1. not shaved but i at least mow it now and then. keeps it from looking like a baby carrot on a barber shop floor (love making this joke)

  2. Body hair trends come and go just like any other fashion trend,. There are little options for mixing it up so it either swings more natural for a decade or so, then swings back to being shaved/trimmed for a decade or so. Always best to make the decisions on your appearance based on what makes you the most happy. Don’t do things for other people.

  3. Personally, I love the hairless look and I prefer the feel of it too. Always preferred it that way. Not sure how others think of it on me. Maybe they think it looks weird on me. But I, personally, love it!

  4. It depends who is around you, I was there on Monday and noticed many folks around me were shaved/waxed in the private areas.. I myself am shaved too..

  5. Everyone should do what feel right and comfortable. Personally I like seeing a nice bush. Black or ginger are the best

  6. Long live the bush! Ok, not the whole bush! Even the bushes in the front yard need trimming once in a while, but that doesn’t mean you have to go all the way! I love my slight bushy that’s trimmed a bit but still very much alive! Personal preference is king here. Wear whatever style you feel comfortable with, forget the Rest of the people. No one really cares anyway.

  7. A lot of people don't shave anymore. I'm seeing it more on the male and gay subreddit. I actually think it's awesome to get back to full pubes and hairy butts

  8. I’m just worried the shaved trend is dying. I’m actually in the process of getting lasered so hope I’m not wasting my money if the trend is starting to fade away, lol

  9. Few times I’ve been to gunny this year I couldn’t even say if people shaved; seems to me that clothes to nude ratio is highly changed too. 80% clothes now?

  10. I get quite suspicious of people who come to a nude beach and don’t go nude. If you’re keeping your clothes on, why not just go to a regular beach?

  11. I remember a few years back me and my wife went and she is full bush and people kept cat calling her with things like "hey miss natural"

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