1. If the reports are true we're going full rebuild. Already got rid of Bruce Brown, trading Joe Harris / Seth Curry, taking on Russ's contract.

  2. Nets have to know that a Simmons and Westbrook backcourt will be a complete disaster right? They are smart enough to no they can’t just run both of them out there and run a functional offense. I really hope Marks pulls one out if his ass some how.

  3. Laker fan here. Maybe seeing Westbrook fire shots off the backboard and brick point blank layups will cure Simmons of whatever mental block/insecurity he has. Like, he’ll never be THAT bad, no matter what he does shooting wise. Then Simmons relaxes and turns back into all-star form.

  4. Maybe they can volleyball touch pass to each other until one is under the basket and they can sort of block the ball downward into the net, since dunking and layups wouldn’t work. Stupid enough to work?

  5. i thought this for a while too. but then i remembered nashs offense is pass the ball to KD and pray he bails us out. so it may not be much of a difference.

  6. I feel for you guys if this goes through. Having him on the Lakers made me hate basketball many nights. He still has talent but he uses his body like he's at his athletic peak and it leads to baffling results. At times it feels like he forgot how to play basketball.

  7. Thunder fan here. He hasn’t ever really known how, he’s always depended on athletic freakishness. It was obvious that his decline was going to be very fast for a long time. He was fun to watch, but I’m glad we didn’t get caught holding the bag at the end of his career. It’s only going to get worse from here.

  8. Unless this man is immediately waived or bought out.. I don’t see the point in this. I’d rather have Kyrie off the team for free then watch Ben Simmons and Westbrick run the most inefficient half court offense in the league.

  9. Basically kills future free agency when you hold players hostage in the NBA. The owner and GM have a life long Scarlett Letter from not helping their team. Brooklyn is a free agent destination. If this was Boston or Chicago it doesn't matter because neither team signs meaningful big name free agents. Boston already has it because of Issiah Thomas.

  10. Im a stan for Westbrook, but im logical, if you love Westbrook you always knew his game was going to age horribly unless he developed a jumper. Westbrook used to have a sweet stop and pop mid range, but now he is just garbage and hasnt even evolved his decision making skills. Westbrook is my fav player ever to watch in his prime , but he might as well retire or just come off the bench for a championship team.

  11. This has to be a three trade, send a pick to OKC so they'll take him and we can keep Harris + get Kenrich Williams and a pick+a pick swap.

  12. I know you guys want Barnes, but how would you feel about GTJ + OG? Hypothetically, if Kyrie stays, you got Simmons surrounded by shooters with O’Neal, Curry, and Harris as well.

  13. Just keep Kyrie and tell him you’ll move him before the deadline if he plays ball. Right now you guys have zero leverage. Having to take Westbrook back is fucking ludicrous. I can’t even imagine a lineup with Westbrook, Simmons, and Claxton. Not to mention y’all don’t even have your own picks so being ass gets you nowhere.

  14. Westbrook ain't coming to the nets that would be the most idiotic trade ever, plus the nets would most likely demand 1st round picks which the lakers don't have. But there might be an AD sighting since the nets need a big man

  15. Pels fan here. Serious question, why don’t y’all just run it back? Seriously your lineup is top 3 in the east. You got two defenders in Royce and Ben Simmons (can defend 1-5). A solid big in Claxton and two otherworldly players in Kyrie and KD. I keep saying Marks has to be fired. This team is too good and hasn’t been tested at full lineup to break it up. Players are divas this is not new but there has to be a grown up that mends this. Lastly I remember when Kobe wanted out and they didn’t trade him… Nets have all the leverage

  16. It's amazing how a team can have terrific potential, then a couple of moves and, BAM back in the dumpster fire. I wouldn't want Russ on my team. He's self centered, arrogant, empty stats, chokes at money time. He plays out of control, has a bad assist to turnover ratio and takes ill advised shots. He'll be a first ballot HOFer, but it won't be for winning rings!

  17. Not a Nets fan but I would hate this move. The Lakers don’t deserve to be magically absolved of their mistakes again and again just cause they’re the Lakers.

  18. Nets quickly going from “most stacked offense ever” to dumping grounds for leftovers nobody else wants.

  19. Don’t mind it at all. He will atleast make watching the games entertaining next year. Let him stuff the stat sheet and hopefully someone is dumb enough to trade for his expiring deal at the deadline

  20. Did you even see him play this year? There is nothing entertaining about it unless you’re watching to laugh your ass off.

  21. I refuse to believe trading for Westbrook is even on the table. That HAS to be a Klutch media assault because DFAing Kyrie for a year is soooo much better than taking on Westbrook. If LA had a single worthy asset it might be different. I refuse to accept this as a possibility. Why would leadership go so far out of their way to make Kyrie happy after he napalmed the entire franchise?

