1. Oh bloody hell. I know tattoos are more for you than other people (and I'm sure there are plenty of people who wouldn't like mine), but just imagine. You stumble back from the pub/club/wherever with the stranger you've decided to have a fumble with and in the course of undressing, you see they have this tattoo. Good grief 🤣

  2. If you insist on getting such a tattoo then at least make the tattoo be some demonic hands, surrounded by hell fire opening reaching up from a crack in the ground and pulling her down, not Paddington bear! A famous bear character who is greatly know for its relation to death ... or was that jam sandwiches, I always get the two confused!

  3. Update: Sir Grim Marmalade Reaper lands private jet, deliverering deceased Queen to leafy estate on border of whitest Peru. (Live updates to follow online, via billboard, and Freeview channels 1-700.)

  4. When you've fought every royalist in your way, this guy spawns in with a big-ass health bar, powered by his devotion for rampant incestry

  5. Meh I don’t begrudge the tattooist getting paid. God knows you’d have to pay me a lot to summon this accursed depiction.

  6. I like to think this is the final panel in an adult comic. You'd need to see what's on his bum cheeks to understand.

  7. I’m not anti monarchy, but also not a huge follower. Why on Earth would you get this tattooed on you? More importantly can who would want to have this tattooed on them?

  8. Whenever I see this fucking picture, I just see a poor confused woman with dementia being led by a chubby toddler in an equallY confused manner. Probably off into the woods or off a cliff or something.

  9. Like her or not, I don't know how her whole reign has been watered down to a relationship with a fictional cartoon bear

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