1. I thought this was a source for the Glock AR as this is my first time hearing about it, but shit I guess I'll jerk it

  2. If that “bog standard ar” is equally represented by those voluptuous tits, then I’m in complete agreement with the fanboys.

  3. What is the context to the original image? Weird Japanese beauty pagent?? Weird Japanese Porn pagent? A the employees only section of a Hooters at 6am?

  4. To be fair this is a huge up business wise, a reputable company hopping in to supply a popular rifle whilst having the brand name to back it up, everyone is going to buy it if they manage to put out a good product for a good price, all of these other companies are known for their ARs and so it gets all jumbled up when new buyers go looking for their first AR, there’s a huge amount of people that know of Glock and couldn’t name a good AR manufacturer. If Glock actually does this right they could stand a chance to dominate the market

  5. It's not all that special. I'm a Glock fanboy and I want it because I love Glock pistols and would love to have a Glock rifle. It's likely not any better than most big name ARs, but I want it because it's Glock.

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