  22. I can’t stand this mans face, might as well his jump shot. This is terrible and nobody talks about how I’ll never watch this team again. At least keep curry

  23. One thing about Westbrook is that dude will give 110% every night unlike Simmons. Too bad it’s coming with 25% shooting and 8 TO

  24. If we can have Westbrook attack the rim and dish out to 3PTers and have Ben Simmons really facilitate on other occasions, I don't mind this.

  25. Yea because when KD played 40 minutes a night and was pretty much carrying for every win he wasn't playing with heart and grit...

  26. You’d rather have Hayward over westbrook? Westbrook could help build some culture in New York and sign a very team friendly deal after. He’s always been a good guy in the locker room. He’d sell tickets, jerseys, I don’t know how you’d prefer a chronically injured multi year contract over him

  27. Why on earth would the Nets trade Kyrie for Westbrook? I mean, apart from seeing him go which is obviously a huge bonus, what else do they gain from this trade? They end up with another overpaid ex-star which might prove to be a terrible fit alongside Simons and on a higher payroll on an expiring contract. I really don’t get it. And the worse part, is that Kyrie again gets what he wants which is the most infuriating part of all

  28. They trade him to get Westbrook basically to clear 47 million off the books next season as part of their rebuilding. I don’t think they want to , but the only other option is to John Wall him( pay him to stay home) but doing that they get nothing in return. So it’s like getting something for him is better than nothing. This was his play all along, he was never gonna play for LA for MLE and leave 30 million on the table. Opt in , get your money and force Brooklyn to trade him for a washed player. By informing the rest of the league he will only play for LA, no one is going to give up anything for him for a year rental. Yeah he essentially blew up the whole thing and still manages to get what he wants. I believe he told KD this and thus his trade demand. I hate this for nets fans, ownership and the NBA as a whole also that the lakers magically get rid of Westbrook and get better from it as they will keep AD as well and possibly get Seth Curry as well. I kept saying for months that someone LA would rid of him and get an all star in return because ultimately the NBA will do and give LeBron whatever he wants, they won’t let him miss the playoffs in back to back years. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  29. I just wanted to say thank you for giving us Kyrie + Harris/Curry. You've restored hope to the lakers fan base.

  30. Everyone seems to hate the Nets getting Westbrook. I myself am curious to see if he can regain his old form back. It’s only 1 year. I always thought he played hard.

  31. As much as I always liked Russell, he's not coming back. His game is dependant on his freakish athleticism and that's in decline at his age. If you thought last year was a shitshow from him, just wait for this year.

  32. Westbrook isn’t good and he isn’t fun to watch. I’m not going to let anyone convince themselves that this is even remotely an acceptable move.

  33. For science, I’m wondering if the average Nets fan is yelling or crying? You can’t pick both. Are you yelling OR crying?

  34. He's a culture guy, Tsai will love him. He definitely won't go about telling the media that he'd gladly trade him if he expressed any discontent like he did KD

  35. This post came on my feed. I love Lebron. I love westbrook. I want both of them to get another championship. Unfortunately they have to be separate to get one. I hope he goes to some place where they will like him and he can possibly win in a few years (OKC)

  36. I think it will be a lot like his Wizards stint. He'll do some dumb things. But he'll also do some really cool shit and it will probably feel like closer to the cultute the team wants. He'll still put butts in seats.

  37. Guys I’m so sorry we’re doing this to you, really was rooting for the nets to come out of the East last year.

  38. Hey i know everything going down is sad for Nets fans but if you do get Russ, at least you will have someone to watch who will play with heart every night.

  39. Can I ask ya’ll something as a warriors fan. What does Brooklyn have to gain by getting RW? Why is this even on the table?

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  41. At least the man would definitely shoot the ball. Teaching Ben Simmons the art of taking the shot, including bad ones. (Mostly bad ones)

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  43. Cavs fan here. Why would the Nets even do this. They could just wait till a better deal comes along or take this deal at the deadline. There’s no way Westbrick and 2 firsts that will be drafting people that are 11 years old is the best they can do.

  44. The only hope I have left is when I sim seasons in 2k, I’ve won a ring or two with Simmons Russ and a good rim defending big surrounded by shooters. This team was easy to assemble in expansion drafts and still win 50+ without trading crazy picks/talent. Weirdly enough getting stoned and watching (I set my sliders up 🔥) I could see this team actually being solid. Simmons as a facilitator is perfect with Russ because of his ability to pass over smaller defenders into the paint. Also think Russ comes out balling because this team will still be better then that wizards team he brought to the playoffs.

  45. Latest, latest rumor’s has Russ going to Indy with Kyrie still going to LA .Lakers would flip THT to Indy for Buddy H. Buss family refuses to pay Harris, wants to make a profit off this trade so it actually makes sense.

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