens than last time.

  73. I have issue with it too. Never failed it in classes. Just had one color items and both sides were the same but it was highlighting some of my beans like wrong, I managed to move them by last second but it still failed...

  74. So the grand prize is 50 gems, which is the same amount of gems you need to spend to get a boost? Is this a joke? Is JC trolling us??

  75. Hate to be the devil’s advocate but in all honesty, we get a whole dorm look along the way… Which would normally probably cost a whole lot more than 50 diamonds. It seems a bit dumb, but considering all other things we get its not that bad in my opinion.

  76. My thoughts exactly. Why spend 50 gems to get … 50 gems. 850, like the misleading image suggests, sure.

  77. Friendly reminder that if you have any Duelling Club events in your Memory Book, it's a great way to earn coins for the Carnival.

  78. Not gonna lie I first thought that the big prize was 850 gems. Then my brain woke up and realised that it was actually 850 tickets to get the gems.

  79. They’ve labelled it abysmally. I assumed it was 850 gems and actually thought about putting in the effort. For only 50 I don’t have to care (I have over 5000 gems already and saw far too many negative posts about the last carnival). I got 40 today for finishing my daily stamp card so I’ll consider that my equivalent 😅

  80. Can anyone tell me how many tokens are given for Ministry tasks? Is it the same for 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 3 hours? I just did two story tasks - one for 8 hours and one for 3, and I believe I got 20 tokens for each. Is it like that with regular classes, too?

  81. 30min assignment: 4 tickets, 1h class/assignment: 8 tickets, 3h class/assignment: 12 tickets, 8h class/ any 5star task: 20 tickets

  82. Does anyone know the best classes (1hr, 3hr, 8hr) or other tasks to do to get tokens? Like, how many they give? Are side quests of 3 hrs the same as classes of 3 hrs? Trying to prioritize the many things I have on my list.

  83. If you have a 1h/5☆ task then it's most cost effective to earn 4☆ and let the timer run out. Rinse and repeat. If you're lucky you'll also get pity energy when you redo the task. If your energy bar is full you can put in a regular 1h repeatable class.

  84. If you have any story task that is 1 hr and needs 5 stars to complete, it seems a good strategy is to complete only 4 of the stars and wait for the timer to run out and then repeat this process.

  85. Tokens are distributed in accordance with the number of Stars earned. Therefore, Quests will always be more valuable than Classes or Year 7 Tasks since Quests always offer 5 Stars.

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