1. I love MLF as much as the next guy, but his in-game adjustments have been putrid. If his game plan going in works, then it really works. However, if it doesn't, we're screwed. This team's offense has no ability to adjust mid-game, and it's been like this for years.

  2. Tb was just way too similar to the SF game in last years playoffs. Offense absolutely dominates early then completely shuts down the rest of the game. I'm not talking slowing down but legit just stalls and we can't even come close to even getting a FG the rest of the game.

  3. This is one of the worst takes if it is meant seriously. LaFleur barely manages to adjust his game plan in the game. The Bucs did an excellent job of responding to our offense in the second half & our offense was dead in the water and couldn't handle it at all. Where is that responding well?

  4. I think LaFleur tends to do very well adjusting from one week to the next, such as relying heavily on or RBs Week 2 after basically forsaking them Week 1, as an example. Mid game adjustments do seem to be kinda lackluster, as far as I can see.

  5. And his clock management is not great either! We waste more time outs in the first and third quarters than any other team by a mile. How is that good clock management? He needs to do a MUCH better job of getting that play call in sooner.

  6. Weird to post this after a game where we didn’t score again after the 2nd drive/Jones’ fumble. I also don’t quite understand some fans’ need to bash the previous guy. It’s four years later. Let’s move on already.

  7. Also want to point out the 3rd quarter clock burn offense at 8:00 was enough to gag a.. weakly-fortified individual. And the end game clock management has not really improved all that much over Challenge-Boy Mike

  8. Right second half adjustments are not his strong suit obviously. Also clock and TO management is pretty much par or worse than with McCarthy

  9. Obviously, the guy is good. But help me understand something: ahead by 8, with 3 minutes to go, bad guys have the ball. Why play "prevent" defense and let them use all the time to get down and score? If anything, I'm sending all my safeties to blitz. We knock them back, force a quick 3 and out, and that's game. Worst case, they tie it up, quickly, and we get the ball with time to get into FG range for the walk off winner.

  10. I think you put it into words better than I could have, but this is exactly what made me furrow my brow when watching the final Bucs drive of the last game.

  11. I think a less mentioned aspect of prevent defense is making the offense to string together a high number of completions against a defense that knows only pass plays are coming. Each pass attempt is another opportunity for a turnover or a sack. Being overly aggressive doesn’t force them to earn it.

  12. I also don't understand what "doesn't let injuries get in the way" from OP's title is supposed to mean. How is it up to the coach whether injuries "get in the way"?

  13. Yeah no. In game adjustments are important and he seems to struggle with that. Also lay off McCarthy he did his job and when the time was right he had to go

  14. He barely did his job. He was terrible and also failed to alter his coaching to keep up with the changing landscape of the NFL. Something he openly admitted

  15. Yeah no LOL. MLF starts the answer to every question with “yeah no” and ends with “it starts with me”.

  16. Tell that to out shit prevent D. That does nothing but cost teams wins. It almost cost us. If tampa didn't get the penalty, they scored that 2pt conversion.

  17. This must be from someone who ritually only watches the first half of Packer games for the last 4 years lol

  18. MLF is an OK coach that is being made look better by having Rodgers as his qb. He's a solid offensive coordinator, but as a whole, I feel like he's subpar.

  19. I don’t feel like he’s capable of creating a consistent game plan complimentary to the players on the field. Belichick always excelled at that, getting the most out of mediocre talent. MLF doesn’t do that. He runs the same offense whether it’s veterans or rookies on the field.

  20. I mean they looked good for about a quarter against the Buccs. They crumbled after the Jones fumble and proceeded to do their best to give the game away

  21. I disagree, this man has terrible defense in the two minute drill, and can’t overcome momentum swings, he’s good but your praising him for the wrong things..

  22. “Appreciation posts” are weird as fuck to begin with. Like super weird behaviour. But “appreciating” things that are blatantly untrue? Even more insane. He’s a great coach, but you just listed his biggest weaknesses as what you appreciate. Like wtf??

  23. I don’t understand applauding this guys clock management? Last year was a dumpster fire of wasted 2nd half TOs.

  24. We don’t adjust well and our clock management is terrible… we used two time outs on one drive in the first half on Sunday…

  25. For the sake of my sanity I have to believe this post is satirical. Don't get wrong I love MLF as a coach but these are literally all weaknesses of his, not strengths.

  26. Shit on McCarthy if you must, but McCarthy was actually pretty good at half-time adjustments. The other stuff we all know about, but he deserves a gread deal of credit for the fact we had a lot of deep playoff runs. It was just time to move on is all.

  27. I was literally thinking yesterday that he is actually TERRIBLE at this. I’ve seen so many games the last few years under MLF that look exactly like the game on Sunday.

  28. Damn so much bitching in this thread. I believe under LaFleur we are something like 33-1 when leading at halftime. He’s not the one burning timeouts. Yes I wish we could put teams away more often but I’m super grateful for our coach. We were shit the two years before he arrived

  29. He failed to adjust our offense in the 2nd half, especially after TB adjusted their D. We almost gave that game up. How many times have packer fans seen GB go into prevent D to protect a lead? Go with what was working for you the whole first half. Quit taking your foot off the gas

  30. Yeah, first time in years. This is way better than that guy from last year. Or the year before. Or the year before.

  31. For the first time in years, we have a coach that has a great stack of victories in his first three years of football. Someone that holds accountability close to his heart and is ready scheme against individual teams to get a victory by putting players in positions of success.

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