1. I'm not sure if this game will do well in the west.. but I'm sure it will survive. Games like this don't need a massive playerbase to survive like BRs do. If the player count gets really small, maybe ranked will suffer.

  2. gundam community is pretty strong, it may slow down in some countries but it will definitely not die. as long as they keep updating new gundams and maps its not going away.

  3. The game will die if Bandai continues to keep their head in the sand and refuse to address the primary issues of Region Lock, Progression, and Monetization.

  4. The playerbase has made their feedback clear now the rest is in Bandai's hands, hopefully they can make changes fast or at least post a announcement outlining what they're going to do and a timeline to stop the player bleed. One thing that worries me is that Bandai currently has no actual way of getting lost players back, cause releasing new suits won't be exciting since anyone who quit won't be able to unlock them on launch and enjoy them anyway.

  5. I had hoped the same for this game as well I even talked about it with my friend who’s a diehard overwatch fan, he’s willing to try the game because it’s gundam (and a hero shooter) but the game and or Bandai has done many things to shoot themselves in the foot on day 1

  6. Cross-play, progression, need to be fixed ASAP. I enjoy the game a lot too, it's got a lot of potential. It isn't too gimmicky like other team games, there's great movement and aiming mechanics.

  7. wait it really won't cross-play consoles? oh ok the one hope I had for this game thriving on PC is gone, 90% sure its on life support by december lol.

  8. Pretty sure the only reason the only reason the few people that are giving this game any time of day is because they are using it as a OW2 waiting room. I wouldn't get my hopes up or invest my feelings into it for that reason alone. I like the game a lot but that's how I feel about the situation.

  9. Pretty much me rn. I made an alt steam account with a vpn just to play the game. Not spending a cent due to the region lock. Its been a great warm up to get back into OW... without actually playing OW. The gameplay is fantastic, the fact I can only get 1 suit unlock per battlepass its units though. No rewards for leveling up, no capital for winning / leveling. Rip good game, had a solid foundation.

  10. The game only released in 25 countries, they've decided you can't play it if you're from South America, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania, half of Europe or India.

  11. And with OW2 coming out, even if the game flops or whatever down the line in a few months, people who were inclined to try out gundam before OW2 came out ( like me ) won't after, I don't get why they locked my country out of it, at all

  12. The fact a few weeks after release which should see the biggest playerbase and people are already concerned this game will die then u can come to the conclusion yourself it probably will.

  13. It's sad. The game has so much potential. It peaked at 55k players on Steam Charts. Now it's down to 15k. I'm just going to enjoy it while it lasts.

  14. Gundam gameplay is really fun, but crashing, currency, progression, region lock will kill the game soon if they doesn't fix it.

  15. With how Overwatch 2 is shaping up, I basically accepted my two options will probably be Paladins, or Gundam to scratch my hero shooter itch and honestly, Gundam's fast pace has me hooked. Guess it comes down to how much support the game gets

  16. Oh only, if only, Gearbox had kept Battleborn in the oven for another year or two, and told their damn Twitter guy to just advertise the game not start beef, it would probably still be kicking today and would actually be a really refreshing option to the Hero Shooter landscape.

  17. Care to elaborate for the OW2 stuff? I'm genuinely interested why so many people think the game will flop, the only thing I don't like is heroes in the battle pass, buying skins is a tough pill to swallow with the game being free now, but gameplay comes first for me.

  18. I have the same situation with a friend as well where he wouldn't dare touch a PvP FPS game. Mostly the reason is due how toxic these games can get when things get downhill. The most FPS he's got hours on is Deep Rock Galactic (PvE game) and that's as far as he went. Until I got him to play Evo with us since he was a fellow Gundam fan.

  19. They released it before OW2 for a reason and that was to make money before OW2 fucked them. They will either need to have better practices than OW2 or bleed players.

  20. I think sadly the US will fall out, they dropped a fucking moon of a failure with this, and many of these “choices” they made are so predatory and short sighted. You try to copy OW but get greedy and fail the simplest gacha rookie mistakes. Then you have OW2 looming which may as well but already on a sad state. Give it a month and we will be seeing a pop of hundreds not thousands.

  21. Not to be dramatic but I have just now uninstalled due to [insert every issue posted on this sub]. After the 4th zaku melee multikill in one match, I've had it. GG have fun for those who remain, because I sure as hell am not anymore now that the honeymoon phase has worn off. Let this game's death be a reminder to not support-- oh who the hell am I kidding, these fuckers are just gonna go spend on the next game that'll die in record time and justify it with the same broken record arguments. All online multiplayer games are now doomed to have p2w I guess (if you seriously want to object to me calling this game p2w, I suggest you watch this video that handholds you through defining it since you couldn't come to the conclusion yourself):

  22. I think a lot of problems revolve around battle passes. If you look at the biggest game with a battle pass it's Fortnite, and the reason that's been successful for many years is because a majority of the people playing are kids who have the time and energy and in some cases social requirement to grind out those battle passes.

  23. If the game would register when I actually do hit other players, then it might have this longevity. As of now, even if OW2 is a worse game, it has better netcode. All of the fun gameplay in the world is useless if my output as a player is negated by something as unwavering as ping or tick rate.

  24. Needs Wing, Seed, and G representation. The hardcore community might not like it, but the truth is that THOSE are the series that will bring people in.

  25. There must be some serious turn A bias from a dev, considering Mahiroo got in before any Wing suits. I guess they are playing the long game and are holding them back to make newer suits actually exciting ones. Also Dom trooper is technically Seed destiny, but it is just a rehash of 79 dom

  26. I think it was probably a bad idea to just slap a Gundam skin on such a standard format. There is a lot of room for similarly paced and structured action games with Gundam as a basis - this was about the blandest possible route they could take. I like it and I'm having fun, but it's trading on the aesthetics of Gundam along with the accessibility of "hero FPS" games.

  27. Which region are you playing from? If the population ever declines in steam, there are still plenty of people playing from the BandaiNamco launcher with the Japanese version of the game.

  28. This is the same for me. Me and my two buddies went through the entire internet for a game we all enjoy together, including obscure indie games. It always ended up with either one guy liking it, or one guy not liking it. This is the first time since 2019 that we've finally found one game we all liked.

  29. I’m already seeing the sure fire signs of a dying game. A few days ago I was having fun and would win like 1 out of 3 games. But since they pushed that update I’ve faced nothing but complete shut outs, I haven’t won a game in days. I’m not sure what was done to the matchmaking, but it’s killed the game for me, every time I wanna launch it I’m like “what’s the point? You’re just gonna get steamrolled.”

  30. I really hope they get rid of the region lock bs. I have friends who want to play it but can't, so Bandai is doing a good job of killing the game themselves.

  31. I'm having a great time, but every time I introduce a friend to it we get stomped 4 times in a row and they say "it seems fun but I don't think it's for me"

  32. The progression/monitization/balance of unlocked characters is a really bad sign in my opinion. I'm already unenthusiastic about how long I'll play the game. It's fine right now in the honey moon phase but I'm already starting to see the issues start to become annoying. I will say in my 10 hours I haven't seen one toxic person which is astounding.

  33. It won't die, it's a (good) Gundam game so it will always have a player-base, at least as long as they keep the servers running...

  34. Really wanted to try this game with my friends, but unfortunately we're from a regions that got shot down in Bamco's blind game of world map darts.

  35. If it makes you feel any better, You will need to enter a phone number to play Overwatch 2, no I’m not making this up. That’s going to completely murder OW2’s playerbase save for the most diehard fans.

  36. They need to make it into Destiny or it's dead. There's no single player. Pvp gets old. That's why there's only 4 active counter strike 1.6 servers with like, 2 or 3 people in them at one time. It's dying. I already stopped playing a week ago.

  37. i like it because its a game seperated from the normie tier crap of overwatch and others with their cookie cutter formulas and marketing. hopefully it sticks around. just want to play gundam fighting. don't need all the cringe extra fluff we get in most normie AAA games

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